I am worried for my daughter with ADHD: Advice?

My daughter has severe ADHD and we tried meds but they suppressed her appetite too much so we stopped. Right now she takes two Chillax vitamins every morning and it’s working wonders! Good luck, you’ve got this! Every child is different. Do what’s best for yours. :heart:

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My son took his self off his meds after a few yrs on them. Mostly he slept alot.

My oldest was diagnosed with severe ADHD when he was 5.
We went the med route, for his safety and we coupled that with diet and parenting changes.
At 8 he was on 45mg of medication. Which is almost the max for his age…30 in the morning and 15 in the afternoon.
This past summer we went down to 25mg in the morning and 15 in the afternoon.
We may be able to go down again before long.
His doctor is pretty confident that the older he gets the less he’ll need them.

I’ll tell you though…I was diagnosed with ADHD not long after my son.
I never knew I had it…I only found out because my doc put me on an SSRI for PPD and I was awake for three days straight and felt like I was in a CONSTANT panic attack. Turns out…the psych thinks the untreated ADHD helped cause or at least exacerbate my anxiety.
And it brought a lot of stuff to light for me. A lot of struggles and bad decisions.
It also explains why as a teen and into my twenties I was completely dependent on energy drinks to function at all.

They told me all of elementary school my child needs put in watered down curriculum and on medicine I refused. He started Jr high last year and is doing amazing and expected to now not even qualify for any special services soon. Do what feel right to you. Don’t let them tell you your child can’t do anything if you feel or see they can.

My 7 yr old son is medicated for ADHD. It has helped him so much. The only concern is how much it suppress his appetite. He’s so thin now. But drs aren’t worried said he’s growing great still. It has honestly been a good thing for us. He was a danger to himself before (no impulse control). We tried to manage without meds but it didn’t work. We haven’t had to raise the dosage at all yet so he’s on a small dose it’s normally wearing off about the time he gets home from school.

I also have adhd and was medicated from 7 to 16 when I decided I didn’t want to take it anymore. I had 0 problems stopping it just stopped taking it 1 day.

She may stay on them if she starts. Because being medicated for ADHD can literally be life changing. I suffered through my childhood because I wasn’t a typical child with ADHD. And I couldn’t believe how much better life was once I was medicated. I’d say try it and see if she likes how it makes her feel. You notice the effects from day 1 so she wouldn’t need to take it for very long to know if it’s a good fit.

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They make medicine that is a non-stimulant, which means it’s not addictive, and honestly it’s helped my son so much and his personality hasn’t changed a bit it just chilled him out

Everyone is different, my son we don’t medicate right now as we wanna see how his ADHD will effect him as his brain develops before determining that he needs medical intervention.


Ad an adult who suffers, I have ADD so I’m not hyper.
I can tell you it’s all treatable without harsh meds.
I tried the meds and couldn’t handle them.
It’s worth trying to manage her life without meds. Find things that work for her.


Personally the meds would be a last resort for my kids.


My stepson has adhd . When he was in school he would take meds during the week and not on the weekends. And now he does the same for work. He does sleep a lot and does not eat a lot unless it’s the weekend. They work for him tho. When it comes time for him to decide not to take them anymore, it will be his choice.

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My son went on dex at school and it changed him for the better .he came from not being able to concentrate he couldn’t read or write propally to becoming the school counselor and top of the school in the WALNA test.

My kiddo is 10 and vyvanse was such a huge help. She eats well already and sometimes we need extra tools to help us

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Annie Magnant I don’t even know where to begin here

I had ADHD and was on meds and it was AWEFUL I was a zombie, loss a lot of weight and then my doctor would change my meds to get the “right one” for me. My daughters school wants her to get checked for ADHD and I WILL NOT do it I will not put her on meds!! I know how it feels not being yourself I won’t do that to my daughter.


It depends on the severity honestly. How much does it affect her normal day to day. On a scale of 1-10. Ten being extremely severe. You know your daughter better than anyone. Is she able to be quiet and settled for school? Is she able to follow regular three step instructions? Is she able to complete a task beginning to end with little to no problems?

Diet !! I can’t stress how much this changes things no red or blue food coloring !! Sugar is a big trigger !! Pack cold lunches do not eat school lunch or snacks !! You will see a night a day difference start checking ingredients list check stuff that you don’t know !! Cut it out go back to the basics of food the fresher the better your daughter will do three babies all had the same issue !!

Yes my son was diagnosed with adhd but I never put him on meds. He just has endless energy and I let him do him. He may annoy me with his energy and enthusiasm sometimes but oh well…

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I had to be on medication when I was a child. I was bad enough that one day I forgot to take my morning medicine and ended up carving a pumpkin with my fingernail because I couldn’t focus on my math work. I wasn’t able to function in the slightest without them until I was in high school and even though I’m off of them now I still struggle with things like object permanence, executive dysfunction, hyperfixation, and safe foods.
One thing to remember is that adhd isn’t necessarily the lack of ability to focus but more so the lack of capability to regulate focus.

