I feel liky my hip keeps popping out of place: Advice?

I’m 37 weeks, and lately, I’ve been feeling like my left hip is popping out of place when I walk. Kinda like a doll when you pull out the leg. It mainly happens at night. Anyone else ever feels like that any tips on how to ease the pain?


This happens to me all the time. It’s actually happened when I was holding my one year old, stupid hip popped out of the socket and I couldn’t grab onto anything and boy I hit that floor hard clinging to my one year old so he wouldn’t get hurt. I’m 29 weeks pregnant with our 4th. I know your bones loosen up to prepare for your growing baby and the birth so that’s what I think is going on.

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Haha I’m 37 weeks and just said it feels like my legs are dislocated! It’s everything getting ready and the loosening of joints.

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It sucks but it’s your joints and ligaments relaxing in preparation for the big day. Nothing more fun than walking and your leg randomly gives out constantly on one side or the other. :pensive:


Glad I dont remember those days

Back or pelvis is prob out of place…go see a chiropractor! I have been going since I was 28. Once a month…luv it and I feel great :wink:

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I had the same thing happen and the following week my daughter was born. It’s just your baby dropping and setting into position.

My daughter is almost 12 and my hips have done it since before she was born… currently 19 weeks pregnant and with my luck they will no longer be connected by time this baby girl is born… lol

Go see a physical therapist that is a pelvic floor specialist, I work with a few and they are amazing! They help women during all stages of pregnancy

It’s normal. And it hurts. But there’s really nothing you can do. I suggest Tylenol, hot baths and heating pad.


I went through this through half my pregnancy. Mine went away as soon as I had my son.

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I’ve been told that they are called spreading pains. It’s your pelvic bones spreading some to let the baby threw. They are normal. Had them when I was pregnant for my first.


Mention sciatica to your doctor, I ended up with it after having my son.

I would consult a chiropractor sometimes heat makes things worse when what we actually need is a cold compress. Have a consultation to figure out what’s safe for you and baby that could give you some relief

I had this with my second baby I was told nothing can be done it’s just something that can happen in pregnancy, mine went away when I gave birth though .

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Pretty normal at the end of pregnancy. There’s not really much you can do. Still talk to your doctor about it perhaps they have some suggestions on management if the pain is too much to bear.

Uhhh I had this and my hip was dislocated. Talk to your doctor is my advice

I had this with all three of mine. I tried to baby that side by not laying on it etc and then I just got it in both sides so don’t do that. If I remember heat made it worse but it’s been a long time.

I still have it, after my first(she’s 7 now). One of my joint didn’t fully connect after giving birth. So even now it sometimes pops in and out. Certain days it really hurts, others my leg goes numb. I went to a chiropractor and he says my body has heeled around it so it would do more damage now to try to fix it. I should of fixed it right after giving birth. I just had my third baby and I’m going to a chiropractor for some post natal adjustments, I’ve learned my lesson.

Its normal but can lead to problems in some women after birth. Make sure you tell everyone you’re involved with medical wise.