I found a love making playlist in my husbands phone: Thoughts?

If it’s his hobby then tell him you want to see if it really gets the party started and make a decision to have him try it with you! If He protests I’d call him out on defrauding the romantic relationship!

That’s what you get for looking in his phone. You look for stuff, you find it.

I think if he was cheating he would probably lock his phone. But what caused you to think you should go through it other red flags?

Why are you looking on his phone?

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Maybe he listens to them prior to making love to you. But I’m all fairness. Ask him not us.

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Lot of sexy songs on my list that allows me to listen with my pants on


Looks like ole hubby planning to make love to someone else :woman_shrugging:Since you’ve always had suspicions :woman_shrugging:


Hello? Talk to him! Why post here? Are you looking for reasons to leave?!

My goodness! Some songs AR just nice to listen to!

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He is musically educating himself to make mad passionate love to you Sugar !!! :fire::tada:

Make your love making playlist :star:

I remember buying ice cream for the little kids

If you suspect it’s already happened just saying trust your gut

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Um you already know, stop trying to see what isn’t there. Sorry.

Use it to make a copy and enjoy it together

Sounds like time you make a break up song playlist on ur phone :flushed:

It’s ask him… you can always tell if they are lying

Maybe it is for him to listen to as he thinks of you. :woman_shrugging:t2:

Sorry posted on the wrong side

What’s love making music? I mean I listen to rob zombie when I’m doin the dirty .

I had a mind blowing orgasm with my lover last nite to Lana Del Ray’s “Summertime”.

Stop going through your husband’s phone. Problem solved.

If you’re checking his phone then you are already suspicious of something.

Um… Stop searching his phone. Don’t trust him, break up.

Ask him! If your not buying his story, investigate further.

Ask him straight up are you cheating. If you don’t believe him hire private eye. Just saying

What grown man makes a Playlist for his “friend”?? Nope!!


It could be music he enjoys listening to. I have sexual songs on my phone including “Love Me Two Times” and “Let’s Get It On”.

I would ask him about it, and be present to tell him you went through his phone and discovered it.

Rest easy! I listen to all kinds of music. Married 47 years in June. When I listen to a love song what’s usually in my mind, my husband. Don’t snoop. I’ve yet to go through his wallet or cell phone. If he’s doing the wild thing with someone else, then he’s not worth it.

I have a lovemaking playlist and that’s exactly what I use it for! Nothing else!

If that play list consists of Berry white Keith sweat Luther Vandross be worried

Hands down he’s cheating! Confront him & let us know how it goes.

If this is your only concern count your blessings.

And what good does it do having it in his phone ? Crank that shit in stereo !

I mean ive got a love makin play list from 6 years ago with shit on it fron the 90s to early 2000s​:woman_shrugging:t5::woman_shrugging:t5::woman_shrugging:t5::woman_shrugging:t5:

Stop, do no more!, you need to decide if you want to open that can of worms. You may be told yes hes hsving an affair so then you need to know if youd gonna give him another chance or if you even want to. You can not put the shit back in the goose. You dont have to decide right this moment just because your aware, you have some major divisions to make based on what you csn live with and if you chose not to confront him your mind will go places and make it worse than what it already there. Be cautious slow but firm.

Communication is key. Ask him, you will know if he is lying.

Ur gut already knows!

You got your answer…


Better face reality!


Ask him! If the answer doesn’t feel true or right to you, than trust yourself and thoughtfully plan your next move.

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If you have a gut feeling about something then there’s usually a reason. But you also don’t want to project any insecurity you may have into a situation where nothing may exist. If his schedule and actions are consistent then I wouldn’t give it any thought, but if he is throwing in new unexplained wrinkles it might be worth a follow up. And if I were cheating on my wife, I might be more apt to actually lock my phone where she couldn’t just pick it up and look at it…

For going thru a phone ? No secrets when marry all pin codes should go to both spouses and I pretty sure you have a problem come straight out and ask him if it doesn’t sound right what his excuses are use your gut

Its just a name of a Playlist. I’ve heard Playlist called Bmm (baby makin music) just means it’s sounds sexy, Barry white etc… doesn’t necessarily mean anyone is cheating

If you haven’t heard it… there’s only one logical conclusion


Maybe he listens to them by himself from time to time if you know what I mean.

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John here, this Dearly is dingy!