I have a fear something is going to go wrong with my c-section: Thoughts?

Was just diagnosed with anemia and I’m having a second c section on Friday, and I’m terrified something is going to go wrong, has anyone else had a strong fear of dying during their scheduled c section? I feel like I’m gonna leave my son and fiance behind.


Not a Csection but chikd birth for sure .My third I hemmoraged at 4 days post partum and that was the scariest thing I ever went through … When I had my fourth I was a wreck the whole pregnancy .

I didn’t with my csection (1) but arriving at 33 weeks on the dot on my birthday 3.5 years ago

You will be fine. I had a little anxiety about my scheduled. But that’s what it is, cuz its scheduled and not spontaneous. Itll be over before you know it and your sweet babes is gonna be on your chest and your s/o by your side the whole time.

I think it’s normal. I’m the same way

It’s good that they know you’re anemic, now they’ll be extra prepared and ready for a blood transfusion.

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I think everyone gets that anxiety before its time… trust the Docs.

I also had that dear with my second one. My first c section didn’t go so well. I had a great team of doctors and expressed my fear with them and concerns. They really reassured me if anything happened they would be right there ontop of it. I know it’s a very hard thing to go through, but they are trained and it’s a routine surgery. I hope everything goes smooth for you! Praying for you and that it’s a speedy recovery.

Its anxiety, completely normal. I have to have a second one too and i know once i get closer i wll panic, the doctors literally do c sections almost every day!! I promise you will be okay :heart:

I thought this when I had my c section 2 years ago, I think it’s pretty normal to think the worst tbh xx

No. You won’t be put under and that’s the most dangerous part of any surgery

Everytime! I was so scared, my 4th i had an extra I.V put in incase I started losing blood due to have a window on my uterus, everytime when I started shaking because I was so cold I thought that was going to be the end. Holding your little will make it all go away

Just put it in God’s hands. Pray!

I think its natural fear but definitely discuss with your dr. I I hemeraged with my first natural birth my second I had a subchornic hemerage and she was breech so I had a schedule c section and was beyond terrified. Prayers for you mama. God has a plan

I had 3 c sections momma. You’re good! I was anemic too and everything went fine! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I’m also on blood thinners. So you got this!

My son and I both almost died when I had an emergency c section. They couldn’t “find” the anesthesiologists and had to cut me open before he got there to save my babies life. Most traumatic experience of my life. When my baby was 7 months old, I found myself pregnant again. I spent most of my pregnancy crying because of this exact reason. But like others said. It’s scheduled so they will be there and prepared. I just keep telling myself it’ll be ok, you’ll get thru it mama :heart:

Awe it will be ok! Breathe they have a whole team of doctors in the o.r just incase

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I had 2 C-sections I was very nervous, but not scared. I did have a few thought of death especially now days it gives me so much anxiety. However you will be ok just don’t think about it. Think about seeing your baby when it’s all over. Make sure your fiancé is by your side the whole way threw the procedure that will give you comfort. Don’t worry yourself with somethings you can’t control like death. Focus on the positive, and not the negative. Get ready to hold baby, and love baby it will be over before you know it :two_hearts:

I had 2. One was emergency with no complications. The second was a breeze too. My son was born sick but that had nothing to with the c-section. Don’t be negative. Think positive and what your end goal is. :blush:

I did almost and both of us had to be brought back. BUT that’s also rare. So relax and have faith in your dr. Let her know your fears. Ask questions.

My 3rd was a csection. I too was terrified something was going to go wrong… but I thought about my lil Emilie and just tried to relax and thing if anything were to go wrong, that I’m I’m a hospital with doctors and I’m sure theyve dealt with emergencies before. Think positive and about your lil baby :slight_smile: :heartpulse::heartpulse:

Oh yes I had anemia with both my c-sections just do what you need to do you’ll be fine :blush:

It’s definitely normal. My first was an emergency c section so things were very scary and I did almost die due to being given too much epidural all at once. My second was planned and I was terrified of the same things happening again but it went so much better. Everyone is calm during a planned one…no machines screaming or people running around frantically trying to save you. All the doctors and nurses were talking and telling jokes. Whole different experience. I wish you all the best!

I felt the exact same going in for my second c section. I was terrified. Its normal. And i just told myself to stay awake and remember as much as I could lol it worked great and my surgery went wonderfully!