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I was the same and it held my son back. I had a counselor put ut to me like this… if your child was diabetic you’d not withhold medication to help them function properly, treat all medical issues or concerns the same. Mental is just as important as physical. <3


As someone who’s been diagnosed with ADHD and 30, the meds will help. I’m on a low dose of Concerta and it makes a difference and I have days where I literally can’t stand being in my brain unmedicated because I just can’t get anything done and I’m all over the place. I’m not nearly as productive as I am when I remember to take my meds.
You also have to use other types of coping methods and hope that they work, but when you’re young some of these coping methods are a little harder to learn. I also have a slight bit of OCD so I live by having everything in a scheduler. If it was not on my schedule and I don’t get the notifications, I forget about appointments and deadlines. 

I was undiagnosed my entire childhood. Was diagnosed with ADHD in my 30s. I was always in trouble at school for “not paying attention” and was told “if you would stop daydreaming/drifting off you would understand the lesson” I was labeled “lazy” and my mother was told “she would get better grades if she applied herself”. I was put on meds for my ADHD as an adult and I did not like the way they made my brain work after years of my brain working the way it was used to so i stopped takeing them. I have learned tricks over the years to make things easier on myself. Having something playing in the background, music or a documentary, gives my brain that extra thing to subconsciously focus on so I can stay on task consciously, it just can’t be anything interesting.
I don’t know how I would have done in school/life if I had been put on meds at an early age and my brain did not learn to function the way it does. I don’t know how I would be if I had been given support and understanding as a child. Ultimately, you are the parent and it is your decision to medicate or not. I can tell you the over stimulation is real, the frustration is real, the absolute inability to concentrate is real. Support, understanding, and guidance are important and necessary.

Meds can be tricky. I have an almost 11 yo and we have tried a lot. He’s currently trying not on any. We found that Occupational therapy can help a lot. Also a BIG THING…get an IEP or 504 plan with the school. It will give then accommodations to help throughout the day based on their needs. Extra time for testing movement, etc. Getting a private OT eval done will also help and may allow the school to provide those services while in school ans provides extra support to the teacher. I don’t know what specific issues your child encounters bc of ADD but there are therapies out there to help. Meds can be a blessing and a curse until you find the right one. I know lots of people that were on meds and eventually came off and were just fine. It’s about teaching them strategies to help with focus and organization and coping skills to deal with their frustrations ans anxiety usually associated with ADD. If a doctor is just pushing meds…find a new doctor or reach out to the school ESE liason and therapists in the area. There is a plethora of options available!

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Take her to a psychologist first before giving drugs!My kids were actually diagnosed with Asperger disease which is autism that can cause the same symptoms! They didn’t need drugs! We just needed to learn new way’s to live and learn!

Yess I am in the same position with my soon to b 7yr old. N EVERY1 keeps trying 2 shove the meds Idea down my throat n I hate it n will not do it. It gets exhausting n I’m tired of other people’s comments to my child or me. But I’m doing my best.

No dairy corn syrup or dyes

Please listen to your doctor! However, be prepared the first prescription might not be the right one and you will have to try a second one! That often happens. She will do fine and learn much better in school!

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I’m speaking as a 40 year old woman who learned of her own adhd and autism from my kids therapists… try the meds. Please don’t be afraid of them I lived 39 years getting 3 to 4 hours of sleep a night, crippling anxiety and chest pains, eating disorders out the wahzoo. I’ve been on Ritalin for about 6 months and it’s a life changer. I eat when I’m hungry, I get tired at reasonable times and I can focus on my tasks much better. I used to wake up and right away feel like I had a lead jacket on. I thought it was normal since none of my drs were concerned. That’s gone now, I FEEL lighter. My parents didn’t believe in learning disabilities, mom still doesn’t, but if we had the knowledge we do now back then, my teachers would have insisted on testing.
The meds can be scary and the thought of needing them forever might suck, but it might be the right course of action. I would just say to not be afraid of the meds because it could make all the difference in the world for them. You shouldn’t deny them that because of how you feel about your child being medicated.

That’s saying you don’t want to give a cancer patient chemo because it may make them lose their hair and instead you are giving them essential oils. Please for the love all that is good, give her megs for her issues

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If your child had depression, would you not want them to take meds? What is the difference? I urge you to do some research bc kids with adhd who aren’t medicated have a higher risk of substance abuse and other risky behaviors, all in the name of dopamine seeking. I was one of those kids. Now I’m medicated and doing better but God it pisses me off, the wasted time and the suffering. You don’t need to jump right into medication, but pls pls pls don’t rule it out. Your girl might legit need them to thrive.

