I could really use some help please anyone!

I was wondering if you could post a question for me… I’m from Louisiana tangipahoa parish to be exact where we were hit hard by hurricane ida… My son plays football for our local team but due to damage to our home we have been misplaced and I had to go into my savings to get a hotel and food and everything. Well my sons school fees and sports fees are due but since ive had to go into savings there is no way I would be able to pay it due Thursday… So I was wondering if anybody could help us so that my baby can have some kind of normalcy at the moment is there anyway anybody woukd be able to help me out with it? I would truly appreciate it and i would never do this i jusy dont have any other option at the moment and i just dont want yo have to break my babies heart by telling him we cant afford it… Thank you so much!!! If at all possible my cash app is $jessilyn215

Have you considered setting up a gofundme. Things like a hurricane or life altering event I’ve seen ppl get Yelp on there. Good luck

I thought about it but we really only need 200 and I didnt want to make people feel obligated to do it… I never do this kind of stuff but I just cant have to tell my son that on top of everything we are going thru that he cant do the one thing that makes him happy and could possibly take his mind off of everything hes already going thru… But thank you so much!!!