I had an unexpected c section my bp was high and she turned breech and had it done at 32weeks I was scared just tell your doctor any concerns I wasnt sure what to expect my other 2 were natural had no issues but I did end up losing to much blood and they had to give me a shot then afterwards instead of a blood transfusion they have me an IV iron drip and my levels came up it was scary but my doctors/nurses were amazing

I thought I was dying during my very first c section. My mom kept waking me up cuz I was so drugged up and i kept telling her to just let me go. It’s a very rational fear, because it’s a serious procedure, but try to remember there are so many trained professionals there to help.

I was anemic and he my 2nd csection a little less than a month ago. My OB put me on Feriva for iron (will make you EXTRA constipated) and I let my intake nurse know as soon as I got to the hospital. They checked me labs to verify and my iron count went up. If it hadn’t they make sure they have your blood type on hand. It’s norm and happens all the time for mommies to be anemic so don’t stress too much. I dreamt of crazy shit before mine and everything went well. Just listen to your doctor and do what your supposed to do. Oh I also stopped taking the iron supplement like 2 days before surgery because I sure as hell didn’t need anything extra to constipate me on top of the anesthesia and surgery

I worried about that also. My drsaid I had a much higher chance of dying in a car wreck on the way to the hospital than dying in his OR and to relax , be excited and leave the rest to him.

That’s natural whether it’s a c-section or just surgery in general.im sure with you being anemic they will have blood there on hand .

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Csections are scary! Theyre major surgeries. Just remember it rarely happens (death during childbirth). I was anemic and hemorrhaged during my csection, and I had 0 idea anything was wrong. Theyre trained and youre in good hands.

I had anemia with my emergency csection and I had no issues. I think with any surgery it can make you nervous. I’m sure you will be fine.

I did and was prescribed an anti anxiety to take the night before which helped a lot more than I thought it did. Everything went smoothly with my csection and was by far the easiest one i had (was my second following an emergency with my child previous) my 3rd one I thought I would be fine without the anti anxiety meds and I had 3 panic attacks on the table. It was terrible.

Try to stay positive. I had this same feeling with both of my c sections. But it was just that, just feelings. Our brains have a bad habit of creating scenes in our head try to block them out. Talk to tour doctor. I remember telling the surgeon please dont let us die before they started.

The OP is looking for advice on how to get through it and NOT be afraid. And all the mom on here are posting their horror stories :woman_facepalming:t2: good grief.

You are a normal person, and typical mom! Sending positive thoughts your way. Everything will be fine! :yellow_heart::v:

Crazy how the OP is looking for advice on how to get through it and NOT be afraid. But so many moms on here are posting their horror stories as if that’s gonna help any :woman_facepalming:t2: good grief.

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Never had c section but I have chronic anemia and I started bleeding really bad with my first almost bleed out I though their was so much blood doctor got it stopped and they started blood immediately on top of other things over all I was just really weak for a day or two

Having a c-section was literally my biggest fear of being pregnant… both times. My mom had 3 c-sections and they were Hell for her. She had them back when the incision was up and down, from under your belly botton to your pelvic bone. She could barely move for weeks, had metal staples that she had to go back and have removed. It was terrifying. Plus my aunt had one, incision hip to hip, and got super infected because she ended up being allergic to the metal utensils used by the hospital. I was so afraid of having a c-section that after 27hrs of labor and 4 hours of pushing with no epidural w/ my oldest child, my OB told me I should have one and I refused. I pushed for another hour and got him out by myself. When my 2nd child came I had been in labor for 19hrs and had been pushing again for over 4hrs. His heart rate dropped, mine sky-rocketed, and I was rushed in for an emergency c-section. I was absolutely terrified and panicked. My worst fears were coming true and I couldn’t do anything about it. It ended up being quick, much less painful, and my epidural worked w/ this labor so I didn’t even need a spinal. They just turned my epidural up. They also used dissolvable stitches so I didn’t need the staples removed later. My son had his umbilical cord wrapped around his throat twice and came out blue and not breathing. Had I refused the c-section and pushed him out I would be strangled him to death and he wouldn’t be here. I walked around the hospital with him the night after the c-section and was up and moving around at home pretty quickly. I went up and down stairs, walked to the store, and went grocery shopping within a week of having him. I went back to work as a waitress 5 weeks after. It wasn’t anywhere near as bad as I had thought. And my incision in the length of my hand. My son will be 7 in May and you can barely see the scar. The procedure is much better now then it was when my mom had it. You freak yourself out more then anything. Just take a deep breath, think positive, and remember women have these all the time. You’ll be fine. And when it’s over you’ll have a happy and healthy baby!
Best of luck :yellow_heart:

