I feel overwhelmed by motherhood: Has anyone felt like this before?

I have three kids and just found out that I am pregnant again. As happy as I am about the thought of having another child, I cannot help but feel overwhelmed. I do everything on my own. My husband works 12 hour days. I feel like I have no one to talk to about this because everyone just tells me, “this is what happens when you have sex” or “you made your bed now lie in it”. I am handling things on my own, but people make me feel weak for needing help or feeling overwhelmed. Has anyone ever felt like this?


Every mom since we started having babies


I’m in the same boat and I can honestly say it’s overwhelming motherhood is. The thought of four kids scares me because everything runs through your head like will I cope or how will I do it but honestly your stronger then you think being a mom makes us question ourselves every day but the inner strength we have is unreal x


Yes. You have to pray first,then figure out a schedule that allows nap time and down time for you. Congratulations on your upcoming bundle of joy. Try not to stress too much. It’ll work out. I know. Hope this helps

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I’m in the same boat but with twins on the way so I’ll have 5 kids and atm I’m in a different country with non of my own family around and I’ve tried talking to my partner about it and get nothing and I’ve tried to talk to his family and they just call me lazy because as a mother it’s my job to have everything together … but honestly us mother do have it we are strong and you got this just do things at your own pace if there are days when it just seems to much just dont do it and to be honest it’s ok to have a cry if that helps … you got this

You’re not weak for wanting help…kids are hard. If you can afford help then great…get some. If you can’t, though, then one has to wonder what choice you really have now except to try to give yourself some time to recharge and deal with it. You know you’re on your own and that your husband is always working. Only you know if you have the flexibility for him to work less and help out more. If not, then you have to bide your time until some of them go off to school…

Been there, it might gonna sound stupid but when i was in that situation i started watching this stupid tv shows like 90 days fiance, love at the first sight, something about a island, etc, it makes me realized that I’m in a better, so much better position in life, watching all this stupid people unhappy for no reason and making the most stupid decisions ever, it really makes me feel good and it helps me somehow listen adults talking not just cartoons…

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I had 4 kids and loved every moment. I took an hour to myself for massages once a month and had date night once a month. Lol I got my hair done like once a year but that massage was so worth it.

I am a single mom of a 12 year old daughter, and due any time now. My kids are spread out, and this child I am pregnant with, I ended up pregnant the day before I left the father and the 3 year relationship we had. I have no family near me, lost my mom Jan 26th last year, my sister 10 years ago and my dad still lives in FL where him and my mom moved to retire. I don’t have 3/4 kids, but yes I feel like all moms feel like that. I am blessed to have my best friend who lives 2 miles away, and that my daughter is 12, yet I understand the struggle

Get help One day a week! Even if it’s just long enough to go grocery shopping by yourself! Every parent needs a break. Maybe your mom, friend or sitter can help. Just get a Starbucks and buy the groceries BY YOURSELF! Even if it’s on the husbands day off; so he can parent while you are gone. It won’t always be like this. Hang in there. :two_hearts::two_hearts:

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Motherhood is so WONDERFUL but Motherhood is also OVERWHELMING at times. Maybe you should set a day aside just for you. You got this mama you’ll get through this and look back like all those overwhelming days were so worth it


Hi, I had 4 kids under 9 (now adults) it can be overwhelming and it’s okay to feel that way, it’s not a sing if weakness!
What help me was having a roster of jobs for the week, I split the tasks over 5 days (Mon - Fri) I only did absolute essentials on a weekend - the roster included coffee catch up with friends and play dates - I hope this is helpful

I have 6 children I raised mostly alone their dad worked out of town most of the time can only remember being so tired a few times and crying a very few times I let the tension go would go to bed and be fine wouldn’t change it for the world ther were days I had as many as13 neighbors kids but the difference was they played outside

Try to see if there’s mom n kids groups where you can interact with others in the same area as you’re going through? When my kids were younger there was a mom s group 2 monthly met childcare for n crafts n they all brought little snacks n hour r two moms had childcare n were able to talk snack n do quick crafts??

Absolutely. Four kids (now grown) but at the time it was hard because my husband was always at work and we moved so often that I didn’t ever have time to make friends or be near family. It’s hard, but also worth it.

You screwed yourself by not using birth control and you want people to feel sorry for you?? Wow.


