I am pregnant with twins and really sick: Advice?

So question for the group id like to stay anonymous, but I’m on my second pregnancy, and this one is with twins. I’m only 15 weeks, but I am nauseous and having immense pain. I’m supposed to be on bed rest and gaining weight; I’ve lost 15 lbs since getting pregnant, my migraines are getting out of control, and I can’t sleep. My doctors don’t have a way to help and don’t see anything wrong besides being high risk and underweight. Does anyone have any suggestions for how I can help with the nauseous and migraines? I just don’t feel as if I’m doing enough for my family and son. I can’t get out of bed without feeling like I’m going to pass out, or vomit feels as if someone’s squeezing my insides. I need help in also suffering from perinatal depression, and my S.O tries, but he doesn’t know how to help. I can no longer work.