I can't stop thinking about my ex

Loser Dad. Loser Mom.

Poor kid (or kids, can’t make enough sense of the writing to tell) don’t stand a chance.

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Oh don’t waste your time and effort put all your energy in to your son and your self husband is a bastard

  1. Child support court. 2. You don’t miss him. You miss the what might’ve beens

Hes in Australia where they are living in total lockdown so there is his karma. No freedom whatsoever

I can totally see why you want him back. :roll_eyes::woman_facepalming:


Count yourself lucky that you shed yourself of a loser.

So you miss someone that treated you like shit? Girl you need therapy

Take him to court for child support and stop crying over a loser.

I was going to comment but I don’t want Facebook to shut me down for giving you a piece of my mind.

He’s obviously a loser Appreciate what you have before you lose that too. Focus on what you’ve been blessed with don’t look back!
Enjoy your family before they’re grown and gone don’t focus on trash.

He’s a bum. Let it go. Don’t waste your time.

I’m confused on what you want our help with


This has to be a joke

What is ps4? Sorry. Don’t get it.

Love yourself and walk away

Get so over him, he’s a bum

And the question is ??..

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Way to long to read, but good luck.

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just go bang a bunch of randoms and get over it

Forget him he’s a loser

Time to get mental help, seriously

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Hi I am a relationship coach I can help you to with this. For more info DM me.

You call that a life you deserve better

Wow… I feel sorry for you

I guess we will go to Outback Steakhouse in Crystal Lake. I will let you know for sure.

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Welcome to the twin flame journey

Girl, what? Why would you go after a guy who clearly doesn’t want you? It’s plain and simple, know your freaking worth. I bet your new man treats you well, hopefully. Chasing after him just shows how desperate you are and that ain’t good. Focus on your new fam, your kids and you def should move on. PERIODT.


We met up, I got pregnant by the other guy real fast….I would say you deserve nothing from your ex,especially another chance….cheater

You’re mooning over such a loser. You must only want what’s not good for you.

When you think about him, wish him well in your mind. Loving and missing someone doesn’t require us to act, that’s a choice. Also, have some self respect, stop.

No you don’t want him back sorry you moved way to fast .thinking another man can give your something you wasn’t willing to work on with your first he has moved on birth control is very effective try using it while you try to figure you and children’s future


He sounds like a loser. Hes probly living off some other woman by now. I know its hard bit I think you have to move on. You deserve so much better than him. You have to raise your expectations and demand respect. You deserve it and your children deserve it.

Your priorities are a mess. First of all have respect for yourself. Stop thinking of only yourself. Get on good birth control.
Go to counseling. Take good care of yourself both mentally and physically.
Second, once you do that, you can be a good mama and set a good example for your children. Show them that their mom is strong and
Loves them without fail.
Third, get legal help. There must be a way for you to get child support.
Be a good person. Treat others with kindness and compassion. It comes back in many ways.

Sounds like he just wanted you around d at the end to play momma to him and your son. I’d stay with the nice guy u met. They are hard to come by these days. You deserve better than a lazy ass dude.

As the saying goes. Where you absent the day God gave out brain’s?

Go to court, suck it up & get an education

What??? You make no sense

He’s a loser. He hasn’t helped you all this time, he’s never going to. Stop wasting your time because you have a child to raise. Move on sister. The future is now.

I’d suggest you work on yourself first. Perhaps get a further education and get a therapist. Find out why you’re attracted to a looser.

He is narcissistic , they can only relate to themselves

You are idealizing your relationship with him. He is a jerk, and you know it. move on.

forget him he is not worth it