I am tired of people being unreliable: Advice?

I kind of just need to vent. I am getting so tired of people in my life who promise to help me, turning out to be unreliable. I am a manager at my work and am supposed to work a set schedule, which includes working one weekend day, which happens to be sundays. I have a 6 year old and a 16 month old. They have different dads. my 6 year olds dad is super helpful and him and his wife are great. She goes there every Sunday and they bring her home after dinner. My youngests dad is a prick. When we split up, he knew my work schedule. Now, its suddenly an issue. He no longer wants her every Sunday, like hes been doing, and only wants her on the Sunday that falls on “his” weekend with her. But says he doesnt want some random babysitter to watch her. And he also doesnt want to pick her up from daycare as much anymore. Which makes no sense because like a week ago he was bitching because my schedule didnt allow him enough time with her, so I got my boss to approve me changing it a bit, and now that’s too much so I need to change it again. I have to start work earlier so I can pick both of them up by 5 from daycare, so that their dads dont. but then that means I have to find something for my oldest one for before school since i start work before school gets in. My mom tells me she’ll help me because she loves me and loves my girls, but whenever she does help me, she holds it over me and uses it to make my life miserable and guilt me into doing whatever she wants. I’m so tired and so frustrated. I cant find anyone to watch my girls the days I need and I cant ask for any more exceptions to my work schedule. my insomnia has been so bad lately and I’m always exhausted.


If he isn’t willing to help you then don’t change your work schedule to his convenience! Change it to what works FOR YOU! What’s your stance on a babysitter to help you? If you’re fine with having a babysitter then get one… if he’s really not ok with that then he better step up and take care of his child when needed! Not just when he feels like it…


Please get rid of second dad as well… he is a jerk he will drown you and destroy you in every aspect… please please don’t stress your self out its good you can have your babies at day care… no need to live with that piece of shit…

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It’s not up to him who you have babysit on your time. If he isn’t willing, find someone you trust that is.

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I learned to Not depend on anyone but yourself.

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More info… do you have a parenting plan for the youngest? If not than you make the decisions. Do what is best for you and the girls.

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I would change it back to what it originally was and tell the dad that isn’t helping that he can either care for his child or your finding a sitter. This isn’t about either of you, it’s about his child. He should want the additional time regardless of when it is or why. If he can’t be happy about that then it’s his loss. He doesn’t get to decide when and where your child is if he isn’t helping anyway.

Aww I’ll be a babysitter :heart::heart: just try and do what’s best for you if their dads can’t agree with it then tell them come up with something :two_hearts:

You parent the way you need to when you have your child and he parents the way he needs to. If you have to work you need a daycare or babysitter. He gets no say in the matter when you have your children. Stand up for yourself.

You should just find someone to babysit that Sunday that is not his weekend and if he has a problem with it, that’s his problem - not yours. It’s your weekend, your decision.

Ask the older daughter’s dad to also keep the younger one on Sunday for you too? It seems like they would probably love to. If the younger one’s dad isn’t gonna help then he has no say so in who you get to watch her on YOUR time. and if your mom is gonna hold it over your head don’t ask her for help. It isn’t worth it.

I think I would ask the older ones dad to babysit for pay on the sundays that you need it. If the dad of the younger doesnt like it he can either step up, or shut up.

Heres a quote that might be relevant, I read it on another post and liked it :- “you’re ex wasn’t there for you when you were together so why expect him to be there for you now you’re apart?”