Every single day. I’m still overwhelmed by it and yet I managed to raise a couple of kids to adulthood and they don’t seem to be worse for wear.

Cherryl Caimbridge u can definitely relate

Motherhood can be overwhelming at times but its true of What they said this is what happens when you have sex you get pregnant even on birth control it could happen. I don’t feel sorry for you but I can understand at the same time you need time to yourself to feel like an adult to feel like your own person. Have someone watch your kids every once in a while and go on a date with your hubby or go hang out with friends and watch movie or when you put the kids to bed have a little me time light some candles and take a bubble bath with meditation music I would say have yourself a glass of wine or toke but your pregnant again soo that’s a no lol. Still express how you feel to your husband and talk it out with him. He’s with you for a reason he married you he loves you maybe he doesn’t even know how you feel open up to him. Communication is key!

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I mean if you were feeling overwhelmed before this pregnancy why add another into the mix?you going to be more overwhelmed after this one.

Same boat here, love. I just treat the house work as a job and try to soak up my kids as much as I can. Feel better :heart:

Everything happens for a reason… you got this mama…

You need a best girlfriend and a retired grandmother like friend.

The internet is not a therapist, get a therapist. Then get a plan with your obgyn and stick to it on how to keep this from happening again.

Wow, some of y’all are so mean. She asked if anyone felt like this. Yes, as Moms we have all felt like this. I raised three and my husband used to work 12-14 hours a day. That’s how we chose to raise our kids. It’s tough! Anyway, I used to get up an hour before they all did for a little quiet before the storm and I always put them to bed by nine. After nine it was my time. Depending on how old they are maybe give them coloring books so you can just relax for a bit, or take a walk if it’s nice. Also, do shopping when husband is home just to get away. You’ll get through it.

I had five kids and like you no support. We just find the strength to get through. Your hubby needs to help as much as he can. You didn’t get pregnant alone. Even if he does the weekends to give you some space to re charge…
Its hard and tiring but you will be ok …

It’s tough being a mother… especially when other people are rude and unsupportive… you are NOT weak for needing help or being overwhelmed… we all need help. Ask a day or two in advance I’m learning makes it easier for others to be helpful… they all have lives too.


Get a part time nanny so u have have some “me” time

I wouldn’t care if my husband works 12 hours a day. He has to help you. They’re not just your kids.

I also have 4 kids. The oldest is 13 years old and the youngest is 3 months. It’s ok to feel overwhelmed. I am too. I feel ok most days but today I had a breakdown

When I learned about my 4th, I wanted to give her up because I’d had enough. I didn’t though.
Feel how you need to feel for as long as you need to, and do what you feel is best for your family.

I think majority of Mums have had these moments. It’s a huge task being totally responsible for little humans! It gets damn lonely and overwhelming at times. Hang in there!
Advice from a Grandmother now…don’t beat yourself up for having these moments. It’s normal. You’re doing the best you can. These feelings will pass and one day you will look back at your grown, adult children and know that you did a good job.
Hugs to you :heart:

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Hugs momma it’s ok to be overwhelmed and it’s ok to ask for help! Being a mom is hard and you shouldn’t have to feel like your feelings don’t matter :heart:


We all feel like this. You’re human and you are more than just a mother. Anyone being negative doesn’t need to be around. Try to make time to pamper yourself have a day for you and your friends. Even if it’s once a month! You have to take care of you to take better care of your children.


You are not alone. I just had my 4th a month ago and it gives me anxiety that my husband goes back to work next week and I have to do everything myself. It was stressful before with 2 kids online and my 3 year old. I usually have help but with covid I have to manage. It helps to get even 2 min of breathing in a quiet place. It feels super overwhelming. Hang in there

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Having 4 kids can be rough. Very rough. I would say start a routine and keep it. Print plaster it everyone ROUTINE. Have older kids start helping with one household chore.
When I was pregnant with my forth my older kids learned to do laundry- wash and dry helped so much.
I also got my tubes tied with my last- best thing ever!
Good luck!

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Hell yes every single day. I am a bio mom to 2 and bonus mom to 3 all girls ranging from 18 to 8. You are not weak you are tired you are worn down and for gods sakes we all know you aren’t taking care of yourself like you should, none of us are but you are validated in how you feel. Motherhood is overwhelming and one of the most rewarding jobs I have ever had I go on no sleep and then make myself sick being tired because the kids or husband need something, but when they are at the top and feeling great I know i gave my all in hopes they feel more than I did when I was younger. Please feel free to post more here tell it how it is open up vent and for gods sake go get a foot rub and when you are able a bottle of wine and have a little you time. YOU DESERVE IT!!

