I didn't know i was pregnant and have been drinking during pregnancy. How risky is that?

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…very risky…


It’s very risky but now you know.

Depends on how far along you are if it’s the beginning then stop and make sure u do all ur check ups and etc and take ur vitamins but if it’s late late it’s so risky and I pray you guys stay healthy and deliver a beautiful healthy baby :two_hearts:


Try not to worry too much and do what you can now. Talk to your doctor at your next/first visit.

I’ve watched a bunch of ‘I didn’t know I was pregnant’ episodes and it happens more often then you think. Obviously not something you want to do if you can help it but you can’t go back in time and change things. Let your ob know so they can keep a close eye on babies development. Try not to stress too much since it is out of your control and stress isn’t good for baby either. Congrats! :blush:


To be completely honest, I drank quiet a bit and I’m pretty sure I had alcohol poisoning at one point. Didn’t find out I was pregnant until 5 months and my son is 100% healthy. Not sure if I got lucky or what it truly causes but

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I got pregnant in June, found out in August and I was drunk allll of July
It’s always risky but my baby is shining and thriving.
Stop now, talk with your OB, and just take a breath


When I was told I lost my daughter I got very drunk for a week straight and was so depressed. Come to find out the dr was wrong and my daughter was 100% alive and well. I told my dr and she just monitored her for a a couple months and she was totally fine.


I didn’t find out I was pregnant until 2 months in and had been drinking up till then. Be honest with your doctors about any concerns you have but if it’s early on try not to worry too much.

I drank with my first pregnancy because I had no idea and my baby was healthy. 5 weeks early but went home after 2 days and did really good but I was young also.

I didn’t know I was pregnant until I was 5 months, drank and smoked cigs, my daughter is perfect and smart as anything. Now that you know, stop, but dont stress too much about it momma

I got drunk the night before I tested positive and killed myself with stress and guilt over it. She’s a happy, healthy 3.5 year old now. If you didn’t know, you didn’t know. Now you do, so you can stop. Hugs :black_heart:

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I’d look into how heavy you were drinking. If u were drinking heavily daily it could cause a sudden detox and cause a miscarriage. I’d contact an obg first thing.

You’ll be fine, baby will be fine. Just stop drinking now. I didn’t know I was at first. How far long are you? If you’re at the beginning and not like months in. I know around a month and half I was and didn’t know. If further along then make sure you let your doctor know.

Just avoid taking alcohol moving forward. Check with your OB about the risks because every pregnancy is different.

My son is 12 and fine :grimacing:

Please read up on “Fetal Alcohol Syndrome”.
How much did you drink and for how long during the time you didn’t know you were pregnant?
Please do stop now. All the best on you pregnancy and congratulations!

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I didn’t know I was pregnant with one of my children until almost 4 1/2 months along “I have always missed periods my entire life” and drank. Baby/ now child is perfect … be honest with your doctor I feel it happens more often then people admit or think. Try not to stress as that can cause issues too :heart::heart:


Depends on over all health, how much you’re drinking, how often, and how far along you are.
I’ve heard of a lot of people actively drinking while pregnant and having healthy babies (but like a glass of wine here and there)

Millions of ladies have drank in the beginning because they did not know they were pregnant and the babies are fine. It’s if you constantly drink, especially the last two trimesters. Some docs recommend a glass or red wine while pregnant.

I got really drunk about 2 weekends before I found out I was pregnant and I would have been 3 weeks pregnant. I stopped after that completely. I felt AWFUL but bub was fine.

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I was drinking a lot in the first 6 weeks , (didn’t know I was pregnant either) and I mean a lot like bottle or two of smirnoff a couple nights a week and once I found out I stopped and my boy was 100 percent healthy. If you catch it early and stop it should be okay just monitor and keep up with doc appointment. There is risks with FASD but thats usually with heavy and prolonged drinking. Really just depends how far long you are, how much and what you drank etc.