I kept dreaming it and actually told my 16 year old where I hid money and what to do if something did happen. Now I have a 3 month old who is happy as can be

Everything will be ok

With many things there’s always a risk or chance of the unknown, but… don’t give that fear or thought any power!
Accept that there is a risk, but decide that everything will be alright, go well, and take place properly.
I believe it’s korma to have some fear and anxiety… was the last surgery difficult? Any part of it? How were the staff? If you have any concerns, let it be known… ask for the contingency plans if something was to go wrong. This can also give some anxiety, but… hopefully it’ll give you peace of mind and relief. Find the answers to your questions… ask for the step by step. Write all of you questions down…

I send you some prayers, for peace… and joy… comfort and sleep, soon you’ll be holding your beautiful baby… breathe… the only stressor you’re might have is a lack of sleep after you have your sweet baby… I pray you have good support!!

Every woman is scared going into a c-section but as long as you trust your dr you’ll be fine just stay positive. Thinking negative is just going to increase your fears and make you more scared.

I never had a c section can’t imagine what you are going through but I do know that there only one answer and his name is JESUS

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All three of my babes were C-section, first was not planned. Anything can go wrong either way. I always feared a tad bit, I’m sure most momma’s do, it’s natural. You will be just fine :heart:

I’ve had 5 c sections, my last 2 I just “knew” something was going to go wrong, with #4 I didn’t think baby would survive and with the 5th I thought I’d bleed out. Everything went fine. It’s normal to have these fears. hoping it goes perfect for you. I was also anemic the last 3.

It’s natural to feel scared and/or anxious. I have had two c-sections and I was a nervous wreck for both. I hated the feeling of not being able to feel my lower half and I felt like I struggled to breathe. And I was also scared of dying. But the doctors are highly trained and ready to intervene if something should go wrong. The nurses were great at helping me to keep calm. You just have to do your best to think positive thoughts. Concentrate on meeting your little one.

I know this feeling all to well. I shattered my spine yrs ago so when i have my babies im completely put out during my csections .

That means ALL csection prep is done while im awake and strapped to a table with noone allowed in the room.

It makes the happiest days of your life turn into the scariest.
Just have faith and choose a hospital you are absolutely comfortable with. I was anemic with all three c sections no complications for me or the babies

Dont freak yourself out more , its a major surgery but its routine and you will be fine ! You have a right to be scared

Sending love and prayers your way !

I had 4 c-sections, pregnancy anemia, all of them went fine. My OB said you are more likely to die on the way to the hospital then on the table even on the 4th c-section.

I had the same feeling when I was having my 3rd. My second was a c-section and 3 weeks before giving birth with the 3rd the doctor sat me down and started going through the risks. You will be ok. Your in good hands. Stay positive!

I had such bad anxiety with my last two babies. Vbac. I literally couldn’t picture myself coming home with them and cried all the time worried I was going to leave my other 2 motherless. I think it’s pretty common to worry about the babies we have already as well.
I had to get some tough love and be reminded there’s no going back, baby is in there needs out, only forward. Voice your concerns with your doctor, your partner, let the staff at the hospital know so they can be more compassionate. Remind yourself these doctors do this every. Single. Day. And honestly I had to tell myself some more “common” ways for people to die aside from child birth.

my last one I was convinced I was going to for. even laying in the room just before the operating theatre begging my husband to promise to play with the kids more. It was terrifying.

I am extremely anemic always have been and had to take iron pills for this pregnancy. My last kid I was thrown on the table and cut open becuz my nurses were stupid and lost her heart beat. I wasnt spoke to about it sure wasnt prepared for it. Was shaking uncontrollably and teeth chattering super bad as soon as she was pulled out I passed smooth out for 8 hours straight . Now having another kid in 7 days going to go thru it again however I got my iron up enough that this time it should be easier . I almost died becuz of being anemic and iron being so low last time. It is scary and my 3 kids are scared for next Monday .

I had an autoimmune disorder while pregnant with my son. I lost so much blood. I ended up getting 8 blood transfusions In 3 months. I was hospitalized and confined to a bed. I had an emergency C-section at 28 weeks and we are both helathy now.

