I had to go back to work after having my baby and I feel awful: Advice?

I didn’t plan on going back to work after I had my baby. I can stay at home, and my partner would be able to provide for our little family. Unfortunately, after two months of maternity leave, we were struggling financially. I had to go back to work before the three month period. Everyone said it would get better. For me, it hasn’t gotten any better. I actually feel a little worse every day. My baby will be five months next week, and it hurts me so much that I can’t take care of her all the time. The fact that I work so far from home is getting to me too. I need to find a job from home or something closer to home part-time. I just had a breakdown today while I was pumping at work. My mom and my partner don’t get it. They think it’s supposed to get easy with time. It’s been three months, and they try to make me feel better by saying at least I have an income and benefits. I know I’m providing financial stability for my baby. I feel like I’m missing out on her and her milestones. It has also made breastfeeding hard for us. That’s another issue. Breastfeeding is important to me, and going back to work has made that challenging. I just needed to vent. I have no one to talk to.


Are you able to work 4 days a week?

I felt this. you aren’t alone. :heart:

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Many moms work after giving birth and it’s hard on us all. The questions you must ask yourself is it mom guilt or postpartum depression… I work and my husband stays home with our kids and I love my job so it makes it easier and I know they are safe. Maybe try working a split shift. Like being a bus driver or a monitor in your area. That way you have a few hours in between to be home with your baby, 3 hours on 5 off 3 on is usually the way it goes then you would have plenty of time to nurse as well. I drive bus I dont get an in between break as I have a midday shift but I am home on all breaks I’ve been off two weeks for Christmas and I am home the entire summer which is nice when I’m off they are off school.


Welcome to parenthood…get over yourself…ur not the first one that had to go back to work…get off the pitty pot!!!


You are looking after your child when you work. Sure it isn’t the same…nothing can be…but remember every day U r there U r loving your child


It’s called sacrifice…quit whining and be glad you have a job…welcome to adulthood…


How did you get the budget so wrong that you went from plenty of money to struggling in 8 weeks?? Does someone have a gambling problem?


If I had to go to work full time after having my daughter I would feel the exact same way. So you are not the only one. Luckily I only work a few hours a week so I’m not away from her along time, and I’m home when my son gets of the bus. It would have killed me if I had to work all day and be away from her that long. I get it❤️


I felt this too. I quit my job and we made cuts on our budget so that I could stay home. I cut several things to keep us from being strapped. It’s not always easy but we make it work. I originally went back to work after my 4 months of maternity leave but it got worse everyday. I hated it. I hated every second of every work day. So 2 months later I quit.


Mom bullying is real… Wow guys. You never felt guilty for leaving your baby?


You’re doing amazing!! Take your time easing into things mentally and emotionally. I know jobs like HSN are work from home and have varying shifts with decent pay if they’re hiring in your state. Take time to look for closer jobs if it makes you feel better. Just remember you’re doing what you have to do and that doesn’t make you a bad mom. :sparkling_heart:


I went back to work 6 weeks after having my daughter. She’s two now and it kills me every day. But, the thing that has helped me is getting her into an awesome daycare where she loves to go everyday. Instead of feeling like I’m abandoning her for the day, I feel like I’m dropping her off with her friends for a few hours. Our daycare also posts pics and videos throughout the day so that helps. And some days, I sit in my office and watch all the videos I have of her on my phone. Lol.


Janet Smith u didn’t have to be so rude that is not making her feel any better

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It sounded like you were close to being able to stay home, could you be able to afford part time? I think it would help immensely if you found something close to home, part time…I would cry on the drive to work every day until he was around 5 months old, you’re not alone… try something else and hang in there!

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Side note, a lot the women in these comments are showing their ugly. Empathy is a human emotion you all could use a refresher in.


Some of these are comments are uncalled for


My 2 daughters done it just think god the baby is healthy and you have a job

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Not just you but generally this situation is why statistically it’s better to wait to have children til you’re financially stable enough for one parent to support the family for this. People would have much happier lives if they waited till the time was right.


I’m in the comments section for all those bitches who are here to offer nothing but negativity.
Get the fuck off this page please. You’re not wanted or welcome here.

I too wanted to work from home to be there full time for my kids. I am blessed to find a wonderful work from home job, teaching English online. If you have a Bachelor’s degree and are interested, please message me and I can help you through the interview process! :heart:


It’s tough. I struggled too. Something that helped me was the example I knew I was setting, being a strong woman. For the pumping at work I drank lactation lemonade, looked at pictures of my girl, and brought along a sleeper that smelled like her. It has gotten easier, then at times it’s hard. Taking care of your family is worth it.

