I am worried that I may pass strep B to the baby: Advice?

I am 37 weeks pregnant and an FTM. I just found out I tested positive for Group B Strep and will be given antibiotics when I go into labor. I’m super nervous about passing it to my baby and was wondering if any other moms have experienced this, and if so, did you continue with a vaginal birth or opt for a c-section, and if you had a vaginal birth, was your baby okay? Thanks so much.


About 1/4 of women are gbs positive. As long as you get the antibiotics before delivery, it’s typically not a problem. It’s not a reason for a c-section.

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I had it with a couple of my babies and I had vaginal births with all of them. They gave the antibiotics to me during labor an none of my babies ended up getting it

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I was positive , got antibiotics while in labor baby was fine with vaginal delivery

I had it, and it didn’t pass :slightly_smiling_face: relax, I think you’ll be fine! Had vaginal still, no issues

So I had this and I was freaking out. I ended up getting induced a week early so they gave me the antibiotics right away when they started the meds. My daughter is 7 months almost 8 and a happy healthy baby girl.

I had it and went with a vaginal birth. No issues.

I was positive had antibiotics my labour was prolonged so I could get them Baby was fine.

I had it with a few of mine. You will be fine. You will be given antibiotics when you are admitted in. All mine were vaginal. Don’t be scared. You and baby will be great!

I was positive. I would have needed antibiotics but instead I wouldnt dilate and needed an emergency c section. I would have went vaginal if I could have with the antibiotics

You get antibiotic through an IV during labor that prevent you from passing it onto your baby. I had this with my recent child and she’s perfectly fine! We had a vaginal birth.

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The antibiotics will help and keep baby safe and from you passing it. Don’t stress over it

My son came before they can administer it… his white blood tested a lil high and was given some antibiotics. His levels tested normal within 48 hrs. They need atleast 4 hrs to give you the penicilyn for it and youll be fine. Baby too. I am allergic to penecylin and benedril so I was screwed either way. They still allowed me to have a vaginal birth.

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I had group b strep with my last and they didn’t even have time to give me antibiotics. But my water didn’t break tell i started pushing and I had her out within like 4 pushes so they weren’t to worried about her getting sick because of it. But as a precaution they kept me and baby for 2 days to make sure she was ok

Just did antibiotics, didn’t bother me, or my baby. no biggy, a lot of people have it and don’t pass it on.

It’s a very small risk you will pass it to baby. That’s why they give you the antibiotics it cuts the chances even lower. It is super common to have group b strep. Complications from group b are rare and seen more in premature babies.

They won’t do a csection for group b i have had 6 kids positive with all of them. 4 vaginal and 2 emergency csections and got the meds before each were delivered that were fine

You can NOT choose a C Section for GBS positive. You will be okay with just getting the antibiotics.

They give u antibiotics before delivering.

I was positive with both babies. They told me it’s not a problem as long as you go to the hospital as soon as your water breaks to get the antibiotics and had them vaginally. I got the erythromycin on their eyes to be extra safe. Both my babies are healthy.

Had a friend who had it, and she was given the option of being induced early or elective c section, as her labours were less then 2 hours, and she was an hour away from any hospital, ask your midwife what your options are, as ling as you get the antibiotics, baby will be fine.

My baby was perfectly fine. They’re really good about giving you antibiotics hourly, and they sting so you know when they’re going through your veins. Your baby will be safe. <3

I had it both my pregnancy. I would not worry about as long as you have the antibiotic everything will be fine… I was paranoid about it to I keep telling the nurses I had it until.the stuck the iv in me lol… my babys came out perfect

I had it and got the antibiotics. I still had a vaginal birth and it was never mentioned again. It’s most likely a very low chance and nothing too serious.

I was positive for it and they gave me antibiotics during labor. I had a vaginal birth and didn’t pass it to my baby.

I had the same problem and was given antibiotics my daughter was fine and very healthy

I had it with my 2nd and got antibiotics through an iv. Vaginal birth and he was perfectly fine.

My partner was positive and baby was more than fine! They started IV antibiotics before the birth for mum and bub

It’s no big deal. They give you an IV of antibiotics and it’s barely even an issue or concern.

My son came before they were able to administer all the antibiotics. We had to stay an extra day but he was fine.

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Vaginal birth and everything was fine

I tested positive for strep b with both my babies. I had vaginal births both times and both of my girls were born perfect!

I had strep b and was induced early because of pre clampsia so they had time to give the iv antibiotics all was fine

As long as you have the antibiotics drip, you’ll be fine. I have five kids…4 sections, one vaginal. Got the antibiotics everytime, they are fine!

