I feel like my spouse is a mamas boy: Advice?re

I need advise on the following situation. I have been with the father of my child for 8 years and she is 6 years old. And we’ve lived with his parents up until two years ago. Things have taken the wrong turn in our relationship lately. (a little background story) He was incarcerated from when he was 17- 23 years old, upon being released, his mother used to do absolutely everything for him, wash clothes, fold, put away, clean his room, cook etc. Until I came along of course and now we have our own home and it’s just the three of us. Well the issue I’m having is, when ever his parents call he drops OUR plans and runs to them. It’s NON emergency of course! At first I didn’t mind because those are his parents I get it. But recently it’s just too much for me to handle. On our daughter’s birthday, his parents called because they needed “help” with something and he literally left us, left me handling all the party set up on my own and did not show up until 2 hours later. I’ve tried to communicate with him and express how I feel that he’s got a family of his own now to take care of. But it turns into an argument every time, in his words “I will always be there when my parents need me no matter what”. I just really feel like he’s too much of a “mommas boy” (he’s 34 years old). My question is, do I keep trying to save this relationship or do I just give up and accept that we come second in his life. Any help is appreciated!