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Work on thinking positively, when you get caught up. Leave work. Acceptance of the fact that you have to work right now will be helpful too.

Felt the same way, and even though my family was very tight in things at hm; we made due w/me being an at hm mom! There are sacrifices one has to make financially we made them as a family. It was very important for me to be able to endure what I couldn’t w/my first born. As a young single homeless mom I worked 2 to 3 jobs 27 yes ago for my son & I & now that I had the chance to be at hm w/our miracle baby we took that chance. I stayed hm for 2 1/2 yrs went back to work part time. We still have to make even smarter choices but we make due to provide for us. If you have faith in God you will never be without!

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Find something closer to home love and express your milk its always hard to leave them you could do with finding some support group or being in touch with people in the same position xx

I did the stay at home Mom thing for 5 years. We decided that me being home with our girls was more important than some things. We got rid of cable and just had an antenna (in my state, we had about 10 channels for free including PBS which the kids loved). We shared a cell phone. I shopped for groceries that were on sale. I only bought what we needed when we needed it. It was hard, very hard, but we worked it out so that we could be there for our babies for 5years. Yes we struggled, but we made it work.


Every Mom feels that way. You are making a great future for your daughter. As long as you have a great baby sitter for her.

I had to go through the exact same thing, and still am! I have had several breakdowns since then because I feel like I’m missing out as well. His father doesn’t work, and gets the most time with him (we have not been together since before he turned one) now my son is almost 5. It has gotten alot better the last year or so I must say, even though I still work long hours and don’t get too much time with him, I keep telling myself that its just something I need to do because I’m supporting him on my own for the most part. It will get better, I promise. But I do know how you feel when it comes to time spent with your child. It sucks, but they will still turn out fine :blush:

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Make your PARTNER get a second job


I’ve been in this situation, and dealt with people like in these comments. Ignore them, there’s nothing wrong in acknowledging how you’re feeling, in fact it’s extremely healthy. You’re not whining, you are being adult and responsible. I went back to work earlier than intended and felt all the things you’re feeling. It’s a constant war in the mind and some days I got so distracted by not being with my son that I hardly got work done, particularly when he was ill. Maybe talk to your employer about different shifts or look at other jobs closer to home? I will be honest and say it never got easier with time for me no matter how much I kept telling myself it’s better for my son in the long run. If I didn’t get pregnant with baby number two, I most likely would’ve resigned the healthy pay and benefits and looked for something more convenient around family, or cut back on a lot of bills so I could work less hours. I am now on a career break and cutting back on everything so I can stay at home. Only you know what you’re feeling but don’t go making any rash decisions, make a plan with your so and work towards it.

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I was lucky enough to stay home for a year. But I felt the same way when I went back to work. I used a daycare and he hated it there. I found a woman who does daycare at her home that I love, so that helped me find peace in knowing my baby was happy. Also, when finances change, it’s so hard to go back to work, your hormones are still not normal, and it’s perfectly normal to feel the way you do. Instead of hoping it gets easier, just try and find peace in the process. Take baby out on weekends, plan small trips with just you guys, and hopefully you have an employer who is cool with all the pumping you’re doing. It’s okay to be sad, it’s the end of SAHM, but a new beginning to have more independence, and give your baby some independence too. Hope you feel better soon mama!

Everyone being hateful an ugly towards this poor momma should be ashamed of yourself . If anything she is a damn good momma & don’t need your input . Obviously your mothers didn’t teach ya the whole “ got nothing nice to say don’t say it” saying . I pity half of your children if you all wanna be bullies is that what your gonna teach your children as well ? Dear god :roll_eyes:

Wow I haven’t been a part of this page long and if this bashing is as commen as I’ve seen its not a place I’d ever ask for advice or express troubles. Some of you ladies never grew out of being bullies. I hope you don’t treat those in your own life so harshly jeez!


Watch a few kids in your home

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I don’t have much advice but I was in your exact boat. I changed up our life budget wise and quit my job. Breastfeeding got back on track beyond my expectations and we nursed for two years. Just see what corners you can cut because you truly don’t get these years back and it’s so important to you and your daughter that you be there for these things. Not everyone can do this so If you are financially able to re budget then I say go for it and you will not regret it!!

