I am worried I may need a c-section: Advice?

I’m 36 weeks pregnant and my baby has been head down since 30 weeks. I get sharp pains and pressure like he’s about to fall out of me. I’ve been having some contractions but none really to worry about but I’m not dilated any. I haven’t lost my mucous plug that I know of. I’m just worried I’m going to have to have a c section. Any mamas dealt with this? Any advice on how to start dilating?


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Braxton hicks. I’m 36 weeks and been getting them all 3rd trimester.

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Your mucus plug isn’t ready most likely. You are 36 weeks. Still considered preterm. I had a scheduled c section due to my son being breech. At 37 weeks, we tried to do an external cephalon version, to manually turn him, not realizing how big he was. I just asked for the birth to not share birthdays. It was a rough recovery but everyone recovers differently. Many women go through c-sections. Some choose that route over natural birth.

Why do you think you’ll need a c section?? There’s nothing here that signals a warrant for c section.


Talk with your doc,not FB

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36 is still early!!! Give baby time they come when ready! I went at 38 weeks with my first and 41 weeks with my 3rd and she was under 6lbs

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Those are all normal third trimester things

Why are you trying to start dialing before full term???


Honestly don’t stress it. My son was head down and caused a lot of lightening crotch - I’ve been 1cm dilated up until I was already in the hospital

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Nothing you listed says C-section. I’ll be 37 weeks tomorrow and I still haven’t lost my mucus plug. It’s normal. Some don’t lose it till they are in active labor. This is my 4th baby, and lighting crotch, Braxton hicks, and lots of pressure is totally normal. It’s also totally normal to not dilate till labor. With my 3rd I wasn’t dilated at all till I went into labor with her at 39 weeks, I woke up went pee, and lost my mucus plug, and had my bloody show.

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All of that is normal. Braxton Hicks contractions. It’s your body getting ready. If only they could just fall out :rofl: I remember with my oldest (I was 17) I would stop walking when I got that feeling and cross my legs like I could hold the baby in like that :joy: With her I was 2 cm dilated for 2 1/2 weeks after her due date and was scheduled to be induced the morning I finally went in to labor.

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Why would you think this means a c section?


Those are likely Braxton hicks. They’re normal. If they are inconsistent, you shouldn’t need to worry. Be sure you’re hydrating. Also, I’m almost 37 weeks and only 1 cm dilated. I wouldn’t be too concerned about a c-section. :heart: but, if you’re really worried, talk with your doctor. I’m sure you’re at the point of weekly appointments. They can help ease your worries.


You may need a c section, no big deal.

Let it progress on its own, if you can. Early intervention most likely causes a c section.
My biggest regret with my first is letting them intervene too early

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Your only 36 weeks though…I had a C section at 41 weeks only be ause they said my son was really big. Which he was at 10lbs 2oz. That was 2 years ago. I just gave birth 3 weeks ago at 38 weeks vaginally with no tears to my girl and she ended up being 9lbs 6oz.
Its different for every person and every pregnancy. Talk to your OB. I was very against a c section for my last one and thankfully i didnt need it. But my OB and I had talked about it a ton and i was gonna be induced to avoid the possibility but i ended up in labor a week before that.

This doesn’t mean you’ll need a c-section at all. My daughter was engaged around the same time, maybe even earlier, and she still came out vaginally just needed some help with forceps as she was a bit too eager and got herself stuck :sweat_smile: Keep yourself hydrated, it’s more than likely braxton hicks you’re feeling.

Not to worry…nothing here says C section…don’t make issues out of nothing. You seem to be in a hurry, it will all progress when it’s time. Birth is as natural as breathing.

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Your body is probably prepping for the birth. He’s getting into position & baby is moving down. That being said though I always tell every expectant mom if your worried calm the doctor & go get seen. That’s their job & a good OB will assure you & let you know what’s going on.

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I kept telling everyone felt like baby was gonna fall out anytime I did anything, like vacuum. My uterus was very thin. If I get pregnant again the baby can bust out my uterus into my abdomen. It could kill the both of us.

Those are all normal.It sounds like everything is on track.

Sounds like he’s dropping and braxton hics have started. You’re almost there! If the doctors haven’t mentioned needing one don’t worry it’ll just stress you both out when you might not even need one.

I understand your feelings. I have had 3-Csections, do not stress it’s not a big deal. You and the baby will be fine :pray:t3::rose::revolving_hearts:

I just went to er and I had the baby the next day the induced me

Sounds like a perfectly normal pregnancy for that stage. I didn’t start dilating till I was in active labour with 4 of my 7 babies

You are 36 weeks still early…give nature a chance


Well you have 4+ weeks left soooooo you shouldn’t be dilated yet. Perfectly normal and actually a good thing. Once you hit 40 if your still not dilated they may begin discussing induction. However you have a month until then so way more than enough time.

