I am struggling with housework and being a mom: Advice?

I have three children, one of whom is an eight-month-old. I am struggling with balancing housework and meals mainly because my baby cries the entire time I’m doing something that requires me to be in a different room. If I bring her, she often will end up getting into something or wanting me to pick her up, and I end up unable to finish what I am doing because she will then want to nurse or play or cuddle-you name it. How do everyone balance cleaning and meal planning while giving each of their children the time and attention they need? I feel once she gets a bit older and doesn’t require as much attention, it won’t be an issue. I just feel crappy folding towels while she cries when I could instead be doing something like reading a book to her or playing peekaboo. I am sensing my husband is getting fed up with the mess, though. Any suggestions would be great.


I have no easy solution for you. Without knowing the ages of your other children and whether they are in school or day or home with you as well. But, nap time is a good time for chores and after they go to bed in the evening and I realize you are a stay at home mom but, it doesn’t mean that dad can’t chip in and wash dishes while kids are getting a bath or folding a load of towels won’t kill him. Team work makes a better marriage. Good luck.


I used to keep my little one
In a baby front pack and do all the house work that way. She was colicky and had to be kept upright, she cried all the time she was left lying down so this was the best solution for me and she was warm comfortable and happy

Put child in a play pen in a room closeby with safe toys. Otherwise this child learns that by crying he/she will get their way which is you picking them up. They need to learn “alone time” and to be able to entertain themselves. It may take days or maybe a week or more but it’s not going to harm them. Maybe some soothing background music in that room and possibly a child cam so that you can see that the child is perfectly ok. Babysitting these types is not easy if not taught “alone time.”


Get a playpen you can move around from room to room for baby. incorporate help from your older children… Make a chore chart to earn stars for Santa :wink: Meal times you just have to plan ahead. you can even make meals ahead of time for freezer and pop in oven. House cleaning… you’ll never be caught up until the leave the nest. Dont get overwhelmed. You will manage just fine :slight_smile: P.S. Hubby CAN lend a hand to help out with house cleaning!

Honestly when my babies were sick or just extra clingy I put them in one of those front carrier things. You know the ones that strap around your body and the baby sit in the front. That thing was a life saver some days. My 2nd one was the most needy and whiney so there was many days I used that thing and was able to finish my chores. I also found that those vibrating seats are also nice for clingy babies!!! Dont be too hard on yourself being a mom is hard. Just pick a chore or 2 a day and try to accomplish those ones. I did my best to get something done each day and if I didnt it was okay because there is always tomorrow!!!

It comes with the territory.give up & leave it all or pull up ur big girl panties & take deep breath’s.i also worked 2 jobs as a nurse ,single,3 little kids & my home to clean

Let her cry and switch to bottle feeding. Mommy guilt is a bitch, but spoiling a baby makes life harder on the kid as they get older. I’m not cold hearted, I WAS the spoiled baby. Not understanding why adults treated me like a normal kid instead of like the sun shined out my bottom was confusing, hurtful, and traumatic.

Play peek a boo while you fold clothes. Hold the towel over your face, do peek a boo a couple of times, then fold the towel quickly. It will take a while but the laundry will get done. Have an older child read a book to her. If the child can’t read just have them make up a story that goes with the picture. It’s good for both kids. They can sit next to you and you can add to the story too. And yes, dad can help with housework too. Your job is Mom not Maid.

If he’s getting fed up with the mess HE CAN CLEAN IT!!! What kind of cave man stuff is that. Strap that baby to your back and get your work done. It’s not that hard.


Use a back pack carrier for kids can be used in front or back, my aunt used one.