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I have 4 kids close in age and I work fulltime and a single mommy u got this

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The worst thing you can hear when you are trying to reach out for help is " well, you wanted kids" or insert some other disheartening and cruel comment. Yes I wanted/ want my kids, but a date night once a month or some time to be someone other than a mom is needed for your sanity. It doesn’t mean you don’t love and devote yourself to your family, it just means you are human.


I only have 2 and I feel like this often. Its normal but I bet your doing better than you ever thought you could even if you don’t know it.

Trust me I’m in same boat, in my relationship he came with a child, i came with two, we had one 7 months ago and I’m 10 weeks pregnant now. My mom supports me and doesn’t say anything negative but other people have been negative towards me saying the same thing. We were in complete shock when we found out i was pregnant again. But the way i see it, God has a purpose and you are meant to be a mommy of four babies and that’s okay. Dont listen to the negativity. Everything happens for a reason and at the end of the day you are blessed! Keep going mama the babies are watching and love you!!!


I have 5 kids youngest is 8 I still have those crappy days it’s tough chicky you’ll get thru it

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You need some new friends if that’s what being said to you WOW go online & find a moms group it’s a great outlet for support

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I have two kids and I feel like this quite frequently. People are so quick to judge. Each child is different and we are all in different situations. Some people have easy children and lots of support so their lives don’t change much. Some have no support. Pregnancy on its own can be exhausting and having a hubby who works so much means you are having to do most of it on your own. I hope someone in your life will give you a hand. Bless you and your growing family.

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If you can’t count on friends or family for help then hire some help.

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It’s definitely overwhelming. The more I had, the less help I got lol. No one wants to babysit 4 kids. As they get older the needs change and you will have adult conversation again. Hang in there. :heart:

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If a mom says she never feels overwhelmed then one of two things is going on 1) she is lying or 2)she has access to very good drugs, either prescription or thru self medicating.
I have 7 kids and I’m pregnant with our 8th. We wanted a big family and love having a big family. But I do feel very overwhelmed at times, especially when I am pregnant. Something about being pregnant and the hormone changes and everything… just adds to things and makes it easy to get overwhelmed by even the littlest of things. You’re human. Just because you choose to have children doesn’t mean you’re not allowed to ask for help or for time away from your children. Humans have needs, being mothers or not. If those around you can’t comprehend that, then you need to change who’s around you. My ex husbands sister has been an amazing help to me over the years, even though I’m not with her brother anymore and only 3 of my children are his. She still considers all my kids her nieces and nephews and if I call her, she will generally try to help. If I call my Ma (grandma), she will also help sometimes (usually for work related things, but still). I also have a good friend (I call him my cousin, because to me and the kids he is family and he’s always been there for us) that will always come over and help whenever he’s able to also. A lot of the “family” I depend on, isn’t actually biologically family. They’re friends that I know I can count on. You need to find some of those friends too, and cling to them with everything you have. Do exchanges too, you watch their kids so they can get a break, and then they watch yours so you can get a break. I love kid exchanges lol and the kids love it too!


I have 9 kids. Its almost a daily feeling. My fiance works 12-13hr days swing shifts. So 2wks he does overnights gone from 4pm till 6-630am and 2 wks days he is gone from 4am till 6-7pm. It sucks honestly…i moved states away from my family and friends so i literally know no one here.

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I’ve been a mom for 30 years… My oldest is 30 and youngest is 14… I still get overwhelmed… But just keep your kid alive… Give them food and water… Hugs and kisses… Days will get easier…

I have and we plan for another soon and just thinking about it. Scares me because of this.

I think all moms have felt like this at some point. Don’t let anyone tell you to suck it up. You’re a mom but you’re still human. You need to try to get out once in a while, even if it’s just lunch with a friend. I have taught my children that as much as I love spending time with them, I require time by myself. I’ll have them go play video games for an hour while I eat I’m bed. I’m currently 9months pregnant with my 3rd so I understand where you’re coming from. My point in this is simply, take care of you so you can take care of them.