I tested positive for it. They didn’t get me the antibiotics in time before my baby came I labored for an hour at home then went in and by the time I went in it was to late she was born 19 minutes later. I had an hour and a half labor, no meds or anything. Only thing they did differently was keep us an extra day so instead of one they kept us two to watch her and me. She’s alright though. With my first I tested negative so I didn’t have anything to worry about. You’ll be alright!!

I have 4 kids (vaginal) and I was positive once. Of course I wasnt even able to receive the antibiotics because my labor was too fast and they could not even get an iv before delivering. My baby was totally fine!
You got this, try not to worry. Easier said than done I know! I stress with each and every little thing!

I’m not sure if I had it or not for both my kids. As they were both preterm labors, so they automatically gave me the antibiotics both times & they were fine.

I actually was group B strep positive when I had my first child and we didnt know it bc they mixed me up with another woman who has the same name as me… dont know how but they did, I had bracelet on that said I was 32yrso when I wasnt even 20… well they never gave me the antibiotics during labor… my daughter got the group B strep… we both developed fevers… but she is a happy healthy mouthy almost 15yro today and had no other complications. It sucked and pissed me off bc the nurses lied to my face and told me I did get antibiotics which I have pics in the hospital that prove otherwise. You and baby should be okay

Baby will be fine as long as you take the antibiotics :slightly_smiling_face:
Speaking from experience unless you absolutely have to, don’t get a c section, it’s a difficult recovery. All recovery from birth is difficult don’t get me wrong! But getting major abdominal surgery isn’t worth it UNLESS it’s absolutely necessary.
Both my kids were c section but only cause their sweet little hearts couldn’t handle labor

I did as well and I got antibiotics during labor. No issues my baby is healthy

I had a patient that found out she was strep B positive AFTER the babies birth. She tested negative, but she somehow had it and it settled in her hip. The baby did not get it

Had it with my second and got both rounds of antibiotics. Baby was fine. It is not a reason to get a c section mama :heart:

I was positive with my son. I was induced back in December. They just had me come in the night before my induction so I could start my antibiotics. Everything was fine. He was healthy, I was healthy. Don’t stress too much about it. Ya’ll will be fine :heart:

My first daughter was taken to nicu next day after delivery i didn’t know i had it but she stayed for 2 weeks w antibiotics im pregnant again & they are going to do the same run antibiotics while in labor

You should be fine. Fairly common- and just be mindful to go in a little earlier than normal to make sure they can set up for antibiotics. Ie don’t wait until you are in pushing stages to go to hospital. Especially if a fast birther

Pretty sure they don’t let you opt for a cs, or recommend cs for being sure b positive.

You’re fine as long as you’ve had the antibiotics. I’ve given birth 5 times, I’m one of those that have have Group B every single time. Never had an issue.

Tested positive 3 out of 4 of my pregnancies and received the antibiotics, delivered vaginal and had healthy babies!

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I had it with 2 of my 4. I got antibiotics started when I got to the hospital. Everything was fine.

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I was positive got the IV antibiotics and had a successful vaginal birth

Tested negative wirh my first. Positive with my second. Had no issues with either

They don’t typically offer c sections for that. And upto 20% of women test positive and receive antibiotics. You’ll be fine.

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Had it with 3 out of my 4 kids, had iv it was fine, my kids don’t have problems

Don’t worry they will test you and if you are positive for it the will start you on antibiotics and the baby will receive treatment right after birth

I had it and was given antibiotics, had a vaginal birth and me and baby were fine. My doctor said it’s not uncommon for pregnant women to have Strep B. I had Strep B with my 1st but not my 2nd child.

I had this too And everything was okay. They started me on antibiotics when I went into labor and I delivered naturally. He was a healthy baby boy and I was great too. Don’t worry mama

The antibiotics will help keep baby safe :heart: I had it for my last two and they were perfectly fine :heart::heart:

I had it, had both kids vaginal & kids were fine. Just do antibiotics while in labor

I didn’t have an option for an alternative birth method so I’m not sure that’s how it works. I was negative first birth but I had it my last two pregnancies- had vagina births. The second time I couldn’t even get my antibiotics before birth I was giving birth like as soon as I walked into the hospital. I’m sure it’ll be fine.

I had it and had vaginal births for both my girls antibiotics kept them safe

I had it with my last baby, last August. We did antibiotics through labor, vaginal birth, and he came out 100% healthy, no complications.