Find a routine that will work for you and your children. Don’t worry about what Dad thinks. Everyone has different ways on raising their children. Don’t worry too much about house chores. There is no such thing of being like Mary Poppins. You can put Baby in a Back pack to do house chores. You can put her in a stroller/pram to allow her to see and watch you. You can spend 10-30minutes to push her around till she falls asleep. Tummy time with a mirror to allow Babyto see themself wears them out. You also must find time in this routine to rest your feet up or have a snooze. Yes please don’t you dare blow yourself. A bubble bath. Sitting outside. Please do self care :heart::heart::heart::heart:

I have 3 children. 8 month old, 3 yr old and 5 yr old. My house is always a mess and when i start cleaning my 8 month old cries for attention. I ignore her until i finish what im doing or sometimes I stop doing what im doing. Its difficult but my husband helps out a lot. I sometimes feel guilty that he helps bc he’s the only one that works. But i see it that i work too here at home. And its a never ending job. Maybe your husband should help instead of getting frustrated or something. Give your 8 month old something that will keep her/him entertained.

This is difficult for most moms. Try to find a way she can stay occupied yet close enough that will afford u a little time to get a few things done. I’m sure she’ll b ok in no time & u will feel better. Possibly ur husband or a family member/friend can spend alil time with her and u can get a head start with meal prep, vacuuming, dishes, etc. These things u need to do and aren’t able to care for baby at the same time while others u can do with her. Ex: folding laundry while she plays with it, dusting while playing peekaboo, etc. Same can work when having to spend time with ur other children. Not sure of their age but maybe reading a book together, board game, a movie night, etc. it’s not ALWAYS going to work but a schedule to balance things is very helpful. Communicate with ur husband about how hard this really is. Some days he can also either clean or keep the children occupied to alleviate the stress. Remind urself this is temporary. Clearly u want to do it all. Great mom! Just keep doing ur best. It’ll all work out & ur children know they r loved.

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To hell with the housecrap, enjoy your baby


I’m waiting for the unhelpful… Oh I had ten kids and did it crap… Does your baby have a nap… I find doing it even if its just a ten min nap to race around and do the main things. And with meals may e make a batch of food when baby is happy and put in freezer then it’s just heating it up rather than just from scratch

Step 1,
If your husband is getting fed up then explain to him exactly what your facing every day (and explain how hard it is…) This wont work of course, so this is what you do :- tell him you have an appointment (take your pick of days, reasons etc), but something that will take “all day” to complete. Leave him with the children and a list of the things that need to be done that day…
When you come back he will be foaming at the mouth, but give him a day or two to calm down and he will realise how difficult it is, and develop a whole new appreciation for you :blush:
Step 2,
Buy a playpen :wink:
Good luck!


Easy solution. Let. Her. Cry. She needs to be taught discipline from the get go and know what is expected. This is being said as gently as possible by the way. She’s manipulating you already and knows it. Not in the sense an adult would and knows but she knows if she starts crying you’re eventually going to cave and just cater to her instead. The older she gets the more serious its going to become. Early boundary setting is healthy. Teach her she isn’t going to get her way all the time and there are times you need to get things done. Model that for her. Mine used to the same thing. I had her tied in a wrap to me for the first year. After that she went into a playpen and whether she cried or not I got what I needed to done. Naps are great times to do heavier/time consuming stuff like cleaning, meal prep, and dishes. Play pen is better for light things like putting in or folding laundry, sweeping, etc. that way she can see you and you know she’s safe. Crying doesn’t always mean she’s actually upset or in need.


Can you baby wear while you cook and clean?

Tell your husband to jump in and help


Have the husband help out… he lives there and the children and household are his responsibility as well. Maybe he will get a better idea what it takes to run a house and take care of everyone…

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Hire a high school student to cover over for 2/3 hours maybe once or twice a week. They can entertain baby as a mommy helper and you can do the domestics. But i also agree… get that man to help!