I was drinking and smoking weed both times like a week before to several weeks before I found out i was pregnant each time. It happens,but it won’t hurt the baby unless you keep on with it the rest of the time. During the beginning it happens and even your dr will tell you you’ll be fine and so will the baby.

My mother drank with me. I was born with fetal alcohol syndrome. I have learning disabilities and some other health issues as a result.
Depends on how much, how long, over all health.


My dr told me I could have an occasional drink. I think as long as you’re not getting plastered every night you and baby will be fine. Definitely talk to your dr though

No amount of alcohol isn’t good but hopefully everything is ok

I drank often with friends and found out I was 8 weeks pregnant. My baby girl is perfectly healthy. I would just stop now that you know, take prenatal and I can assure you your baby will be fine!

I didn’t know I was pregnant and drank ended up having a miscarriage as I didn’t know didnt find out I was pregnant until I was having a miscarriage x


I was actually drunk when my sister made me take my first childs pregnancy test. I cried and cried. I was 6 weeks along and didnt think I would be pregnant. My 3 year old is healthy as ever now! :heart: just be truthful with doctor and everything will turn out.

Your baby should be fine. Just make sure you quit now and don’t beat yourself up about it

FASDs, describes a broad group of conditions that an individual can have as a result of prenatal alcohol exposure. Alcohol alters the development of the brain and many other body organs of the developing fetus. People with FASDs show a combination of physical, emotional, behavioral, and learning issues that range from mild to severe. Each person with an FASD has their own unique combination of signs and symptoms.unfortunately there is no point during pregnancy when drinking alcohol is considered safe. Adverse effects from alcohol can happen at the earliest stages of pregnancy to the developing fetal brain, even before a woman realizes she’s pregnant. Because different aspects of the child are developing at all stages of pregnancy, alcohol’s effects on a developing baby can result from alcohol use at any point during pregnancy. Alcohol is a known neurotoxin, so since the brain develops throughout pregnancy, the developing brain and nervous system are always at risk., because every pregnancy is different. Which babies will be affected from prenatal alcohol exposure varies based on genetics, nutrition, environmental factors, and other exposures like cigarette smoking. It is hard to predict which babies will be affected and how severely they will be affected from prenatal exposure to alcohol. Discuss your FASD concerns with your child’s health care provider and be sure to tell to be honest about your alcohol usage. There is no blame or judgement.
Diagnosing FASDs can be difficult because, there is no single or simple test that can cover the broad range of FASD signs and symptoms. A pediatric medical home provider and/or other pediatric or developmental specialists usually make the FASD diagnosis after one or more appropriate evaluations. Be sure to ask your child’s pediatrician if you are worried he or she may have an FASD and need further evaluation.

Certain physical findings, developmental problems, behavioral concerns, or school failure should trigger the parents and the pediatric medical home to consider FASDs as potential diagnoses. Children with an FASD can have brain abnormalities that lead to problems in day-to-day functioning despite having a normal IQ, so a comprehensive evaluation is indicated.


Please read up on fetal alcohol syndrome. Please stop now. Be very honest with you OB.


It really depends. How much? How often? What kind of alcohol? How far along are you? Do you have any health conditions that already would effect the pregnancy?

I had two drinks within the first few weeks, as I didn’t find out I was pregnant until I was about 9 weeks. My son is perfectly healthy and I had no issues. Not saying this to encourage you to continue, just saying it could be just fine, situation depending.

Stop drinking now that you know, for sure, and just express your concerns to your doctor when you see them. They’ll be able to tell you more than random people on FB could.

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If you are still in early stages you will be fine

I found out a was pregnant 2 days after my 21st birthday. I couldnt stop throwing up and thought it was a bad hangover. The doctor said i was so early it would be fine. She came out 100% healthy. Althought in my heart i still feel horrible about it.

It depends on a lot…are u a drunk?? Then I would suggest not quieting cold Turkey as it will harm both u and fetus seek medical attention!!! As the scary fetal alcohol syndrome post above states any alcohol at any point can potentially cause a prob… one drink fine anything more u need to tell ur doc!

