I have 4 kids and do not feel like myself: Is that normal?

Hi mamas i am lost at least i think. I have 4 kids 8, 4, 15 months and 3 weeks. Is it normal to not feel yourself? I dont want to get out of bed or really even leave my room. I dont feel drepressed or any thing. I cry at the stupidest things. But i forse myself out of bed and out of my room to do the things i need to do amd take care of my babys. I have never had this with any of my other kids i always felt fine after. This is my last one and i have always had my mond set of 4 kids. My husband thinks i am getting myself down cuz this is our last baby. But i just dont know if it is or not. Please help i want to get back to my normal self.


I had ppd that’s exactly how I felt. It could be many things though.


I know you may think it’s not depression, but depression looks different to each person. I think it’s PPD, I’m no doctor, but you should talk to yours about it. I have PPD and because I haven’t given myself the self care I deserve, I’m still struggling with it and my daughter is about to be 1 in 8 days. Get help sooner and feel better sooner. You’ve got a lot of kids and your own personal identity is probably feeling lost in the busy lifestyle. Do something for yourself, get away for a day and get ur nails done, go shopping, or even simply just take a drive, have a girl’s night- kid free. Sometimes that really helps to refresh me to just take a break. Hope that helps, it does get better❤


I had it and it is rough to deal with I had 3 kids and a hubby and he was trying to work and deal with me and help with the kids .I went to the doctor and got help because I thought I was going crazy and I know I was driving him nuts with the way I was acting and all the work I putting on him …I wish you the best but I really think you should get some help .good bless you and your family…

It’s ppd…I went through it with all 3 of my kids… luckily I was able to get over it without meds or therapy but you should talk to your doctor

Talk to your Dr, it could be post partum depression

Post partum depression. Talk to your doctor.

its definitely post part depression, talk to your dr love. it is completely normal to feel like that after having a baby just make sure that you go and talk to somebody about it! Good luck, momma.


Sounds like PPD to me. Please go to your doctor. Please don’t put off. Please dont try convincing yourself you can deal with it on your own or it will go away. You need to properly take care of you to take care of your family.


Sounds like you have the baby blues which is normal to have after having a baby. Its your body getting used to not having all of those hormones being pumped throughout it that had been for 9 months. It should eventually pass but if it doesnt then you should definately talk to your doctor if it gets any worse


You need to talk to your doctor. This is not healthy for you. Please reach out and get help.

What you described is depression (lack of interest in doing anything, crying, etc) and if you have a 3 week old, that would be postpartum depression. Talk with your doctor about it.


I had ppd I had the weirdest symptoms I didn’t really feel depressed in my mind but I was showing all the signs my doctor admitted me in the hospital for a week and put me on meds for a few months I was back to myself in no time

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Could be ppd but you could also be genuinely overwhelmed. I have a 21 month old and a 2 month old and I get overwhelmed about every other day.

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Sadness/feeling depressed is technically not necessary for a diagnosis of depression. I agree with what others are saying.

Yes because I’m exhausted :weary: my 4 are 11, 8, 4, and 16 months. Full time job and sports have me never wanting to get out of bed :sleeping_bed:

It definitely sounds like ppd I am a mum of 3 had it with all of mine and definitely after my miscarriage I’m pregnant at the moment and not feeling great at the moment

Honey you just had that baby 3 weeks ago your not gonna feel like your self at least for a couple months. You may have ppd you may not. Talk to your Dr to know for sure but as a mother of 4 children I went thru the same thing with my 4th one. I was so sad and I just went through this phase where I didn’t feel like me at all. But once she was about 6 months I started feeling better. You will get there it just takes time. Having a 4th doesn’t seem like a big change after having 3 but it really is. Your still getting used to it as well. I wish you all the best. I would still talk to your Dr just to be safe.

Honey that’s depression…look up different signs of depression…please go get yourself some help you will be so thankful you did…

How you feel is normal, the cure, find some time for YOU. Believe me it’s true, I had 6 babies, they are all grown up now with families of their own, it was overwhelming at times for me, but I got through it because I took time for Me. God Bless

Depression has many faces… Sounds like depression. Definitely seek help