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There’s no reason he can’t give the kids their baths, read them a story, while you do some chores…and I agree…,hire a young teen to babysit while you prepare dinner,

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Tell your husband to help tou clean up or help with the baby as pong as that baby is fed clean diaper and good let the baby cry girl its not going to get better of you keep it up itll get worse make sure the baby is good let the baby cry and fall asleep im sorry the biggest issue i see here is YOUR husband your kids father like make him help you

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Momma i used to used my stroller most days in my house to get my task done then cuddle her to stop the crying

U have 3 kids already!!! U should have it figured out by now… my god unless u ate the other two & are trying to figure out how to keep the last one alive & not eat it too… :thinking:

If he’s getting fed up with it, tell him to clean it :rofl::rofl:


Towels don’t need to be folded (or husband can fold them) - babies need to be held (not a want a need at that age) and eventually you will be folding towels with the kids, but for now, let them stay in the laundry basket and pay attention to your deserving babies, and take care of your own need for rest, too.

If your husband is fed up with the “mess” tell him to fucking clean it himself. Also include him in the chores list there’s no rain he can’t do his own chores.
If YOU want to, you could strap the baby to you…

  1. Wear ear plugs and ignore the husband and the baby.
  2. If they eat grow and poop they’re fine.
  3. A messy house will not keep anybody out of a good college
  4. Take care of yourself. You can’t do anything for anyone else until your needs are met

It’s so hard girl! I totally get it and you are not alone. I can tell you though, it gets better and easier. It was so hard for me at first because my little one was the same way… he would cry and cry if I tried to get anything done, but they are only this little for so long and now that he is a little older and plays independently it has gotten so much easier. Enjoy your baby. Give her attention. Your house can wait until there is someone to help you entertain the baby while you clean. That’s what I did. When my MIL would come over, I would clean or I’d wait until bedtime and do most of the cleaning at night. The most important thing is to give your baby attention while they are this small. She is a baby. She is not “manipulating” you like some on here are saying. Some baby’s are more needy than others and that’s just how it goes.

Have the other kids clean.


Write a priority list . Things that absolutely must be done
Then divide it into things you can do when she’s around. Folding clothes vacuuming etc
Things you can’t do with her underfoot disinfecting bathroom,washing floors etc.
Get a laundry basket for each member of the family .put the kids clothes and things you find laying around into the owners basket.
Now comes the more difficult part teach your kids how to put their laundry away neatly and how/where their toys go.
When she is sleeping try to do your meal prep. If it is feasible make double batches of things like spaghetti sauce . Freeze the extra sauce ,then when you need a quick meal. Take if out use for spaghetti,chilli,etc.
When your bathing her wipe down tub,and shower walls.
Most importantly take lots of time to spend with your kids in 20 years from now they won’t remember if your house was spotless they WILL remember the things you did together.
Your doing a great job


I used on of those baby backpack, baby can go in back or front (depending on your activity). And also viewed it as part of my exercise :blush: hang in there, this is only temporary.

I usually clean and such when my son was napping. Still do and he’s 3. Just clean when your baby is sleeping. That is the best way. Other then that just do small things here and there while your baby is distracted. If you rinse of dishes as you use them and put them in the dishwasher it saves a lot of time. And if your other kids are older, they can help out.

Put her in a baby swaddling cloth in your back kinda like a papoose. She’ll be happy and you’ll get what you need to get done

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I honestly do chores after kids go to bed. I work during the week so it’s basicly the only time I have if I choose it over sleep.

Tell your hubby…the most difficult job in the world is the parent who stays at home w/the babbie/kids 24/7!! Not his job…time away from home!! You need help. Time for yourself to relax sometimes too. Find some mommy friends to help out or 13 + year old kids if need be. A slow cooker help to hv meals ready too w/o a fuss. Please try not to stress. House work isn’t only the woman’s responsibility. Your life partner needs to start cleaning up the mess w/you too!! You both need to communicate more. Good luck. You are blessed.

Get a playpen that can be taken room-to-room. Do things during her nap time. You could actually maybe do meals in a crock pot or cook ahead of time

Which is most important? A happy child or a polish floor one day sooner than you think they will be grown and gone. The days are long but the years are short , trust me I’ve been there.

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Your husband can help clean up as you too are working a full time job

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Maybe your husband could help you out with the baby when he gets home from work so you have some time to fold laundry, clean up etc. it’s his child too. Also let her cry sometimes. It doesn’t take that long to fold clothes or do some cleaning up. If you jump every time she cries you are going to be in big trouble.