Almost every Mom feels that way at some point. Raising kids is hard. Make time for yourself. Little things can help a lot. Date night. Coffee or drinks with friends. Just going for a drive.

Having one kid can feel overwhelming, so 3 littles & being pregnant? You are definitely entitled to feel overwhelmed. I salute you.

Build your village to help you. Find babysitters in the neighborhood, church, family, neighborhood bulletin boards (physical and online ones), friends, family, and ask for recommendations from everyone. Having a helping hand or two so you can grocery shop or just pee by yourself can be wonderful.

You can’t pour from an empty pitcher, so schedule time for you and for just you & your man. With 4 kids you may need 2 babysitters at a time. Two teens who are friends could work well. I had two rambunctious kids and one neighbor girl would wrangle the one and the other neighbor girl would take the other.

Talk to other adults on the phone for 15-20 minutes while you are doing something fairly mindless, or read or work crossword puzzles while supervising homework so you get some adult mental stimulation.

Enlist the kids to help with chores (age2-3 seems when they enjoy imitating you the most). Loading unbreakable items in the dishwasher, washing machine or dryer, dusting, helping push the vacuum, folding washcloths and matching socks, stirring, pouring, pushing buttons on kitchen appliances, etc. Check FlavCity recipe videos for how to include little ones in cooking. Kids get a sense of accomplishment and eventually are ready to be responsible adults. Stickers on a chore chart can be reward in itself or you can give prizes for weekly accomplishments.

Make sure dad helps in some ways too. Bath & story time, supervising kids to have their dirty clothes in a hamper, clean clothes in bins or on shelves and toys put away in toy boxes at the end of the day (with appropriate chore chart stickers for good work).

I’d say have a glass of wine, but you’re pregnant, so make it grape juice. And once this one is born, use birth control consistently so you’re not surprised again.

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Omg I am going threw the same thing but im having my 3rd! With everything going on, homeschooling and taking care of a 3 year old. Im overwhelmed as well. You got this mama, Even when it seems impossible. Yo will be able to handle whatever is thrown at you xx

Depending on how you feel and if you can afford it see if you can afford to have help either in home or have one day a week where the older ones (or all 3) go to a daycare!

I had my 3rd 4 months ago. I also have a 5 yr old and a 1 1/2 yr old. My 3rd was much sooner than we planned and I was completely caught off guard, overwhelmed, stressed, sad, happy, every other emotion I could have felt, I did. It was a rough start but once she was born I fell into it just like I did my other 2. There are very rough days but there are also beautiful days. You will get through and just know its OK to have rough ones.

Everyone needs help at some point. Don’t never let anyone make you feel like a lesser person. Keep your head up your doing a great job

Most days and people who say they don’t, are liars!:woman_shrugging:t2:

Whoever is telling you that is wrong. It is absolutely okay to admit to feeling overwhelmed. Reaching out for help if you need it is the best thing you can do for yourself and your kids. If you can’t find support from your family or friends, talk to your doctor- he or she will listen and direct you toward the support you need.

Unfortunately, I have learned that the words from others like, " if you ever need help, let me know" or the “why didn’t you just ask me for help, after the fact” is all words!! It is only a very small amount of people who actually mean it!! Lol so yes, I have!! All I can tell you is, do the best you can, and take at least a few hours a week for you!! Even if it’s late night grocery shopping, a walk in your own back yard, especially when you are feeling overwhelmed!! And BTW, no shaming but get those tubes tied :purple_heart:

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I’m a single mom of two, one with anxiety and mental issues. I can completely understand. I hate hearing you made them, u decided to have kids. But I didn’t decide to be a single mom

Girl I just want to hug you and tell you, your not alone sit with you to see I’m not the only one. It’s not easy but we manage which makes us stronger. I have a 3 month and a 6 yr and 8 yr with remote learning. Full time as medical assistant and a husband who works 3rd shift who works 12-15 hours. But don’t regret any of my kids what doesn’t break us makes us stronger.