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Who watches your baby while you’re gone? I run an in-home daycare and know how hard it is for the parents

Can you work from home? Maybe something like care.com? That way you could raise some income and be with your baby

I did in home health care when my son was a baby. I could take him with me. Maeby look into that as an option. Good luck sweetie

I had to go back to work 3 weeks PP after my first baby and it sucked and I cried when I pumped and I ended up having to stop breastfeeding at 7 months because she like the bottle better. I get it but I was never resentful of those around me for encouraging me to work. I was doing what was best for my family.

I watch the grandkids for my daughters while they work. I know it’s hard for young mothers trying to do it all, My generation Mothers could stay home and care for the family and took care of everyone. Maybe you could open a small daycare at your home, sell Mary Kay, Avon, Candles on the side. My hat goes off to you I know it isnt easy best of luck.

My kids are 7 & 8 and I still hate to be away from home. I wish I had an answer but my only advice is to try to find the best position for you. I am still struggling to do that!

These comments are absolutely insane I can’t believe the audacity of some folks. Like no the husband doesn’t need a second job why the heck should he bust his ass even more when he is already providing for the family and she is more than capable of working she is just struggling mentally right now. She needs to find a job closer to home that’s split shift or part time not put more weight on her husband’s shoulders because hes the man. All of you to that are saying have your husband get a second job I’m sure you all fight for equal rights for women but right now it doesn’t benefit you so screw that. You all are a mess.
Start holding the door for your man! :clap::ok_hand:

Wow who ever posted this , I could swear this was my. Post I just went back to work December after being on maternity leave and I feel like I wanna cry Soo bad because I legit feel that I am missing out on my babies life. It’s so horrible. Following this post for some encouragement.

I was lucky enough to be home with my kids until they were 4 and 2. Even though I was home with them since they were born, I still have mom guilt and I hate every second that I’m at work. I’m considering quitting or looking for work from home opportunities. It doesn’t get better.

If possible sit down with you SO and tell him exactly how you feel and what your going through. Maybe you guys can make it work if you get a part time job closer to home. Do not fall for any of those pyramid schemes people have going targeted at stay at home moms. I know it’s hard and eventually it will get better. As a working mom you do miss out of some of the first but look at this way just bc you dont see the actual first time baby does something doesnt mean the First time you see it isnt as special. Tell people not to tell you when she hits milestones or has some of those firsts ,so that you can see it for yourself . I know I am rambled but hope some of this helped


Sounds like you may have PPD.
If your struggling financially with just his income, then it is important for you to work too. I think its a great idea if you can find a work from home or part time that will allow you to be financially stable…remember you have to have funds ro provide stability for kids and yourself.
Its OKAY to feel the way you do.
Some financial consultations will offer a free visit (sometimes) maybe meet with one and see what it would take for you to achieve your goal of being a SAHM.

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I missed the first two years of my daughters life because I had to work. It never got completely easy. She’s 7, now, and I missed the last two years of her life because my husband refused to work. Now I’m unemployed, and we’re separated, and while times are hard it’s been nice to see her, and take her her to school, pick her up from school…but I know that I have to Mom up, and get work soon.

Mama, I went back to work when my daughter was almost 2 months old. I had no choice financially wise. I will literally regret it until the day I die. She’s 9 now

It’s hard mama, most moms go back after 6 weeks. You’re not alone. See if you can get photos and videos from whoever is watching her, and look for part time night shift or something when she’s asleep so you can be there during the day, that’s what I do.

Girl I feel you. My daughter is 4 months and I hated and still hate leaving her. I tell my husband everyday I wanna be a stay at home mom. We could afford it if it weren’t for the cost of medical insurance. Through my work it’s cheap through his it’s an extra 350 dollars a person.

Kinda sounds like a little bit of PPD. I would talk to your doctor. I hope things get better.

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I’m so sorry. Your feelings are valid. Especially since it isn’t what you had planned. Please see your doctor. You may need a short term anti depressant to get over this. Also, try to get outside and walk with your baby in a stroller and maybe get involved in a mom/baby exercise class or bring your baby for swimming lessons. It gets better. Right now you are struggling with a lot of changes, exhaustion and hormones but after the baby weans and you get into a routine it gets less horrible.