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If you don’t have visitors come over then there is no need to clean everyday & if you don’t & they do come by,they will understand.If so ask or tell your hubby to help you out.Clean while the kiddies are napping or wait till they go to bed.I have multiple kids (7 but 5 still at home) & have learned to clean the bathroom when they are sleeping or napping.Laundry is done at least once a week.Dishes & sweeping during the day while kids play.Toy picking up is a never ending chore & gets done at night.Just pick & choose on which things you want on certain days & the same with the hubby.Once you get your own mojo on how you want to do things,you will do great.Don’t beat yourself up if everything doesn’t get done & if your hubby complains then go on strike & make him do it.I do go on strike every so often & that is when everyone starts to help

Cleaning every day will drive you crazy because by the end of the day… it’s a mess all over again. I make sure what needs to be clean is clean. Kitchen, bathroom. Everything else can be a bit disorganized. I would leave my baby in the high chair while I cook. They can eat Cheerios, fruits or even give them something to draw, color. I cook enough for two days. That way I’m not cooking everyday. I don’t always play with them unfortunately, but there are definitely days that I leave the chores and just give them attention. It’s not easy and i don’t think it ever will be.

Leave the housework and love on your baby. She won’t be need like this for long. Housework will still be there, she won’t and you will regret you didn’t give her cuddles when you could. I instituted “quiet time” for two hours a day. That applies to all the children in the house. They can go in their room,watch TV quietly ect… Baby can take nap or play in crib. Do this every day and it will become routine. This gives you some time to rest, do housework ect… If your husband has an issue, if it bothers him that much, he could certainly chip in and help. When my girls were growing up I absolutely loved “quiet time”. My daughters both use this with their children.

Then husband can help. :grin:It won’t get easier, they become needy toddlers. :rofl: Truths aside have you tried a baby carrier?

I say try to entertain her with something like a balloon tied to her bouncer or a musical toy that she can play with. If she cries, put her in her highchair and give her some dry cereal or a small kind of snack. And don’t be to overwhelmed with the housework. There’s always going to be something that needs to be cleaned but the precious moments with your baby will slip away and you’ll miss it. And most of all, take care of yourself as well because you need it. Good luck!

Get the other kids to help fold do there beds clean up toys and make school kindy lunches vacume :+1::+1:

Throw the husband out and get another :joy: I don’t have any advice, I work go to college and am a single parent :woman_shrugging:t2:, :poop: happens don’t be so hard on yourself.

Tell ya husband man the fuck up and help or take his $$$$ and hire help a strong man to help get u a Mr. Clean

Get a walker or put her in a highchair with toys. Clean when dad is home. Either way, the kids need to learn HOW to do it, too. Teach them.

While. They’re crying,
They’re still breathing

So, my boys were 3 and 4, when I had my daughter. I literally learned to do chores while she slept. (I breastfed) If she was still moving, but her diaper was changed and she was fed, I let her cry it out. My house stayed clean. (OCD.) Her dad got annoyed, but he wouldn’t get off his lazy butt to help, so I did what I had to do!! My boys helped me with cleaning. We made a game out of it. :heart:

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If you have 3 kids, you got this already.

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Tidy and housework when she sleeps. Don’t worry too much xx

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Put your youngest in the play pen or high chair and use apps that play kids music and sing, count, do stuff. Give her a spoon and a bowl and have at it.
She’s going to outgrow it so you have to think outside the box until then.
If the other kids are old enough, they can help.

Try doing it at night when the kids a in bed or read her the book &hope she naps

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Might be time to invest in a part time cleaner (I’ve been contemplating this myself but I don’t want to spend the money) … I tend to do my house work while my kids nap or at night after they go to bed. I also prep dinner so all I have to do is put it in the oven … I do one chore a day aka mop the floors clean bathrooms… I have 4 kids and 2 under 2 … some days it seems like the impossible but my husband understands i do what I can!