It takes a village to raise a child it’s never easy

every mother i’ve ever known has felt this way at one point. it’s a sign that you care. keep the faith and find your happiness in your family, you’re so blessed to have one. your day will come i just know it

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I have 2 I do it pretty much alone…I am severely overwhelmed…I don’t feel ashamed…both of my kids are strong willed, and lawd do they dry hump my last nerve…
Take time for YOU…even if it’s something small…
I’m sorry :disappointed:

No one should treat you that way ! Many congratulations on your new pregnancy . Trust me , once you have 3 you are outnumbered . So , four will be a breeze . Yes, it will be overwhelming but realization that things may not always get done when you want it done will set in . You will lower your expectations of yourself and enjoy time with your babies ! One day you’ll be like me and wish they were babies all over again . I promise !

We all have felt like this at one time its ok … Raising kids aren’t easy at all especially when your on your own …but your gonna have to make time for yourself u deserve it

I have 4 and go through this. My husband also works 12 hour shifts. It’s so hard for me to have friends because my kids are 9, 3, and 18 month old twins. Everyday I wake up early to have my me time. It’s a must I have my planner make my list of stuff to do, drink some coffee, and do this thing with the best attitude possible. I have very little help, my only friend lives almost 2 hours away, and all my family works full time jobs. You can do it. Is it easy?..No. I don’t rely on other’s because we’ll there’s no one there. Once a week I go grocery shopping alone I get curbside pickup but still take the same amount of time to shop because I need me time. One thing is you need quiet time so if you gotta wake up at 5 am to enjoy a movie, or read a book, do it.

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I feel you and I only have two :revolving_hearts::sweat::blush:🥲

first of all, mom of 3??? you are fucking superhuman! I applaud you for what you’re doing!
that being said, I always wanted a bunch of kids. I lost four before I had my daughter and although my family was against it, I chose to keep her because she was my miracle. I’ve been 100% alone in raising her and it has been no easy feat, so I understand your feelings to a degree. I decided no more kids (if I were able to have any more) because of how difficult it can be raising a child alone. but EVERY SINGLE TIME I even so much as start to talk about my frustrations or difficulties, it’s always “well you wanted to be a mom. this is what it’s like being a mom. you signed up for it. kids aren’t that bad. raising kids is easy.” and every other line in the book. it made me feel like complete shit and like a crappy mom. but then I reminded myself of all the things I do that make me an amazing mom, and how strong I am for doing this. you should remind yourself too. you’re a freaking badass! don’t EVER let anyone make you feel bad for being human, or being a mom. we’re all tired! we’re all overwhelmed! we all just want a break sometimes! and it’s OK to feel that way

Everyday! I have three children, and my husband works long hours. I work a full time job but still do 90% of the parenting, cooking, cleaning, and running after work. It is hard work, exhausting, and never ending. I try not to ask for help because yes, they are my children and yes, I wanted all three of them. However, having a support network does not make you a bad mother or weak. Needing adult conversation and alone time is normal and vital for mental health. You are still important too. Woman now days juggle SOOOOO much. Give yourself some grace and compassion. Tell all those who judge you to kiss your ass, (Yes, your growing ass because you are pregnant again, so they can get over it!!!) Only let supportive people into your life.


Ha you know who invented the word overwhelmed a MOM with a bunch of kids! I only have 2 and a husband, with work and the house and animals and with Life! It’s A LOT so yes you are not alone it’s hard! But you can do it!

i have five kids 24 18 17 15 11 so yes i totaly understand when they were younger i had one on the hip and one on my ankle or i was pregnant its hard your not weak your human we get tired some ppl just dont get it mainly if they dont have kids

Been there sister! I was overwhelmed at the thought of having my 4th child, I already had 3 girls, and found out this one would also be a girl. That made 4 girls at the age of 26. I went on to have my last baby (boy) at age 28. I am 55 now, and while the it was insane with diapers, school, after school activities, making sure we ate dinner together every night, I wouldn’t change a thing! My husband was a truck driver, and he went to bed early every night, which left me with the CHAOS! I did resent things, but he did help with extracurricular activities on the weekends. I love having my kids as my best friends right now! It’s so much fun now. I love hearing how their kids torment them! Lol. You got this! It’s so worth it, in the end!

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Being a parent is some overwhelming stuff at times. People that have kids and say those types of things are terrible. Sometimes, you need to get it off your chest. It’s not like you don’t love yourself kids, but man it can be exhausting! Especially having more than one to keep track of. I hope you can find some mommy friends that have some empathy.