I didnt know i was pregnant for 5 months and got drunk on my 21st birthday right before I found out I was 5 months pregnant with a boy. I also drank a monster every day. But as soon as I found out I was pregnant they put me at a high risk obgyn just in case but he was perfectly fine.

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Depends on how much how often and how far along you are.

I drank without knowing I was pregnant for the first month when I was pregnant with my son. (quit after I found out). hrs totally ok!

You will be ok. Alot of people drank then found out they were pregnant. Just don’t do it anymore and that’s the best you can do. Congratulations in your baby coming!

Idk if you’ve watched ‘I didn’t know i was pregnant’ but a lot of them drank and smoked and had a healthy baby. Obviously don’t drink if you know you’re pregnant, but if you didn’t know you can’t stress about it. Just continue the rest of your pregnancy and be safe. Let your dr know you were drinking.

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My doctor told me it didn’t matter in the first few weeks I was drunk for a solid month before I found i was pregant drinking every night and she’s beyond intelligent my daughter is ahead of a lot of kids her age . DT told me at that age it wouldn’t have affected much as we found out at 8 weeks and if I was going to miscarriage it would be on the drinking but just to stop going forward.

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Know that feeling just tell your midwife your concerns I did the same and my boy was fine

I drunk throughout all my pregnancies and nothing happened, they were all healthy and big babies, ranging from 7lbs 8oz to 9lbs 14oz.


I drank the first month of pregnancy (borderline alcoholic amounts) because I didn’t know I was pregnant. I stopped as soon as I found out. My son is about to be 7, no major health issues.

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Per my dr: there’s nothing we can do and to not worry, it honestly won’t affect the baby in the early, early stages (5 weeks and under)

My mother, all my aunts drank while pregnant. Even after they knew. None of us are worse for wear and I am talking dozens of cousins. But like all things it was done in moderation. They smoked, they drank beer, and they did all kinds of things that is now advised against.

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I found out I was pregnant at 7 months along & semi-regularly drank socially throughout the pregnancy (up until I found out- I completely stopped the minute I found out). He was perfectly healthy, happy, and he’s 4 now :purple_heart:

I didn’t know i was pregnant for almost 6 months and did a lot of stuff like that…my oldest is perfectly healthy. However when you go for your first appointment be completely honest and they can give you factual information

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If you aren’t very far along, and don’t drink often or heavy, you should be okay if you just quit now. But be fully honest with your dr about it, so they know what the potential risks are.

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I think you should be okay if you stop now. My pregnancy is what got me sober!

I drank regular in first 2 months cos that’s how far on I was when I found out also smoked , everything was fine and he was a healthy 8lbs 3oz , that was 28 year ago !!!

Long story short… uhhh pretty fucking risky pal

From what I’ve heard it’s different with every woman. Some women can drink a lot and their babies are totally fine, while other women can drink just a little bit and have their baby end up with fetal alcohol syndrome. You just honestly never know. My suggestion would be to get to an OBGYN A.S.A.P. and be 100% honest with them.

Not too much of a threat in early pregnancy

I drank and didn’t know til I was 6 weeks. Got a tattoo as well. My son is fine. Just don’t drink anymore.

My friend was the same her baby came out fine. She did stop tho.

I drank until 3.5 months pregnant. My baby was fine.
however, just because some babies are okay doesn’t mean others will be. Some babies are exposed to a tiny amount of alcohol and come out with F.A.S

I didn’t know until between 3-4 months along. Closer to 4. I’ve never had regular periods. I was terrified because I had been drinking. My daughter is so amazing and smart. Totally normal.

Alcohol is Dangerous
Growth and central nervous system problems (e.g., low birthweight, behavioral problems) can occur from drinking alcohol anytime during pregnancy. The baby’s brain is developing throughout pregnancy and can be affected by exposure to alcohol at any time.