Unfortunately ur just going to have to let her cry it out I have an 8 month old son who does that exact same thing but instead of crying he screams like I’m killing him but unfortunately I have to do the same thing I feel like crap for doing it but it has to get done before more serious issues with ur husband and ur baby arise


Tell ya husband to help w the cleaning too??


I know everyone is against “containers” but honestly it doesn’t hurt to utilize them here and there.
I used to put my son in his stroller and bring him room to room with me. I’d make sure he had something to play with or (if i was folding laundry) give him his own little wash cloth to “fold” (play with)
Put some music on.
Talk to baby. Tell them what you’re doing. Babble (really its not so much what you’re saying as the tone you’re using)


Do your best. A clean home and a happy home are 2 different things. Is my home magazine ready everyday? No. Some days I skip vacuuming for playing. Some days breakfast dishes aren’t washed until that afternoon when we return from the park.
Do what you can and have your older kids help. My 3 yo helps me clean up so it gets done. He picks up toys, helps put away dishes, wipes down counters. Simple stuff.
There is no balancing only prioritizing. :heart::heart:


If you have a baby carrier, put her in that and do what you need to do.


If she’s in a safe place not hungry doesn’t need to be changed and has entertainment then let her cry a little bit. She’s not going to die. A routine is the best way to make this easier. Wake up in the highchair you go to have your breakfast while I wash bottles and straighten up. Play time then naptime and I’ll straighten up again. Then lunchtime and supervised self play while I clean up from that. Then I’ll take her for a walk or errands. Then dad comes home and plays with her while I cook dinner or finish a side dish to go with a crockpot meal. Then I clean up while they play and settle down. Bed routine. Bed. Clean up. Relax. 


And perhaps finding the way so that your husband shares in the responsibilities


If the older kids can walk you can start teaching them to help. It won’t be perfectly don’t but it’s better than no help at all. And if your hubby gets annoyed with any part of the housework or the baby, he can step his ass up and help too. You do not and should not do it all alone. You didn’t create those babies without help you don’t have to deal with everything without help

Try baby wearing. You can get a lot more done with your clingy baby and have your free hands

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Id put her in playpen and just do what you have to do.


The chores can wait. Really. You don’t need to spend your entire day cleaning, yes some will need to be done, but not everything. She won’t be a baby forever, and as she gets bigger and less needy, you will be able to get more done.

If your hubby is tired of the mess, he is welcome to help you tackle it.

Staying home with kids doesn’t mean that he doesn’t have to help.

You shouldn’t really be leaving the baby in another room though, get a playpen and bring her or put toys on her high chair tray while you work in the kitchen. Lock up your chemicals so she can’t get into them…a lot of everything will need to be done along side a baby who wants to get into everything. It’s kind of what they do, but, you shouldn’t move rooms without her


You can still interact and play with her while these things get done. Folding towels play peekaboo washing dishes sit her in a high chair to play with a little bowl and sponge. Cooking dinner give her a small pan and spoon to make noise with. Cleaning the bathroom put her in a laundry basket in the tub and let her play with water and toys that way the toys stay in reaching distance. You can stay active with a child while you do these thing.


I give my child something he can play with while I’m doing something or I will explain to him I can pick him up in a second. But I usually just have to let him cry. He gets over it eventually

Gently allow her to cry it out. If her needs are met, theres no reason for her to be constantly held, played with etc. - people may call me crazy, but kids need routine and love independence! Let her jump in her bouncer, put her in her high chair with some snacks, or toys and make it easy to see you. Playpen, and some cartoons, or some sensory toys, or again where shes able to see you. Talk to her. Tell her what you’re doing at you’re doing it. Shes not going to die, momma. You need to balance your life, kids and yourself. :heart::heart:


I used a travel cot to put baby in with toys so they were contained in a room full of non child friendly items but still in view of me and then I could interact with them whilst doing what needed doing , a pan and wooden spoons did the trick for 3 minutes ten something else , something else other alternative was I would stay awake on Friday evenings all night catching up on housework meals whilst everyone slept then have hubby looked after the kids while I went to bed for a few hours :woman_shrugging:

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Put her in a high chair in the kitchen with you. And talk to her.