I was in this position. I went back to work 3 weeks PP with my first and had my second 5 years later and went back to work 4 weeks PP. For me it did get easier as time went on. We didn’t struggle to provide for our boys and that helped to remind myself why I was working. Someone mentioned asking your partner to get a 2nd part time job. I don’t think that’s fair. They want to spend time with their child too. If you can cut back on expenses now, save some money and continue to keep expenses low maybe you can plan to stay home a little later on. Also, finding a great daycare helps as well. My in home provider would send me pics everyday and I could call once or twice a day to check in. It got easier. Now they’re 12 and 17 and I love my job and get to be there for all their activities. Everyone is happy. Good luck to you mama.


I went back to work 4 weeks postpartum. You do what you have to do, your child will appreciate it knowing you worked so hard to make sure they had a safe and stable home to live in.

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My mom went back 6 weeks after me. She went back 4 1/2 weeks after my sister. They needed money. I wish i could get away from mine sometimes :laughing: but you do what you have to. I suggest talking to your about PPD

Staying home with your child is a valid choice. You will live a different lifestyle but I found it fulfilling. Adjust your budget, adjust your goals, adjust you values. I completely unexpectedly stayed home and raised my three children, now 31,28 and 21. I would not change one single minute. We didn’t do Disneyland or Hawaii. We didn’t eat fast food or buy new cars or fancy clothing but our home was and is filled with love and memories and warmth. We frequented the library, free museum events, community events, cub scouts , girl scouts, school sporting events…We exchanged labor or talents with other families. We thrived on one very modest income! It’s a choice. What is important to you? I was involved in all of my children’s classrooms and I loved it!


My Son Is About To Be 10 Months And The First 3 1/2 Months I Was A Stay At Home Mom Till We Moved Away From All Of Our Family Outta State Then I Was Working Two Jobs While My Other Hald Was Looking For A Job So I Get Where Your Coming From Its Hard I Get Through My Days By Looking At What I Can Do For Him Now With A Job

My mom sells pampered chef from home and makes a decent amount of money. It’s all online party’s so you would be able to stay home with your baby. Pm me if you want some info. It might be something you can do.

Maybe you could work 6pm to 12am. It’s part time but you would be with your baby during the day. I stay at home and I often don’t fall asleep until midnight anyhow. So you would still get sleep and you could take a midday nap with babe

I stayed home with my first for a year. It was a struggle financially but I had horrible PPA and couldn’t leave him anywhere. With #2 I went back to work at 8 weeks and had a horrible experience with a sitter a couple of months later so I quit to stay home with him again. I supplemented by keeping a couple of kids. Just enough to pay for groceries at least. It was fun! I got to stay with my boys and help out other moms so they didn’t have to go through what I did :woman_facepalming:t3:

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Vent Mumma it’s ok!!
It sucks big time, my little man is nearly 8 months old & I cry everyday I leave him,
(And no I don’t have PPD) just a mum that misses her kids!
I work 2 full days & 3 half days & I feel like I miss out on so much!
Hopefully it’ll get easier over time for all of us that are struggling with missing our babies


I would try to find something closer to home. I would also go to dr. to see if you have a little postpartum depression… it happens and you could probably take a little dose of something that is safe while breastfeeding to take the edge off. You need to savor the time you are off, like weekends, and enjoy that quality time!

When i was in your situation , i had a small day care in my living room. Took only two kids the same age as mine. Cleared the room .Painted ,happy things ,bought three porta cribs , lots of toys , and 3 high chairs. Family and babies could see in/out the big windows. I had been a nurse ,so had my cpr card. I had a waiting list . Only kept two so no licensing needed. Try it !

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Oh momma I feel for ya it’s a hard one going back to work I’m headed there myself Monday.

I know here in Ohio (no sure where you are located) we have a lot of employers that you can work from home for. Like Victoria secret has a call center but they have a credit department as well and they work from home, some of the telamarkings ones can be worked from home. I know I searched a bunch of at home jobs using indeed.com and other online job finding places too. Keep your head up momma it’s not uncommon to feel like this no one else will know how you feel unless they have “had” a baby. We go from carrying that bundle of joy 9 months to having to leave him/her with someone once our leave is done :frowning: it stinks something awful. I wish more employers had daycare on site, heck I work for the state and tons of people have begged them to do that. Good luck momma we all have to stick together :two_hearts:

You guys need to look at your situation, sit down and look at all of your bills. Talk about what you really need right now and depart with what you can live without. I truly believe, that a mother needs to be home with her child/children in order for them to receive that love and care. Hope you will be able to figure something out.:blush:


We all miss our baby and miss the mile stones

It’s a luxury to be SAHM
One income to be enough
I really love my job so although I miss him it’s only part time and I actually do want to contribute financially and to society
I like the break I get from home life
Hes really picky and baby Basically wants me and only me but I still dont feel bad cuz hubby a good dad and it’s their turn to bond

I think ur extra sad
Its ppd
U should reach out to ur dr

Both are hard either way, I’m currently a SAHM but not by choice I’m disabled now and it’s just me and my 2 kids so I personally miss the $ from working, and I think the transition to school helps if they’re used to daycares and such.