You still have time.
Walk, walk as much as you can.
If you do need to have a section, you both will do fantastic!
Congratulations :two_hearts:

Walking and Sex!! Something about semen causes the cervix to dilate, they can also scrape your membranes to help…

I felt the same and I had vaginal birth. My best advice is too breath and accept what’s meant to happen will. Don’t add more stress to your plate. Whether you have vaginal or csection your baby will be born and in your arms. Both take time to heal.

Lightning pains… your body is just getting prepared. And if you truly are frightened this is the time to express things to your doctor and nurses. They can help you in more ways than just checking you. Ask, Ask, Ask! Big hugs

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Everything you’re experiencing is normal and going as it should. You’ll dilate as your pregnancy progresses lots of time, patience, rest, grace and nourishment at this phase. You’ll get there soon. Very normal to be pregnant 42weeks & beyond.

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This is my exact situation to a T! I’m 36 weeks today and the pressure is insane, he’s so low and I’m in so much discomfort. Ready for it to be over !

You might need one. But that’s okay. A plan is just that, a plan. If something comes up, you make a new plan. You still have 4 weeks until you’re due. Start walking around, the pains might just be bc baby is sitting on something.

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i call that lighting crouch and braxton hicks contractions( also heard them called practice contractions) as for advice the longer the baby is in the better. Just take this time to relax, organize and back your hospital bag cause once it’s actually go time and baby arrives you will not have time to organize stuff or relax a whole lot.
i’m on my 4th pregnancy and the best thing you can do is to take it day by day, maybe do some pregnancy save exercise, walking, napping,etc. if the pain becomes to much then talk to your doc and see what they suggest or can give you to help relief any discomfort.

I didn’t dilate untill 40 weeks with all of mine and went to 41 weeks induced with all 3. Say you don’t want a c section and they’ll take precautions, there’s things they can do. I told them unless it’s life threatening I refuse.

Is this your first baby? To me sounds like everything so far your feeling is normal and on par with getting your body ready to deliver at approximately for when it happens.


You may need one and that’s ok if you do. But you may not also.

If you’re concerned I would definitely telling your doctor I had two early babies one at 35 weeks one at 36 weeks

You still have plenty of time.
I wasn’t dialed until my contractions became very regular and losing your plug isn’t a sign that labor is coming or that it’s near you can lose it and it will grow back.
You are 36 weeks you don’t want to try to dialate on your own because trust me you don’t want a NICU baby. Just relax labor will come when your baby is ready

Get a big yoga ball to sit on to help with the pain. Do little exercises on it like rolling and bouncing a little bit. It helped me a ton at the end of my pregnancy

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36 weeks isn’t even considered full term yet, you still have time mama


Your at 36 weeks. Baby usually is ready at 40 weeks. Give it time. It will happen. Best to keep the baby to full term

My cervix can be stubborn. I rarely dilate on my own. I’ve been induced 4x. Moat the time the medicine to help soften the cervix helps. But my 4th baby my cervix didn’t want to dilate for nothing so they used a balloon to dilate it to a 3. It helped but that balloon was super painful and they acted like I was over reacting. You’re still super early and have time. And even if you go 40w trust me they have meds to help your body along. I was 41w with my first induced. You’ll be fine. I didn’t need a csection until my 6th because I was bleeding to death from placenta abruption. Otherwise my body did fibe with the meds and assistance from thr nurses and doctors all the other 5 times.

It sounds like everything is going as it should everything is normal you’re almost there but I agree with the one ahead of me who said if you’re that scared talk to your doctor they can give you the answers and reassurance you need

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Everything you described is pretty normal

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I just had my baby at 36 weeks and 5 days he came on his own. No NICU stay at all. He was completely healthy. Not saying that it won’t happen but don’t let anyone scare you. A due date is a guess, nothing is set in stone.
But don’t stress yourself out it will only make things worse. Let your body do what it’s supposed to. Sounds like everything is going like it’s supposed to. :blush:

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My baby did the same thing was head down at 32 weeks, she came like 2 days before due date and was a natural birth.
Everybody is different tho

Don’t stress. Do some gentle exercises and try to relax. Babies come when they want. Both my boys came early. If you do have a csection , make sure they give you the good painkillers. It will make it much easier to recover. My first was easy. The second time they only wanted to give me motrin. If it hurts tell them. Ax

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I understand the fear of a csection. A lot of us have had that fear. I had to be suddenly induced at 36 weeks and my body wasn’t ready at all, other than my baby being head down. Due to some other issues, there was a higher chance of me needing a csection and I didn’t end up needing one! I think from the start of my induction to delivery was around 14 hours. It sounds like your body and baby are preparing exactly as they should. This is nothing out of the ordinary and no particular reason you should think you’ll need a csection. There’s always chance, just saying there isn’t anything happening here to indicate you are at higher risk of a csection.

Honestly I have 3 kids 2 I had via c section if i everbhad to do it again id choose c section

You’re only 36 weeks, it’s pretty normal what you’re feeling.

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Walk & be active a lot. You’re still early girl. With my first born I didn’t loose my mucus plug literally in the afternoon & by 12:20am my water broke. I was 40 weeks & 3 days. Every pregnancy is different & every body is different.

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