Let her cry. She will be ok. If you do not get a grip on this now you’ll be catering to her and neglecting yourself the rest of your life

Cuddle with baby. Housework can wait. They’re only little for so long.

High chairs, exersaucer, walker(if no steps are around) baby wearing, having one of the older kids play with baby, etc. but the chores can and should wait. They are only little once. If you get a little done throughout each day, great, if not, oh well, they will be there when you can. My daughter went into a walker when she was 5 months and followed me around (I live in a ranch with a basement that has two gates and a locked door, so no worry on her going down the house. The walker was perfect, she couldn’t reach things she shouldn’t have (stove tops, etc) and was able to follow me around to get dinner done, laundry done, cleaning, etc. pack and play is also great, take it to the room your working in and load it up with toys that she likes so you have a few mins to get a load folded, or dinner prepped. Give her snacks in a high chair while your cooking, or give her a ziplock bag filled with paint for her to squish on that’s taped to the Hugh chair tray, it’ll keep her interest for a little while. Let her make messes, I know it’s counterproductive, but it’ll keep her interest. I used to give my daughter pans to bang when all else failed, or Tupperware to play with. She loved puff snacks and Cheerios, too, so those were a huge hit if I could give it to her while I. Was right there. I also LOVED her bumbo seat, small enough to go everywhere, I had a tray for it, so she could snack or play. It was perfect!!

Even though ur a stay at home mom, that is work. ESPECIALLY with 3 kids one being 8 months old, with cooking and cleaning. Your husband shouldn’t expect you to do it all. Yes he leaves house to work and pay bills but your working as well and it’s a lot harder than he does doesn’t matter what his job is. You need help and support so you don’t loose yourself and the ability to take care of yourself and your kids. He needs to man up and be a part of the household. He uses dishes, he makes messes, he has dirty clothes, he made those kids with you, so he needs to step up. Period. You can’t do it all. Now fit the situation, I would just put her in a high chair with some toys while you do dishes put some music on and sing and dance try to amuse the lil one. Or in the play pen same thing. You can’t hold a baby 24 hrs a day you hv things to do. So let her cry a lil maybe she will soothe herself or start playing.

Wear her. Get a carrier and put her on your back. It’s the only way I got anything done when mine were little.

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When I’m cooking I gave my daughter a pot and a spoon to bang on or show her a cabinet she can play in while you cook and while your folding laundry give her a rag or something she can “help” with she just wants to be with you get her stuff that your doing it helped a ton with my daughter

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Girl, here is my 2 cents.

  1. You do what you can as much as you are able to do. Choose a small area and work on that until you’re done. This will take time but if the baby sleeps and you’re tired, sleep with the baby but put in 10 minutes of effort to clean. Just 10.

  2. You will always feel like you won’t have enough time with your kids. Enjoy it. They are only this little for a second.

  3. Sounds to me like your husband is the sole provider. You are not an inconvenience and your exhaustion is valid. What you do is more time consuming than a full time job. Have a conversation with your husband of what you can get done (realistically) in a week and ask him what is more important to him that gets cleaned and then make him be in charge of cleaning that.

  4. There is only one you. Only you can decide at what pace you can do things. Do not think of what should be done and focus on what you can get done. If you have family near by, drop the kids off for a whole day once in a while and focus your energy on cleaning in the morning and treating yourself in the afternoon with a nice bath and a long nap.

Please take care of yourself and know that if it comes down to you squeezing in time for peace of mind or cleaning, peace of mind comes first.


Honestly a little bit of all this advice. 1st thing you do is sit down and come up with a soft schedule and chore chart.
It’s a nice big whiteboard and do a whole family chart.
Everyone that walks can do a chore , even hubby needs to be on the list to show the kids that everyone pitches in, show teamwork.
Then a little bit of containment, distraction, a back carrier and even crying on occasion . by 8 months they know your there and need to learn to start do some things independently.
And give Yourself a break, no mother’s house is completely clean, no one can keep up with it all ,all the time . that’s as an impossible standard.