Talk to your doctor about ppd, the separation will make it worse.

Draw from your ancestry. They plowed the field chopped wood and a lot more. Enough with the guilt. It’s a part of life

I’m sorry sis. Mine is 2 weeks and I plan on going back at 7 weeks. It’s going to be so hard. Know you’re not alone. This is unfortunately a burden many moms share.

I did daycare at home , so I could be home with my baby .

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Can you adjust your budget to where it will fit in you partners pay. Maybe cut down on some non important items. Can your partner see about getting a raise, or maybe a different job or 2nd job? ALSO might help to talk to your doctor about post pardum depression.

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I have 6 kids, 4 of which I went back to work within 6-12 weeks after and it didn’t get easier until they were around 4 yrs old for me when they could understand. The 2 I stayed home with was a short financial struggle but it was well worth it. You can never get back that time & security of being with your own child. What really helped was having a trusted family member watch while working :two_hearts:good luck! Your feelings are natural and DONT sounds like Post partum to me at all.


I had to go back to work when both my kids were 2 wks old because I didn’t have paid maternity leave. It was hard but I had to do it to take care of my babies. I felt great comfort in knowing they had a great babysitter. Hope it gets better for you!

I’m glad I didn’t turn into a SAHM, I love work, I love sharing the bills, house work, parenting 50/50 with my husband.

Can you make money looking after a few kids in your home instead of leaving your baby to be looked after by other people?

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Girl you are not alone. My daughter is almost 3 and i had to go back to work when she was 6 weeks old. I still break down and cry sometimes because im her only parent and i feel like crap leaving her. It doesnt get eaiser it just gets more bearable. And know that at least your daughter will have a roof over her head and food in her belly. We are all with you momma. Sending hugs and understanding.


Mommy guilt. You’ll be feeling that. For the rest of your life. I take it this is your first kid. It does get easier. We all make sacrifices for our children. No mother on the planet that has had to return to work feels good about it.


Sweetie what you feel is normal,you also may have some postpartum depression going on.Talk to your doctor,cut your work hours till you can find something else.Look for work you can do from home.Talk to us.

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With my second child I had to go back to work in 8 weeks. I had 4 weeks left of FMLA, so instead of going back full time I went back for half days. So I was paid for 20 hrs per week and 20 hours was unpaid. Even with half days I still cried for the first couple of weeks. For me It got easier as time went on. Maybe you should consult a therapist. It could be hormonal, it could be PPD.

We have 7 very young children. My hubby works full time days, donates plasma 2x a week and works for cash from his uncle doing construction on his days off if the weather is good enough. I work evenings doing food deliveries which means I stay home during the day with the babies. I do just about everything for the house along with appts, paying bills, and after school activities. We can’t afford for me to stay home completely. We don’t have a support system. Just each other. Maybe look into something to do part time in the evenings to help with bills. Gives you a chance to work but pick your own schedule. Work as much or as little as you like and not have to worry about having someone cover a shift if you can’t work. It may not pay a bunch but the flexibility is great.

Being a working mom isn’t for everyone. Only you will know what will work for you. You gave it a try and are still trying and struggling. Have a heart to heart sit down with your SO and your dr. Could also be postpartum. I had that for almost a year after I had my 5th baby. It comes and goes, hits everyone differently. Worth a shot to check into.

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Post parfumerie depression you need mental stability the way you feel your loss is completely normal.

