I feel withdrawn from my childs father: Advice?

For the last two weeks, I haven’t seen my child’s father I’m 16 weeks and been feeling a withdraw from him I have feelings for him, but I feel like the baby craves his presents I’m not sure if it’s me or the baby making me feel this way I feel like I’m becoming depressed, but I don’t suffer from depression…


Advice leave him for good.
Been there and better to leave now.

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Just pack it up. Because now unfortunately your are the other woman prolly. I did this bullshit for 15-16 years off and on. I have to be strong willed. Remember you are better than that. Someone out there is just waiting for you and ur baby. As the current tossed you away. Every person deserves to be loved they way they love. Don’t ever settle for less.
Example…just today I asked my bf/unofficial hubby…this questions.
If your not happy then why are you still with me. Then he tries to twist it back on me. Smh

With you being pregnant you should really keep it stress free as much as possible.
Keep you head up mama!! Follow ur gut, the heart lies.

Find a counselor to talk with. Idk what the relationship was but it sounds like it’s going to be difficult no matter what. Pregnancy hormones do intensify feelings and you can become depressed whether or not you have depression.

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It’s you and your pregnancy … you feeling deep inside that you don’t deserve to be going through this journey alone. It is understandable to feel that way, but if he is withdrawing from you now, know that he is not going to be around for you and the baby. Nothing you do will make him stay if he does not want to stay. Best thing is to let him go now. Right now, you need to concentrate on you and your baby’s health and well being. If you need professional help, then seek it. Best of luck for you and your baby.

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The baby doesnt crave that, you do.


Depression isn’t just an illness it’s ok to be sad or hurt over situations. Inside the womb the baby don’t know who is who and especially that young it can’t sense that an outside person is gone BUT a baby could sense what moms feeling

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You could become depressed. I was away from my childs father for like 4 months of my pregnancy and I was so depressed going through it all alone. I cried everyday, I slept all the time, just sat on the couch all day. It was really hard. I’d talk to your OB about it and see what they recommend before you feel worse.

I havent seen my fiance in 2.5 months. I definitely know how you’re feeling. It’s really hard but you will get through it. :heart:

Get used to the idea of doing this alone. In the end it will only make you a stronger person. (My daughter has done great the last 7 years as a single mama) . I say this, cuz you have no other option. Head up! Life goes on.


You’re pregnant and hormonal. It’s okay. Stay strong momma, you got this. Take care of yourself and your little bun in the oven.

I have heard of women doing this while pregnant. Some just become withdrawn from everyone, not just their partner. It is something with the hormones. I would talk to him and let him know how you are feeling and also talk to your doctor about it. I know you stated you don’t suffer from depression but maybe see if the hormones are causing an imbalance that would affect you as if it were depression.

Your doctor is there to help you, but they can’t help if you dont talk to them.

If he is not a good person to be around don’t do it please!!! I made that mistake and did it DONT DO IT!!! Don’t do it DONT DO IT!! talk to your doctor about alternative. It’s your hormones that want you around that person that got you pregnant. I got pregnant twice by my children’s father it he was not a very good person.
Now i don’t the situation on why you haven’t seen baby daddy in so long hopefully it’s a work thing and he’s a great father and he will be back soon Idk.
But talking to your doctor is your beat bet in this situation.

The baby doesn’t crave his presence. Thats a really weird thought? Its you and all the hormones. If you havent seen him in 2 weeks are you sure you want to have a kid with him? I wouldn’t… but that’s just my opinion. If youre ok raising this child alone then carry on but dont have high hopes for him being around.


When I’m pregnant I only want to be around my children and husband my other pregnancies I would literally cry when he was leaving for work

U might have pre postpartum I’m going through it now I would let ur dr know right away and get some mental health appointments scheduled

If your not together, its probably a mix of hormones and wanting to keep your family together. I did the same thing when my now husband left me when I was pregnant with our 1st. Maybe tell him how you are feeling? Either way, you can be a great mom and give your child a great life

I was this way with my first. We split when I was 8 weeks pregnant. All I wanted was for him to be around, even though he was not a healthy person to have around. It’s ok to feel this way. You want to go through this experience with the person who helped you get here, and that’s ok. But please don’t go back to that person if they are not healthy for you! I strongly suggest talking to a therapist. It helped me tremendously, and i enjoyed my pregnancy much better once I had someone unbiased to talk to!

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You will need support have you thought of support payment from the child father a visitation schedule

My X always showed up on sometimes on Easter Sunday, and for sure on Father’s Day. His birthday in Aug. and sometime at Christmas. One father’s day he ask, " What dod you get me for Father’s Day?" and when I said, " The same thing you got me for Mother’s Day!" it took him over an hour to realize he got nothing.

If you want tell him, if not maybe just hormones.
Slats did what’s best for you and your family

The mental health issues related to our lockdown and the pandemic are especially hard for people with depression. NAMI, The National Alliance on Mental Illness have a 24 hour helpline: 800-950-6264.

Guess when you were dating Birth control never came up And your child father probally wants to get the heck away from having a child

You’re pregnant and emotional, and sounds like you’re dealing with a deadbeat. :frowning:

I don’t have any advice for you other than take care of yourself and your baby. Things will get better and he will either come back or stay gone. If he stays gone you can totally do it on your own. I did it twice. My son hasn’t seen his father since his birthday in November and the man stayed for 30 minutes. Showed up at 8pm :roll_eyes:


I had the same problem when I pregnant with my son. I think its normal

Mention it to your OB.

What about adoption?

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Well first it might help to know how old you are. Or at least how old is the BD is. If you guys are young. He is probably scared. Do you know if he even wants the baby? Is he wanting to be a part of his or her life? Do you know if he wants the same things as you? To be a family? Because if not, the others are right. It is going to be a hard road. Only in the sense that you in fact DO want those things. Just try to stay strong and remember no matter what you will be okay and so will that baby. As long as you focus on you and the babe. Don’t let a man that doesn’t want you walk all over you. Maybe just do you. Show him that it doesn’t matter to you if he chooses to be there or not. That you can and will do this alone if you have to. People seem to want what they can’t have. Maybe it will open his eyes… Or maybe not. And thats okay too… Have a talk. Find out what he wants. If it’s to be a family with you. Then great. Explain to him that his presence is important now just as much as when baby arrives. If he is scared and doesn’t want those things. Tell him that’s okay. And watch him regret it when you and baby are happy and healthy without him and he’s still alone without a relationship with his own child.