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A folding laundry solution would be have her “help” Give her a basket of wash clothes for her to fold so she feels like she is helping mommy. Play little games while you cook/clean. Sing funny songs while you do it, it will hopefully entertain her and you can get stuff done. It doesn’t always work, but the times it did for me it was really helpful.

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I have 4 children 4 and under, when my children nap is when I get all my house work done, and then pick up as needed through the day, also with meals. On Monday or Tuesday I plan fom Thursday to Friday dinners, and shop on Fridays. That way I have the whole week planned and don’t have to stress or guess

Put her in an activity walker so she can focus on using those leg muscles and rolling around everywhere. At 8 months old she doesn’t need to be held every second of the day nor picked up for throwing a tantrum.

I did alot with mine strapped to me at that age. It’s definitely not easy but I had 2 hands and it was better than the screaming and crying alternative. I’m not really “for” the crying it out mostly because I cant take the noise when it can be avoided. My day starts at 430ish AM. I go to work, pick up from babysitter, hit the store, get home clean while tending to kids. Homework, dinner, showers and baths, then bed time is 8 830 at the latest. Then I tie up quiet loose ends of the day. Laundry, pick up the rooms and such. Its definitely tiring and overwhelming sometimes. It’s become my routine most of the time. Although there are times I will just leave it because I dont want to deal with it right then. If your husband has a problem with it he can do something about it. Otherwise he can just deal with it.

Try a baby carrier! Just got one for my 4 week old!

Babe it’s ok to let babies cry I know it’s heart breaking but that’s what they do if you have to be in the kitchen put the baby in the high chair or in a bouncer and do what what you need they can see you and you can see them so you know they’re ok every if they’re crying… My babies like to watch movies so they to put a movie on they like while doing your chores and see how that works

I give everyone a “job” my 18 month old gets to stir her play food and hold a cooking spoon to help…if I don’t involve her she ends up doing the same things (mainly wants to be held so she can see the action)…getting her involved has really helped me.

Take it all in stride. Clean gross stuff and leave the clutter! I put sock in underwear in a basket and make kids or myself grab out of it just example of something I don’t do also ask for help. My parents help me clean your whole family loves those kids and are likely more then willing to help out. Screw the husband maybe he should stay home a few to see what it is all like I also did this when we had two kids for 3 months and he never complained again now I am doing the four alone and would drown in dirty house if it wasn’t for the help I asked for :wink::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

It. Seems like he could help you out some

Let her cry and get some things done or if your husband is upset with the mess tell him to help you clean. Idk how old your other children are, but they could also help if they are old enough to.

Oh please :roll_eyes:. No sympathy here people do loads more than that get a grip seriously


Can you wear the baby on your back in a carrier thingy?


get a playpen or walker or swing to put her in the same room with you

Also start giving her a bottle you can pump every night

I had three children age 3 and under, if a baby is fed and dry and healthy.let them cry abit.it might be that she/he may know if they cry mommy will pick me up. Keep toys close they can refocus and play with. I had no problem when they were small. The house was clean and dinner was on the table when my husband came home and all the toys were put away. There were no sweets and no sodas in the house.


Let her help with what you ate doing. Give her a towel to fold while you take care of the rest. Make a big deal about her helping you. Give her a clean duster and let her go behind you to make sure you got it all. Simple things like that helped me. Truth be told, there were many days and nights that toys just got pushed out of the way so there was a path to walk. If your husband is getting fed up with the mess, by all means, he can do something about it too. I’ve been a working mom and a stay at home mom and let me tell you, work is a lot easier than staying home with the kids all day!!! Especially at that age!!!


My baby is 10 months…I use the car seat and move my baby around the house with me lol I give him things like little bowls or rubber spatulas… stuff that’s not baby stuff but it won’t hurt him so I let him play with it. Bedtime for me is another story :weary: we can’t even walk away from his crib and he screams