Parenthood is hard! Feeling overwhelmed is totally normal. But, you will adjust and develop a new routine when the baby is born. It’s just chaos after the 3rd one so not much different than before :laughing:

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You are not weak for feeling overwhelmed or for wanting help. You are a human being, not just a mother. You have your own needs outside of that role. Find some sort of a support group. It could be a mommy group at your local church (if you’re into that). It’s extra hard to do with COVID right now, but maybe try to find an online group. Just know, this is temporary and will pass. But don’t hesitant to reach out for help from family or from your spouse. Neglecting your mental health will hurt your ability to parent.


I think every mom feels overwhelmed at times. That being said, your husband should be finding a way to give you a break. Even with being gone during the week working insanely long days, he finds a way to when he’s home.


the best thing you can do for yourself is cut those people out of your life as much as possible. they suck, and they’re not what you need right now. make room for people who will listen to you.


Get into the biggest church in your town. Most has a parents day. Going to church, one can get support if needed. With three kids and one on the way, a tight schedule is a must. Also all library have reading for all age groups, enroll the kids. If you have a TV In the living room, family room turn it off period with all phones, tablets, computers, and watch your children explored with knowledge from you. Kids as young of 18 months can help with cooking, cleaning under supervision. Go to parks more with a bag of goodies snd blanket and enjoy the kids having fun and you might meet other young Mothers with kids. Enroll the kids at three years old to go to preschool, its in most states now. Enjoy those babies as they grow up fast… take lots of pictures daily and print them at Walgreens for history, don’t just store them in the cloud and forget them, that’s memories on the hoof.

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This is where my mom and sis come into play. Ive got 3 kids too and sometimes i just need to talk to an actual adult. Sometimes i straight up need help. Dont feel bad for asking, and those that are making you feel weak or guilty for asking can shove it right back up their ass! We are moms but we are people first, we need help and support and love just like everyone else. Dont feel bad, you got this! Congratulations on the newest addition :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


No one can make you feel anything. Don’t worry about what others say or think. You’re overwhelmed & that’s normal. 1 kid can be overwhelming. Chaos is your new norm. Embrace it. Enjoy it. When they’re older, the joyful chaos will be gone & you’ll miss it.

I feel like this all the time! I single parent 3 kids. Two of them have ADHD and Autism. I am so tired and o exhausted and really just want to have a conversation with someone that doesn’t involve poop, cats, or Minecraft! But I have no one. The friends and family I have are incredibly judgmental if I even give a hint that I’m overwhelmed or struggling. So I push all I can to keep up a “I’m doing great” facade. Which I am doing fine. I’m not like dangerously stressed or unable to do it on my own. I’m more than capable. But it would be nice to be able to talk to someone who won’t judge me when I am having a rough go of it.


Yes but you got this FaceTime your loved ones have coffee together being a mom is hard and to many judge but who cares what the hatters say overwhelming days happens lonely days happen self care make sure you set time for you chin up it gets better

My husband worked 12 hour shifts and my 3ed child had colic cried for 6 months and all 3 of my kids were under 3 so I understand overwhelmed I had family help me my brother and his wife one of my bestfriends brought there girls over all around the same age as my kids and they would come sit with the kids take over the crying baby so I could shower and change my clothes and my husband on his days off always had daddy time so I could have a break but I didn’t leave my kids till they could talk because I was afraid but if you need a break hire help to come in a teen or a friend

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No advice, but it’s not ok for anyone to say "you made your bed, now lay in it. " parenting is freaking hard and you’re allowed to feel overwhelmed. But I hear you momma. Good luck.


I have 5 children and my last one was unexpected. Yet we are trying for another one. I always wanted a big family as my husband and I only come from two siblings. We both work full time jobs and the kids are at at home learning right now due to covid. Yes it is overwhelming :tired_face: but I think it’s a mindset. Sometimes, like today, seeing the kitchen a mess stresses me out but I get over it and move on. I for the most part do a lot once home but my husband works from home so he’s been handling most of it. And they’re all under 7 :joy: even now that we are actually trying for another one, I want to keep it a secret as much as possible because everyone always says “omg stop already” blah blah, it’s our life and if it works for us it does. It’s normal, but know you’re not alone at all whatsoever.

