I am struggling to make friends: Advice?

I’m struggling with making friends with other mums or friends in general. I have social anxiety, but I know I need to step out of my bubble. I currently have no friends, and I am a mum 24/7 to a beautiful little boy. I don’t have any interests outside of being a mum. I am quite a quirky person with a dark sense of humor, so I feel like people won’t get me, which stops me from forming friendships. Any advice anyone can give me?


Making friends shouldn’t be that difficult momma :blush:. What area do you live in and how old is your little guy?

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Girl message me. Join book groups. I have several I can recommend. Most of us are moms like you and we have made some strong friendships bonding over the books we read.

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Just be yourself and the right people will come to you and you will form great friendships

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I am the same way. I stay with my son 24/7 while my husband goes out and does anything and everything


I don’t have advice, but I’m the exact same way. The only person I talk to is my mom. Lol

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Sign your son up for a class of some sort. Instant friends! That’s how I started making “mom friends.” Also, join a gym (when it’s safe to!). You’ll quickly become friendly with like minded people. I like to randomly compliment people. It’s starts conversations and people love being complimented. It eases you into social situations. I’m a little quirky too!

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I’m in Texas be my friend lol

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I’m in vt, I’ll be your friend! I also stay home with my 2 girls!!!

I need friends :woman_shrugging:t3:

Same I swear it’s so hard finding mom friends in my area!

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Same. I am 35 and no friends. Its so depressing.

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I am a stay at home mom of three. I have a couple other mom friends that get together and we let the kids play while we have some wine or a beer and just talk about how crazy our kids are. I love it. We compare story’s of what our kids did that week and we ask each other for advice, but mostly we laugh at ourselves and each other. Find people that you can connect with through your kids and parenting. You’ll find that you have alot in common when it comes to your kids.

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Before Covid I joined a Mom2Mom group at church! It was amazing. Also once your child starts school it becomes a little easier to make mom friends. Of course Covid has kinda limited us right now :confused:

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I highly recommend The app Peanut, I was the same way and I have met quite a few new friends on there, it’s like tinder but for moms looking for friends. Give it a try

Message me I am exactly.the same lovely
Share your dark humour with me and we can both have a much needed laugh!


Keep being a mom 1st. :black_heart: Nothing wrong with quirky or dark, btw. I get you. Stay strong fellow mom. I have very few people I can really call true friends. Maybe on 1 hand to count that is. It’s ok.

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Get your son involved in something and then you can meet other mothers with kids your sons age and benefit the both of you. Go to the park. Many parents are there with their kids. Stepping out of your bubble has to be done. I know it’s scary, I get nervous when thinking about signing my son up for things but then I just have to realize he needs that social interaction.

I feel like you described my personality to a T :rofl:

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Im like this. My kids are older now and dont want to be around me all that much any more. I have like 2 friends but we dont talk much we all so busy. I’m a sports mom and dont fit in there either. So I just stick to myself

I don’t have friends like that either and it bothered me for a long time and I tried desperately to make new friends but it just didn’t work out :woman_shrugging:t4: when I was feeling the lowest I went to church and one day the pastor started talking about how the more friends you have the more likely your relationships are fake, having a ton of friends means that at some point or another you have lied to that friend or lied to yourself to make that friend like you…he reminded me that I may not have friends and it’s perfectly normal, I prefer authenticity and I keep my circle tight. So if you don’t have friends it’s ok, just do you and live YOUR best life with or without friends!

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See if you can join a mommy group, or even joining a book club or something. See if your city offers swimming class or bringing him to playgrounds strike up a conversation with someone and you might connect. You never know.

I have the same issue lol I have some but they live in other states lol you can be my friend if you want to

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You definitely sound like my kind of friend!

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Okay i don’t have littles anymore but i do have grand babies. I’m socially awkward also have a weird scene of humor. If you would like to meet up let me know.

I’m exactly the same! And I am never into the same things other mom’s are, which makes it harder. What I want is another socially awkward mom friend who likes video games and understands bad jokes. A friend is as rare as a soul mate.

Same . Iam 34 and stay with my 2 boys 24/7 and no friends no any relationship in my city :frowning:.