I’m 38 undiagnosed until 36 and my life is a chaotic mess, I have no career or degrees and I wish I would have known sooner. Help her find a medication that works for her, some medications are for life

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ADHD doesn’t just go away with diet changes or age. Please listen to the drs and give the meds time to work


My son was diagnosed in 2nd grade. With medication he went from below a 2nd grade reading level to 4th grace that year. We ran into trouble in his teens and stopped the meds. It caused some issues, but worked very well when he was little.

My daughter is 8 and we tried meds and it made her a zombie and she lost weight an I hated it for her my 8 year old was 45 pounds so a friend of mine told me she was giving her child cbd drops once before school and once after so I tried it with my daughter and she has went from being an f student to now she’s making a an b I’m so glad I changed her to the drops because now I have a spunky 8 year old who is loving life

My step son was on meds and was like a zombie so when he came to us we removed sugar and red dyes from his diet and took him off the meds. He become a whole different kid

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Short answer, you’d buy her glasses if she couldn’t see right! Same thing, she can’t help her adhd, meds are 12hr long, try them. My kids are all 3 in them & they lower their dose as they have gotten older. My 20yr old only takes during midterms. She’ll be able to work at her best & not be upset at not keeping up or forgetting.

It really would depend on how severe the adhd is. There is alternatives like IEPs or 504 plans that can be put in place for children with minor adhd but if the adhd is severe enough to affect grades and academic performance, medication may be your only choice. Many Elementary schools provide a social worker or behavioral therapist as well, so work with them closely to monitor your child’s behavior on and off of medication.  I love my daughter‘s school because when she would get antsy or over stimulated, they would have a room that’s called a calm down room where there’s tons of fun activities for children to do to get their energy out. They also provided these swivel wedge type chairs that children with ADHD could use when they were having a hard time sitting still. Look into things like this online and communicate with the principal and teacher about what options are available. 
My daughter is 11 now. She was 7 when started on a low dose of adhd medication. I would NEVER give it on weekends, during the summer, or on any days that she wasn’t going to be in school so that her body could have a break and not become dependent on the medication to function. Like I said, she is 11 now and has matured significantly and calmed down with age and growth so she no longer takes medication. It’s best to take them off before they get to their teenager years, if possible. Hopefully this will give you some peace of mind and be of helpful use to you.


My son is now 35. He wasn’t diagnosed with ADHD till he was in his 20’s. He did fine through school without any medication

I have 4 girls with adhd. They will all tell you that meds help them a lot. They tell me when it needs to be adjusted or if it’s not working right anymore. Without it, they felt stupid. Kids & teachers were rude as hell to them. Sometimes you have to try a few before you find the right meds for your baby. My girls started out on vivance. It worked great when they were younger. Good luck mama

Big pharma and medical providers are drug pushers. God forbid they try a natural approach first. Like giving the child more work or challenging them with harder work. Jon is a perfect example of a smart, athletic person that thrives on a challenge.

2 of my kids are on meds, I’m on meds for it. One has Ritalin, and it has made his beautiful personality blossom!!! He can just control himself without panic now. My daughter was a different story. She hated the meds at first and we tried a few, now she is on one that helps her and is wonderful for her. I’m a shell of myself Without it. I revert internally and can’t function because mine is so bad. But the regular meds were okay but I didn’t like them. So I use Wellbutrin. It helps so much

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I’m a teacher, I don’t think it’s a real thing. Just drug your kid?


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You wouldn’t d by meds if your child was diagnosed diabetic or epileptic would you? My only concern ADHD or anxiety. So similar and often confused Give her a chance of success

I was hesitant to use the meds with my son but we tried him with and without and with he did significantly better and struggled less while taking medication. It also helped socially. He’s almost 7.


My son was put on meds for it but thankfully he’s outgrown it.

To help your child, number one…you need to dedicate a lot of time to her.

ADHD…can be managed and your child can lead a good successful life.

In a nutshell…my son was diagnosed at 7…today he is 22…completed Matric in mainstream school and currently studying Logistics Management Diploma…completed 1st year 2021…completed semester 1 2022

True story

I was diagnosed with adhd as an adult and wish I had been as a child. It would have saved me much grief and frustration. My youngest was diagnosed at 8 (he’s now 10) and his quality of life is MUCH better and the family dynamic much calmer.

No one can speak for your situation but I can say that medical assistance can be a tremendous help to a child AND it doesn’t need to be permanent. A good counselor coupled with meds can do a tremendous amount of good. ADHD is a real thing and you can learn to make adjustments along your journey.

Good luck!

What helped a little with my boy was stop eating/drinking red dye, limit sugar, more foods with b vitamins and omegas. He also got a little coffee when older, it helped him somehow.