I was fortunate enough to beable to stay home with our daughter up until last year. I started working again last October, 2018 before she turned 3 (December 29th). I still feel like I’m missing out on stuff and some days are a lot harder than others. I wish I could say it gets easier, and maybe it does for some, but it hasn’t for me yet :pensive:

My husband doesn’t make that much money, but I stay at home to care for our baby. You may want to talk to your partner about reducing costs/getting a cheaper place and downsizing so that you can stay home with your baby. It’s perfectly natural to want to stay home with them because in nature we’re not supposed to leave their sides until they’re older and can sustain themselves. That’s also the reason why babies are clingy to us in return, because if they’re left alone in the wild they’d die. Sadly our society is not designed around supporting mothers and babies, so you gotta do what you have to do. But if you get your husband to understand and you’re willing to make sacrifices, you can make it work. It’s a struggle, but it’s worth it to be the one caring for your child, especially when you read all those horror stories about different daycares.


I cannot imagine :cry: I’m sorry that your family doesn’t seem to understand, and I hope that you are able to figure out a way to stay home with your sweet baby! As others have commented, I would definitely look into starting an in-home daycare.

It’s so interesting how majority of the women giving negative feed back are all old.

Why is this? Who ruined your mothering experience to the point of criticizing another’s needs and wants.
We all function and parent different and some have different opportunities then others. Learn to support and give feed back without degrading someone or get the fuck of this page.


I owned a daycare and realize how tough it is for you but if you find a good caregiver with other lil ones your child will thrive. I always told my parents just be present when you are with your child. You truly appreciate the time you have with them. Good luck

I had no choice but to work either. Yeah it sucks but the world we live in today takes two incomes to make it.

So. Girl. Assuming you’re broke as shit and will get a pretty penny back for tax time is there anyway you could live off that once you get it and start being at home more? Idk if it’s postpartum depression but it definitely sounds like it so I absolutely would not suggest quitting work all together, find something for only a few hours a week because isolation will be your downfall so bad. Something in your town, super short commute and I know it’ll suck but just explain to them that you can only do a few hours at a time or you’ll need to pump at work (which I believe is a HUGE depressing trigger in itself) and really just go to a professional and have them help you get every last cent back.
Also, I’m sorry about all these fucking bitches, I pray their children never have problems with something everyone else has problems with too.

Maybe husband should take on extra work.After all,a husband should be the sole provider for his wife and children,at least until the children are in school.


In February they start the paid maternity anyway you can get on that? I know it’s a month away but apply now and they give you 4 months paid maternity leave!

I’m sorry. It’s wonderful that you’re working hard to take care of your baby. It’s definitely hard to leave them, though. Looking into other employment options could be a positive thing! In the meantime, keep your head up, and make sure you get as much loving and snuggles in as you possibly can while you’re home. :heart:

Try getting a job at a daycare so you can take him with. That is what i did!


I totally understand…my son is 9 month now and the tought of going back to work after my maternity leave was over nearly killed me so i never did. I figured me being with my son and breastfeeding was way more important than any financial situation. By now i tought it would get easier but it didnt for me i still couldnt leave him. Do whatever u feel is good for u and ur baby.

If you need/want to you can message me!!!
Its different for everyone!!! With my first i took 6 weeks maternity leave with my second i went back when he was a week old and now my third im going back after a month!!! With my first i didnt want to go back to work so much but financially had to… With my second i wanted to be off for a couple weeks but i worked in home health and my client wouldnt let anyone else take care of him and he was only a few hours a day 5 days a week and now with my 3rd im still in home health and financially i need to go back and i actually wanted to go back sooner however at first she wasnt gaining weight so i waited til she was straightened out!!! Everyone feels different about things!!! I dont like staying home all the time or not having the extra income for others its what they love!!! Good luck mama!!! Hopefully all works out for you!!!

Every mom wants to stay home and be with their child. (Well most) some are fortunate to be able to. Some are not. Having financial security is a major thing for your child. And for you and your family. You should feel good about that. Many families struggle, many both work and cant get stable. Feel grateful :slight_smile: I stayed home when kids were little because daycare was outrageous I was working just to pay them. We didnt have help at all. He wont remember this time in life i know you will. Remember it’s just a period of time.

Postpartum depression is a very real thing that most people don’t understand. Is it a possibility that you could get a part time job close to where you live?


Nobody understands PPD. It sends you to an unknown place of your own, where you constantly get lost. Sending you strength and light.


Sending prayers and hugs.

Working is something you have to do… You can make yourself miserable or handle it. It does suck! But you have to change your perspective, things won’t get better if you don’t allow them to. I went right back to work after my first two kids. Realize you are being responsible, that doesn’t change after you have a baby it is more pressing.

I feel if you have a partner he shouldn’t be the only one providing, especially if he is having trouble doing so

Speak with your dr about your depression.