I feel the same way :joy: everytime i make plans with a mom i blow them off and feel bad for it cause what if they don’t like me or how i parent??:sob:

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You seem like my sort of friend. You aren’t in Alaska by chance? lol

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Totally understand Message anytime. I love to talk :heart::heart::heart:

It seems to be a common occurrence! Just be yourself, & if that doesn’t work, there’s always us here on fb! :heart: I have a few friends, but none I even regularly hang out with! I make plans and cancel frequently, but I even do this with family! Lol! Any of you in Oklahoma! :rofl:

Wow, this sounds like I wrote this. Glad to know I’m not alone. 3 kids and at home all the time, away from my hometown so I have no friends.

You have to try. I met a woman at a class. We were both older. I started speaking to her. She was different and smart but nobody got her. We are still friends even though we dont live in the same state anymore. She asked me why are you friends with me when no one else will be. I said because i wanted to be your friend and I Get You! I get her because i had a friend in HS that was amember of Mensa which are people of genius level. She was pretty, brilliant and not very social. We kind of found one another. We both did not conform to the normalities of the school. She went on to work on satellites at NASA Cape Canaveral. Me! Well im just me. Theres always somebody that will get you and like you. Don’t give up.:purple_heart:

You can add me and mesaage me 🤷😃

If your library is open or parks go there and meet other mums with kids your sons age.

You can add and message me! We sound very similar! :two_hearts::two_hearts:

Same here🙋‍♀️ lol
Is like reading what happen to me

I understand. Social anxiety is tough. I don’t have many friends myself, and feel as though most people simply tolerate me they don’t really like me. It might help if you can get a job out of your house even if it’s only a few hours a couple days a week. Chances are you can make friends easier then you think.

Same here, and I sadly have a bitch face so it’s even worse, even when I try not to … it sucks sometimes not having any friends

I could have written this! Babies Love Books at the local library was a good way to meet other moms who were in the same phase of life as me but honestly even then I struggled.

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Be you… love & accept who YOU are. In order to find true friends you need to be comfortable with yourself first & foremost.

Look for a Mom’s group in your area. Go to the library. They often schedule children’s events. Develop some hobbies that don’t include your child. It is healthy for you to take a break.

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Im in the same boat as you. Only difference is that my son just turned 13. I used to be really good at making friends. Idk when that changed.


Some people will like you…some won’t…reality is we are all quirky in our own way. Break out of your shell and don’t be hard on yourself if you aren’t everyone’s cup of tea!

I’m the same. I have a 12 year old daughter though. Online friends can be good though!

I’d start with a local facebook mommy group! Always moms looking for more mommy friends there

Maybe take an art class in the community

You may want to make friends with someone older than you than can appreciate your sense of humor. I know my friends and I all have a dark sense of humor. We’ve seen a lot at our ages. Take an art or craft class. It’s a great way to meet people

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I asked my local mom group if anyone wanted to start walking with me! We meet tomorrow as a group and im excited.
I also made my first mom friend accidentally when I bought something from the marketplace and we clicked. :joy::woman_shrugging:t3:

I’m the same way though- sarcastic humor and really really straightforward. Its hard to make friends but it does happen!

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Feel free to message me anytime! Always up to making more friends and I feel we would get along GREAT

Yes I encourage get involved with your childsvschool when they open! Dont look for friends online

I’m sure whatever interest u have to find a group that has different options or stuff to do

Volunteer at your kiddos school great way to meet mom friends

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Sounds like me :thinking: I went to mums and tots groups before virus out break… dragged my mr with me to stop people trying to talk to me because of my social anxiety :tired_face: then I get jealous hes his friends messaging him and I’m sitting on my snapchat thinking forever alone lol were getting married in 2 years and my bridesmaids are his sisters and our next door neighbour :joy: feel free to message me, however I can be very awkward at times

Volunteer somewhere and start from there …

I’ll be your friend :heart:

Finds a moms club in your area. I got involved in a moms club when my boys were little and it was a wonderful experience. I am very shy and a little odd myself and if another mother hadn’t reached out to me at a park one day I would probably still have no friends, but her kind act gave me a group that are still my friends almost 15 years later.

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Where are you located?

Absolutely no advice but I feel like I could of wrote this. Solidarity mama