I had it with my first and had a vaginal birth. They gave me antibiotics and everything was fine. Don’t worry Mama.

Just make sure you go in as soon as your waters break and make sure they give you them as soon as you arrive and when you’re in active labour

I was group B strep positive and delivered vaginally without issue.

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They will give you antibiotics and everyone will be fine.


I had strep b with my second pregnancy and I’m clear this time around it’s very common to have!

Had it with my daughter, they just hooked me up to antibiotics when I got to the hospital to have her, had a vaginal birth, she is healthy as can be (and sassy too as she’s now 3.5yo)

I had it… They will give you antibiotics to stop baby from getting it.

They don’t offer surgery for this. You are given antibiotics and they baby is monitored closely after birth

my sister tested positive and she gave birth naturally and was fine.

They also put a medicine on the baby’s eyes. I had it with my second and 4th child they gave me an antibiotic shot in the butt every hour or two with my 4th because I declined being attached to an IV…

Had Strep B with both of my kids and both of them are perfect :blush:

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I was tested and was negative then when they tested me before birth I was positive it was very scary but take the medicine and it will be fine❤

If you are able to and the baby and you are healthy and they can take preventive measures for you not to pass it on to the baby please go with your vaginal delivery. There is a lot to a C-section it’s major surgery there is a chance for more complications and their recovery hurts worse than on vaginal delivery

I was positive w my second . He came too fast for the second dose of antibiotics during labor . He was fine :woman_shrugging:t2:

It’s really quite common and nothing to really to be concerned about, but your feelings are totally valid!!


Had it with my first kid and yes they will have you go to hospital as soon as possible ( no laboring at home) so they can put you on an iv antibiotic drip. Baby was just fine. Don’t stress out about it.

I had it and had a vaginal delivery… I was told to drink a lot of cranberry juice and an IV during labour… they did have the head of peditrician there and some interns and when she came out they went to her to be checked before I could hold her… she came out fine and is now 12 years old

That is the practice. Antibiotics. I had strep baby prior to testing for it. She spent 10 days in ICU. Discuss your ongoing concerns with your OB

I had it. It’s fine, don’t stress, it very common. Iv drop of antibiotics and baby will be fine

Just make sure u dont put off going to the hospital. My doctor never told me my test was positive and it was my 3rd baby and i waited at home too long. I never got the antibiotics in time. Good luck im sure everything will be okay.

I was on iv antibiotics all through labor and delivery and we stayed for 48hrs for observation. Had no issues with a vaginal delivery except exhaustion from laboring all day.

I was positive with both pregnancy. They will give you antibiotics and make you stay an extra day. First baby was vaginal and fine, second baby was emergency section not due to that, and was fine as well.

I had it for both babies and they were both fine and I had them so fast I did not get antibiotics… the first one did have to be in the nicu for a week but nothing major, luckily. With that being said it can be very very dangerous.

I had it and it went fine, I didnt even get all of my antibiotic so I was very nervous but it was fine. I also delivered vaginal and went home the next day

I was positive with my first baby and had no issues! Just got antibiotics as soon as my water broke and everything went as planned. Well as planned as a labor can😂 but he just turned 4 and is super healthy! I actually didn’t have it with my second even though it’s extremely likely to get it again with each pregnancy if you’ve had it before.

I tested positive with my first daughter delivered vaginally she was completely fine. I tested positive again this time and plan to do the same

I had it with my youngest did antibiotics during labor and had him vaginal and he was ok

As long as you get your antibiotic baby should be fine. It’s super common.

I had it when I was pregnant, had a vaginal birth with antibiotics and my son come out just fine.

You’ll be fine. Had it with my youngest. Didn’t pass it on. That’s what the antibiotics are for. They’re prophylactic, like when someone with a heart condition takes them before going to the dentist for a routine cleaning.

I was positive for my first baby and negative for my second. Both kids are healthy and doing great! I had a vaginal delivery for both kids

I had it with both of mine, I actually did pass it to my first even though I was on the antibiotics. He had to have antibiotics and he had to stay in the hospital until he tested negative, which was only one day longer than I was in there. I didn’t pass it to my daughter though.

I was positive for it and did vaginal birth. My son came out fine

I got the antibiotics

I have had it with my youngest son, he was fine. Don’t worry mama.

My baby was okay. I tested positive and my son had to stay the extra 2 days otherwise they would have let us go after 1

I was given antibiotics both times during labour
Both are fine

I had it with my first. Its just a IV in your hand. It wasn’t a problem or in the way.

Tested positive. Given antibiotics. Baby was just fine.