I cannot get my toddlers to stay in their carseat: Advice?

I can’t get my 2 & 3 year old to stay in their car seat. She gets the top buckle off and takes her arms out so the strap is sitting under her arm pits. It’s the most frustrating thing. My 3 year old gets completely out of her car seat and next thing I know she will be standing in the middle trying to talk to me. Any advice ?

Please read your manual to your car seat and you’ll see that nothing can be added to it. It not only voids your warranty and you wouldn’t be able to blame the car seat company If your child was injured, but it puts another barrier to getting your child out of the seat in a timely manor in the event of an emergency.

I’m a car seat safety nerd… there are many groups online that can help with this :slightly_smiling_face:


They do that you pull over as soon as it’s safe to do so and you don’t move until they are back in the seat. Only had to do that to my son once when he really wanted to go to our destination when he was that age


Talk to a special needs car seat safety tech. They recommended a locking chest clip for my son when he was getting out of his seat before he was capable of understanding the severity of the issue. While some products aren’t safe, others are made for when your actual car seat isn’t protecting your young child.

It’s a phase but check Amazon to see if there’s anything to help w that on there. But this too will pass, be patient-you got this

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Turn the seatbelt around backwards that’s what my girlfriend had to do for her son

You can buy a piece that goes on buckle that she can’t get off

G Ganen Buckle Guard Preventing Children Opening Buckle in Travelling Pack of 2 https://a.co/d/0XwpTIi

Highly recommended

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I bought these for my dd that always got outta her straps :joy:

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I’d pull over and spanking them. I’m the boss of my kids they do what I say.

Following because same! My toddler started doing it at 1 1/2 when he was rear facing to turn around so he could see forward. So to try and stop him from trying to turn around I decided to turn the seat. With my older 2 boys the front facing was legal at 1 year, but in the last couple years they changed it to 2. So even though I’m technically breaking the law… it stopped him from unbuckling for a little bit. He’ll be 2 in 2 weeks and when we pulled up to daycare the other day he had the BOTTOM unbuckled. Which is difficult for me to get undone so I don’t know how the hell he managed that :sob::sob::sob: