I feel overwhelmed by motherhood: Has anyone felt like this before?

You are not alone, I think Mom’s feel this way pretty often :grimacing: take it a day at a time :+1: make time for yourself too!

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Being a parent is freaking exhausting whether you have 1 child or 10. You definitely need to have a long talk with your husband and let him know you need some “me” time without the kids, and to go out for a girl’s night, at least once a month. My ex, at the time, would be gone 14 hours working. If he wasn’t working, he was either asleep or out with his friend’s all night. I was stuck home 24/7 with our 2 boy’s who were 18 month’s old and a newborn. He refused to EVER give me a break from the kids. I was also diagnosed with severe postpartum depression after the birth of my 2nd son. It finally came down to a divorce, because I was done and couldn’t take it anymore. It’s sad to say, but with the divorce I was finally able to get a break every other weekend because he would have our boy’s. Those kids aren’t just your responsibility. He is just as much a parent as you are, and it doesn’t matter if he works 12, 14, or 20 hours. He NEEDS to give you a break before things get worse and your marriage is beyond repair. Good luck.

Yes you are not alone. I have 4 kids & work full time & still come home to be a mom. I can relate to feeling overwhelmed but I keep pushing myself.

I can’t even begin to count how many times I’ve thought about giving my kids to their dad full time while I take them on the weekends lmao- at the end of the day I just can’t do that BUT it gets overwhelming and that’s okay. Your a good mom because you get overwhelmed. Bad mother’s don’t get overwhelmed because they don’t care too much. We care so much!

People are assholes. If you need help, definitely ask for it. Don’t let anyone else make you feel anything. They’re monsters.


Yes!! I have 4 kids and my husband works 12.5 hour shifts and hour away, I do everything and I get overwhelmed too!! Momma if you wanna message me and talk so it’s private feel free to do so!! I completely understand what you are going through!!

I raised 4 by myself all of my kids lives, I’ve been mom and dad. It’s stressful and overwhelming at times, but I would do it all over again. Mine are now 22,20,19,16 lol

I been a stay home Mom since I had my kids they’re six year apart and I remember there was time I wanted to die the lack of sleep had me angry all the time after having my second I refused to go through all that again so my husband decided to get Vasectomy my kids are 17 and 11 years old now (boys) my job as a mom is not as hard no more I feel like I got my life back
Hang there momma

I’m not a mom but if the people your talking to you are telling you that, you need to find new “ friends” or new people to talk to!

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There are pills to take if you think your family is complete talk to your Dr.

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All the time. I had number 1 @ 19 yrs old. Now getting ready to have number 7 @42. Ugh. I love them so unconditionally and I would not trade it for anything in the world, but Yesterday morning I showered shaved my legs washed my hair got out and started blow drying my hair and just cried for an hour just because I feel that exhausted I feel like my body is screaming it cannot take anymore and no one in your home could possibly understand this.


I’ve been rasing my 3 kids on my own for 9 years and it is overwhelming. I get some help every now and then but not enough. I am exhausted to so I understand. My ex doesn’t help. Its hard try talking to your husband maybe come up with something so he can take a day off to help. Ask family if u can. Heck check into a day care if you have to or see if u can get a teenager that needs extra cash to help you cook , clean or just watch the kids for a few hours a week. I wish I luck.

I get that too! Its hard … just do your best to take a day at a time… and ask for help. It is not weak! If you can you should limit yourself from those negative people. You don’t need that kind of ridiculous commentary, ever. It does not help u. You are not less valuable or not a good mom bc u ask for help. It doesnt make any sense.

I have 4 kids and I work. Been working part-time. I used to work full time. I will share my mantra with you. CLEAN DISHES, CLEAN CLOTHES. It gets a little better when they can feed themselves. I never did find a friggin village to help raise my children. I down sized. Bought a smaller house. Who are these jerks that say those horrid things to you? You have every right to feel overwhelmed. Trouble is, I worked 12 hour shifts and I still had to do housework. Your husband should have 4 days off a week. Make him help with the kids. If he works more than 40 hrs a week, he’s a workaholic and he is cheating you and the kids of his time.

I have been there. My husband is a truck driver and we’ve had time where he is gone 5 plus days at a time it can be very hard. Definitely try to find a sitter or have them take them out for a couple hours on the weekend occasionally to give you a break. Also try to make time for just the two of you. Don’t feel alone I think we’ve all been there in one way or another.

First make this your last child. It depends on the age of the other kids but your not weak if your taking care of 3 kids yes it gets overwhelming but you will get through it.

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I have 5 girls 2 of them are autistic you got this! Make some you time once in blue moon when its needed!

Im sorry. I’ve got 4 pregnant with #5 miscarried between 4 and 5. Depending on ages oldest might be able to help you out.

I have 4 children, it is definitely overwhelming. It is totally normal to feel overwhelmed. It doesn’t change that you love your kids fiercely. There have been times I will call my mom or mother in law and say something to the effect of I can’t do this and they either talk with me able what is going on and help me figure it out or if they are able to them come get them for a couple hours so I can breathe again. Not everyone has that. Don’t let anyone make you feel weak for needing help or for feel overwhelmed and at the end of your rope. See if you can find a mommy group you can join. Everyone needs support.

I was you not long ago. I was scared and in absolute denial about #4. #3 was only 9 months old at the time too. I kept thinking, no way can I do this, it can’t be real, we were done having babies. But now, she’s my little sunshine! She’s my snuggle bug, my brave baby girl who is already walking and not even a year old yet. She and her sister love each other and we didn’t think our first daughter would be ok not being the baby anymore. Our boys are a huge help! It’s not easy, but you get in a routine and it’s ok again! I was fortunate and my husband was able to take a full week off from work to help me get settled. As mom’s, we just make it work! Even when we don’t think we can.

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U aren’t alone. I too feel overwhelmed at times and I have only one child that’s 18!!!

Be proactive. I had my hubby get me weekly cleaning service as my birthday/Christmas gifts since kids were born. We do take out at least once a week, and I make simple crockpot meals regularly. It’s hard being a mom—but a few tweaks can help. Lean on friends; join a playgroup;

I have 4 and was completely overwhelmed with 3… add another one and it just got worse. I feel ya… I’d say it’s OK to cry and eat lots of chocolate. I’ve also learned to walk away when I need to.

All parents feel this way at some point. Reach out to anyone who will listen. If you ever want to chat message me. People will listen.

I had 9 and my husband was away from home 20+ days a months…days and weeks at a time for 30 years…I took each day and made it work never thought about days ahead…just the one I was living at the moment…my oldest is 32 my youngest is 14 …most 2 years apart

Perfectly normal to feel overwhelmed, you got this!!

Married but single is the term I use

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Raised 3 girls and yes it was tough. If I would have had 4, I would have felt the same as you. I do love them though, and wouldn’t have had it any other way.

You need new people in your life. You should be able to vent to your close friends/family, you don’t always need solutions, sometimes you just want to be heard.

I feel this right now. Pregnant with #2 total 3 (have a step daughter) and I do literally everything for everyone and I’m just like can I even handle another baby right now

If the people.you are reaching out to say these things, they aren’t good support systems and you shouldn’t surround yourself with ignorant minds like that.

What’s that Jim Gaffigan joke…?
When asked what it’s like to have 4 (or 5?) Kids… “Imagine youre drowning and someone hands you a baby” :joy::joy::joy::sob:

I think everyone with kids needs a support network outside if the home. We all need to decompress.

I have 4 kids, 9, 7, one that’s guna be 4 in July and another that will be 2 in 2 weeks. It’s no less than overwhelming and chaotic but I wouldn’t change it for anything

Mom of 4 kids I have been a stay at home mom for 12 yrs it is a full time job plus ot no vacations or sick time there is no shame needing or asking for help. In order to keep what lil sanity we have left we have to ask. There are so many stay at home parents that are in are position.

Yup. It last for about 20 years.


Time for a family meeting I dont know how old the other kids are But can they help doing chores around the house Do you have any family who could take care of the kids while you maybe take time with your friends I know this is COVID so things maybe different Or can you afford maybe to get a cleaning service in once a week I know some one who does that frees up time she doesnt have to use for cleaning Also can you get hubby to cut back

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As a mom, you will always feel overwhelmed at some point in your life. It will pass.

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I’m right there with you. :heartpulse: Stay at home mama to one two year old- planning to try for another shortly… and the thought of another scares and excites me all at the same time! My husband works a lot too, and I’m SO appreciative for the opportunity to be home with my kiddo, but yes it can be completely overwhelming. Not to mention a worldwide pandemic on top of that! We HAVE to make time for ourselves. Communicate your feelings with your partner. You are the best mama for your babies and trust me- they LOVE you and think the world of you… even when you don’t feel the same about yourself. Praying for you. :heartpulse:

God bless you all you’re not weak you’re Superwoman your mom who does it all for your kids for yourself and for him evidently ask for help you need it you need time for yourself get it done it’s healthy for you healthy for your kids

Y’all need to ask for help. Don’t feel like you’re imposing. Your family hopefully loves you or you have friends you trust to give you a me day once in a awhile.

Other countries like France and Sweden have government nannies and 2 years of paid maternity leave, so that parents get a break with young. helpless children. We are one of the few first world countries that treat mothers like crap and have crappy daycare for our children.

Only all the time…lol


you need some help once in awhile to keep up your strength

Hey! I feel overwhelmed at times too.

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I have 4 children you’ll be fine.

If you need some one to talk too you can always pm me

Ask for help! Take care of you.

Yes. Some days i just want to go away

We all feel this way at some time. Get your family on board to help you; go to play dates or make your own; friends are the best!
Last resort, get a babysitter! A small refresher helps SO much❤️
Last but not least; don’t ever be afraid to just ask for help! I know us Mamas hate doing so but DO IT! I love you and congrats❤️

You can always message me!!!

It takes a village :raised_hands:t4:

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Don’t ever feel bad…ask for help!

I’m 27 and have a 6yr old girl 4yr old boy just diagnosed with asd a 2 year old girl and just had my 4th girl who’s 2m old. The dad is either at work or sleeping so I mainly do every thing on my own school, and kindy 3x a week my only time away and it is mentally exhausting just got to make sure u take it a day at a time, cancel appointments if it’s to much. I know what you mean you dont want go asking for help I don’t have much support but I appreciate whatever help I do get, my 6yr old.is the best big sister and is a good helper I get my 2yr old to get me things too Lol. You’ll get the jist of it mama. But atm were fucked and I’m getting my tubes tied as soon as I can. I am done :rofl::rofl::rofl::woman_facepalming:

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I don’t think there isn’t a parent that hasn’t felt overwhelmed.
Are you in a position to hire a housekeeper/nanny Maybe once/twice a week? Even if only for a couple of hours.
Do your kids take a nap?
Do you have a quiet time for them to do some activity?
These would help give you a moment to yourself. Breathe. Exhale. Relax.
It will all be worth it. Hug those children. They’ll be grown before you know it.

Or… You can look at it this way… You’ve got to be pretty bad ass to do what you do… But you do need to establish at least 2 days a month you get alone time. You might have to pay for that… But do it.


Best thing i did was get a mommy group together when mine where little it helped so much to have someone to talk to play dates ect

Hey momma you not alone, I have 5 kids, had twins 25sep 2019 then found out 6 months later I’m pregnant, I cried for a week straight, didn’t want another baby and definitely not so soon, I was breastfeeding the twins while pregnant, had two older kids, my childrens father also did not help much, and then would pick fights and that made me feel even more disfuntional, even with 5 kids it’s hactic, I too have no help, it’s overwhelming to do washing for 7 people, wash dishes, Clean take care of everyone and still have to fit him in for alone time every day while I don’t even get to take time for myself, I’m feeling more and more like my life will be a little easier without him in it, as he cant do nothing for himself, I wake up make him porige and coffee, iron his clothes, pack lunch, make bottles for twins and breastfeed baby while he smoke shower and dress and leave then still treat me like shit

We are all overwhelmed

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YOU ARE A GREAT MUM…AND PERSON…:grin::+1::revolving_hearts::sparkling_heart::gift_heart:…don’t ever doubt yourself, you have created new little human beings, you are super woman, plus being a wife, and housekeeper, darling you are amazing…:grin::+1::revolving_hearts::sparkling_heart::gift_heart::hibiscus::tulip::rose::blossom:

You need to find better friends and a solid support team…
Good luck Mama🌹

Yes, pay attention to your anger levels and depression levels…and don’t be afraid to take a safe basic type of antidepressant so you never become an abusive parent. Teach kids to become independent and self sufficient. Teach kids how to clean and do their own laundry. Leave laundry in baskets if you have to to make life easier. Keep the house clean from germs and gross stuff don’t worry about being perfect. It’s not necessary. Also make sure you get out with your husband once a week at least, no less. As for yourself, if you aren’t working at a job this is fully your job. Though the husband should a good father as well and help with stuff he can. If you can’t rest he can’t. When both people’s work ( his job and children) is don’t then you both get to rest. Or you get a job and pay for daycare…and if you can’t afford it then you look for assistance to help pay for daycare. Feeling you have a choice in this helps. Also knowing you will survive and miss this one day could help also. My fourth kid just moved out. :disappointed:. I have some regrets with hitting my kids and them recalling it as real abuse and not just spankings and yelling so much. I was overwhelmed. My husband was not any of my kids father so I was stressed trying to not scare him off and keep my kids good. I over parented and relized I needed to just let my kids grow and not raise them out of fear of losing my husband or them turning out like my prison drug addict brothers. Just be a kid with them. Clean with them. Play with them and don’t worry about all the extra curricular school stuff just so family things and make home really fun. It will get you through this and you ask for help when you need it so you don’t break. I survived. I swear I think about that too often how I survived 4 kids lol. So much depression because I just couldn’t keep my house clean, and god forbid don’t add pets. As for you’re own self, don’t put all you love, joy and happiness in them…they grow up and then tell you well you shouldn’t hav Ed one that mom you should have had a life and friends outside of us. Ugh my adult kids I swear. They don’t want to me my full source of happiness they want to live their lives without guilt and worrying about me. Anyways, it’s a day by day thing when they are young. Breathe and say FUCK IT often … to let things go and not stress over them. Time passes. These kids will grow up whether you neglect them or not…don’t neglect them but balance is needed. You’ve got this momma. You are in the day of the internet and google seek that support and knowledge and raise those kids without a screen in your face all the time, you will realize there is so much more time to get things done. Enjoy your phone time at night soaking in the tub.

Yep. Ik how you feel.

Yes, I feel overwhelmed.


I had 2 sets of twins and my hubby worked 14 hour days . It’s ok to ask for help but keep your eye on the big prize—. One day they will all be in school !! Stay strong !

I have 2 kids, 10 and 2, and I feel overwhelmed all the time. Sounds like your friends and family are not very supportive :cry: I started working to help me get out of the house and feel more fulfilled in myself. The “standard” “picture perfect” “magazine” mom image is an antique and doesn’t fit today’s lifestyle, frankly it’s completely unrealistic. Trying to live up to that image will only make you feel worse.

Sorry everyone has had this if they are a mom I have 5 now grown now kids

Just try your best to stay strong on your worst days…soon the kids will grow…life will surely become easier…better days are coming.

I have :heart:
It’s normal. :pray::heart:

A Mother’s work goes unnoticed.

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Never feel weak for needing help. I have 2 kids and sometimes i wish i had help im a single mom

I feel like this everyday

I got asked if I knew how that kept happening! I told him…I think I’m getting pretty good at it. Yes, I dealt with stuff.

It’s to bad there are so many rude people in the world. You are perfectly normal in how you feel. I have felt overwhelmed with two. You are not alone and there is nothing wrong with asking for help.

You are NEVER WEAK for asking for help please dont feel that way you are STRONG in being able to do so x Its natural to feel overwhelmed and anxious about being a mom again, but when that baby comes your mothering instinct will kick in even more and you will be fine, im not saying its going to be easy but you will get through it, if you need help ask for it from your husband to family and friends, remember asking for help shows that you are a strong person never weak xx

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I babysat my 4 grandsons and I was always exhausted when I went home. Your young have your kids do chores and do school work with them. Be thankful for your family. Your husband works alot of men dont so your lucky. Get a sitter and take a day off.

Firstly, I just want to say Awesome job mamas,all of us.And secondly don’t let the eggs make you feel ashamed cos they have something stupid to say.Thirdly,were all only human but deserve to still be heard…glad this page is here

I have 4 also! The biggest thing is getting into a routine with them all when the baby comes! It is overwhelming my husband also works so I am home with the kids all day. My youngest is colicky and it is hard! But we make it through everyday! You will make it through also!

Please don’t be so hard on yourself. Being a parent is the toughest job in the world but also the most rewarding. I had three with the last two being 14 months apart. I worked full time teaching, raised my family and took care of my mom and grandma all at the same time. My kids are 30, 22 and 23 and I’m so proud of how they have turned out. You can do this momma!


Did this too. My husband worked full time and went to school full time. I felt like I was doing everything. And I had Crohn’s disease. So sick. No help. Both sets of parents out of town. You will be surprised at your inner strength knowing those kids depend on you! You need to be your biggest cheerleader and find small moments for yourself, even if you get someone for an hour so you can wonder around at a mall. I joined church choir and lived for rehearsals. This time will go quicker than you think. Embrace it because you will have 4 best friends, their spouses and grandkids someday. It will all be worth it, trust me!:smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Perfectly normal to feel overwhelmed I remember feeling that way I had 3 boys know there grown and living there lives I’m hear if you need to talk you got this stay safe :rose::blush::rose:

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When I sense my Daughter is stressed we usually take our Grandkids to give my Daughter and son in law a break I hope u can do that if u have family around if not get a sitter so that u can go get some one on one with your hubby . It always is needed . We all that have had kids know how it is . You got this . My daughter is working . Going to college , being a mom / wife . Your kids are only young for a little bit then they move out and u miss them . Enjoy these days so take a little time for u .

Definitely not only you…I have one, and I feel I go mad everyday! These lil monsters will grow up, and we will long for these baby days :blush: Hang in there mama…you are not alone.

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No one can give you advice and its not ok or nice to tell "you made you’re bed , “now lay in it” rude, kids are a blessing!! And it is ok to want help at times or time to yourself ! I understand your hubby works long hours, but he still needs to help !!! I have 4 can’t imagine not getting help from hubby.

God yes! If you’re not completely exhausted and overwhelmed you’re not doing it right. Lol. Honey please never feel alone especially about motherhood. Needing help is perfectly okay. I’m sorry the ppl you turned to had nothing helpful to say. If you EVER need to talk, vent whatever my inbox is open . I’m a mommy of 5 (21,16, 14, 7 & 3) so trust me I know the struggle. Hmu anytime. Much love.

I understand I have three boys my oldest has autism and #4 is due on April it is hard and overwhelming but it does help to talk about your feelings and it helps to talk to other people that will actually listen and give you emotional support for years I dealt on my own with my three boys my ex was always busy and not very helpful he was in his own little world thats why he is my ex now lol I decided to give it a try to a new relationship since for years I kept myself busy with my kids and now that they are a little bit older and more independent (8,11,15) I was able to go out more and here I am preggers starting all over again lol I was scared at the beginning of this pregnancy but do to everything I had to go through alone with my three boys Im used to it there is days when I just want to be alone with no bf just me and my kids and new baby :heart::heart::heart: I guess in my case I got used to being single for a long time

Definitely felt like it when mine when mine were younger. I had 4 kids in 5 years and my hubby was the main breadwinner until the last one was in pre-K so I did it ALL-cleaning house, getting up in the middle of the night, appointments, grocery shopping, etc. Then when the oldest was 13, he took a job in the oil field and traveled from FL to ND for weeks or months at a time. I ended up getting a job just to have adult interaction then decided to go to school :joy: it was rough but worth it in the end! I’ve got 2.5 more yrs until the youngest graduates-it does get better!

Find a parenting support group like through church or Early Childhood Education. Being a parent IS very overwhelming. Anyone who says it isn’t hasn’t been a parent. I also recommend a counselor- I used to go once a year for a “check up”

Everyday. My husband works long hours and when he gets home he is exhausted and rightfully so. That being said I have 10 kids total, eight at home, the oldest two are adults now and out of the house. My kids at home are 16, 15, 14, 13, 12, 4, 2 and 2 months. I am just so, so tired. I am talking pure exhaustion. I am pretty sure if I had a weekend away I would literally spend the whole weekend sleeping. I have been nursing now for almost 5 years straight. I know my husband has to be up at 5:30 in the morning for work so I do all night feedings, diaper changes and wake ups. My 2 year old has night terrors and is screaming multiple times a night and my 2 month old wakes every two hours to nurse. I am cleaning, nursing, cooking, helping with homework, driving kids around, play referee and trying to raise good future adults from the minute I open my tired eyes; literally every second sometimes without even having time for a shower for days. I just know every other mom has to feel just as overwhelmed and I’m not alone. Sometimes I just cry because I am so tired :tired_face:

No your not weak your human I only have one but he’s special needs I struggle at times with just him. And I am single so its always all on me. People forget what it’s like raising kids.

I have 4 kids, 3 of them back to back and my husband worked out of town a lot when they were babies. It was Hard. I was spread very thin and i thought it would never get easier…but it does. It will get easier. Try to live in the present and soak them in being babies because it only lasts a couple of years but i so much understand your fear and stress. It will be okay, mommy. You can do this

Get your husband to support you,hes the children’s father alright, watch supper nanny you’ll find some tips

This has a double meaning, but “You are not alone.” I know the feeling.

It takes a strong person to ask for help…not a weak one.

Hell girl. Every momma can use help. No shame in that. I got 2 grands that I was taking care of for a week and thank god people helped with the 2 yr old.

Oh, how I miss those days! I had 2 children 13 months apart. 2 babies in diapers and bottles, oh my word! My husband was in the navy at the time. So, 2 babies and a husband out on deployment 6 months at a time. I learned the hard way to stand on my own 2 feet, but that was me, I’m not talking about you. You have all the strength you need! You’re going to be great! My babies grew up and are wonderful people to talk to, but I’m a little opinionated, lol. Have faith in God, if he brings you to it he’ll bring you through it. This stage goes by so fast, when my daughter got married and had her own daughter, I cried because I thought how can my baby have a baby didn’t I just bring her home from the hospital myself? Do you have neighbors with small children? Make friends with them and have a play date. Do you have a mom support group in your area?

Let me say this as politely as I can…Fuck those people. Negative and not uplifting.
Of course it’s normal to feel overwhelmed. I understand where you are coming from. Husband works hard,but it doesn’t mean he clocks out of fatherhood likes he clocks outta work. Fatherhood/motherhood/marriage is neverending and team work.