Mom of 4. Same situation. Husband works an odd shift so I’m on my own 6 days a week. It is hard. But it is possible. My youngest is 2, the others are (2)7 and 9. When I found out I was pregnant, I freaked out. I’m 2 hours from family. But, we have a routine. The kids all help out around the house, even the 2 year old (he has just caught on to his siblings and myself, so I encourage it). I don’t have the option of asking any one for help. So I learned to deal with it. I have no friends here either. It sucks. But I talk to my family daily and I have a few friends back home that I can vent to. I stay up a little late at night to get some down time. Some nights I’m too exhausted and go to bed when they do. But even just an hour alone at night helps. My heart goes out to you. But you can do it.

Don’t feel bad, you need to learn to ask for help. Also, give your kids a hug everyday, it makes you feel better


I have 4, and I feel this way all the time. I also just started going back to work doing a full time and a part time job. It’s okay to feel overwhelmed, and it’s DEFINITELY okay to ask for help. If you are able to, see if you can find someone to babysit (even if you have to pay for it) so you can take a spa day or something. Try to pamper yourself, momma. It’s something you definitely need to do on occasion.

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I feel overwhelmed but I only have 1 to your 4. Hang in there momma. I was not one to ask for help but I tell you swallow the pride. You will thank you self after. I sure Envy anybody that has more than one child. I am also single mom so its gets very hard. I am mom and dad to my child. You have this momma. Congrats on your new bundle on the way.


Honey, I’ve been a mom for 28 years, and with 5 kids in between my last one at 10, I am still overwhelmed at times. I work full time and yet I’m with at least 1 child at all times ( family business so at least 5 have worked me at different times). We just had a house fire 2 weeks ago so we are stuck in two hotel rooms, between dealing with that, work, virtual learning for 3 of my kids and 1 grandchild, I’ve learned the laundry mat is my quiet time… step back and regroup for yourself, you’ll get focused and everything will fall into place as it needs to be

I think we all have felt overwhelmed at times throughout our life…i would hope u have someone to talk about this w & maybe b able to help here & there but if not then talk to a counselor before you make some bad choices due to ur stress… good luck…

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I only had one, but I do have an in-home daycare, and often feel overwhelmed, underachieving etc. Let me just say, I see you, I hear you, and I’m sure you are doing an awesome job regardless of how you feel. Can you somehow get some respite? Maybe some trade sitting with other moms? Sometimes even a few hours , or a day to yourself can help recharge . :heart::heart::heart::heart:

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I don’t speak for all men but I could of swore that for someone to get pregnant two people had sex it sounds like you’re husband needs to spend a little more time with the kids and give you a break even if just for a hour or so a day I’ve worked 12-17 hours a day and I still found time to give my wife a break from the kids best of luck to you I hope that you’re husband realizes how difficult it is taking care of everything at the house


Yes every one does at some point. Find a ladies group from church or senior center or start your own bonnet club. Get family and friends involved with kids. Each week around the neighborhood a group of moms and mom wannabes get together at someone’s house and help clean or wash or just handle the kids so you can shower.it will be tough it it can help.

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Never borrow sorrow :slightly_frowning_face: from tomorrow for today has enough of it on… take it one day at a time… ask for help… on the weekends leave for a few hours if u can and has some me time… self preservation… a must have for the longevity of motherhood… and never let a wishbone grow where a back bone should be with your husband or his family? Grandparents? Nieces nephews aunts uncles? Their not just your children :baby: they are your husbands as well… God Bless You ma’am…

All the time. My husband works 10, 12 sometimes 15 hours so I pretty much take care of everything. I have 3 kids at home, 16, 13 and 12 and an older one who lives with her fiance, she’s 26. I was working full time as well when things got shut down. I will be going back to work eventually but first I have to have another surgery, this will be my 11th, after I recover I have to go back to work because we can’t survive much longer on one income. I ask for help all the time. My oldest daughter does what she can and it’s a little easier for me because my kids are old enough to do things around the house and be home alone for a while. Don’t ever be ashamed to ask for help. We all need it from time to time

Mate all the time I feel like this, I’m a single mum to 3 kids, work just about full time and it is hard bloody work. It’s ok to feel this way! Don’t be afraid to ask for help, you aren’t failing or a bad parent for doing so cause if mum isn’t doing well then the rest of the crew aren’t doing well. Make some time for yourself to relax and do you!

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It is overwhelming and you should definitely try to find some friends who are a little more supportive, but you got this. I have 4 kids and honestly after 3 you can handle just about anything lol

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