I had crazy anxiety with my second c section. My first was emergency, I tried to have my son vaginally it wasn’t working, I had already fully labored, had contractions, had an epidural, it had already been hours so there was no time to freak out. I was of course scared but the anesthesiologist gave me something to calm my nerves right before surgery. My second c section however was TERRIFYING! Totally different experience, like all the waiting and the pre op stuff my brain had too much time to over think and I had a little mini panic attack as soon as they out the IV in my hand. I couldn’t not stop crying, Everytime a nurse or doctor asked me a question I couldn’t even answer cuz I’d just start crying. I dunno why but as soon as that IV was in it all hit me at once and I freaked TF out. Anyway, I asked if they could give me something for my nerves like they did last time, they gave me Valium right before the spinal block and it helped a lot. I was cool as a cucumber the rest of th,e time. I’ve had 2 c sections one unplanned one planned, the.planned one was for sure scarier for me. See if they will give you something, it helped me a lot. It’s an intimidating procedure for sure. But you’ll be ok, as freaked out as I was everything was fine. You’ll have doctors and nurses there to help you, just be sure to speak up and tell them how you are feeling, tell them you are scared,.cry if you gotta cry let it out and don’t be afraid to ask for help. You got this.

Yes I was in the same boat. I have horrible anxiety and the last two weeks really amped up and was feeling I had only weeks left on earth. I had my c section on Jan 10th. My second and she was my miracle baby. I know nothing anyone says will take away that feeling but try and breathe. Once I got back on the table I just kept positive thoughts in my head and focused on my breathing. I wish you the best.

I just had my second c-section on the 13th of February, was scheduled for 7:30am but had to wait all damn day and get 3 bags of blood prior to surgery due to being extremely anemic- but for months before-hand I had this unshakable fear that I wasn’t gonna make it. Idk why. Like nothing made it better until I woke up and realized I didn’t die. Lol. My first c-section was an emergency, didn’t have time to panic. Other than having them blow 3 veins attempting to put an IV in me, and the 3 bags of blood plus waiting all day, oh then my spinal didn’t take so my husband wasn’t able to be in the room because they had to put me under at the last minute- everything went fine, delivered a healthy baby boy 5lb 14oz and he’s now 11 days old and doing great, as am I. Sorry you’re going through this, it’s hella hard to deal with. I literally couldn’t get the idea out of my head that I wasn’t going to make it, to the point I just kind of accepted the fac,t and started keeping it to myself lol so, like everyone else told me (and it’s probably true): you’ll be fine, quit worrying so much. My favorite thing to hear

With many things there’s always a risk or chance of the unknown, but… don’t give that fear or thought any power!
Accept that there is a risk, but decide that everything will be alright, go well, and take place properly.
I believe it’s korma to have some fear and anxiety… was the last surgery difficult? Any part of it? How were the staff? If you have any concerns, let it be known… ask for the contingency plans if something was to go wrong. This can also give some anxiety, but… hopefully it’ll give you peace of mind and relief. Find the answers to your questions… ask for the step by step. Write all of you questions down…

I send you some prayers, for peace… and joy… comfort and sleep, soon you’ll be holding your beautiful baby… breathe… the only stressor you’re might have is a lack of sleep after you have your sweet baby… I pray you have good support!!

Yeah I was terrified too! You will be fine they do so many every minute. I had anemia aswell that was my fear (bloodloss) but it’s very common and it’s fine nothing will happen, they know exactly what to do! Pm me if you want and best wishes for you and baby :heart:

I havent had a csection. But my daughter did with my grand son. It was an emergency csection. I was with her the whole time. If they do it the same way you will be awake the whole time. She was terrified as well. I sat by her head along with my mother. We all cried when we heard him cry. It was all happy tears. She did just fine. The part that she had trouble with was she had gotten sick off the meds and kept throwing up. So they kept giving her meds to help not throw up and pop her staples open. So she was pretty sleepy and out of it after that. Till the next morning. But she sid fine. And handled it pretty well and shes usually a sissy with pain. She received pretty quick with no further problems. I hope it goes really smoothe for you as well and are able to enjoy you new baby. Congratulations, a bit early but enjoy them while they are little.

I am a nurse and I totally agree with Krista and Angie. A c-section is very fast so that precious baby will be in your arms before you know it. A prayer to your higher power would not hurt a bit. Best of Luck

I was scared. I thought about it but I tried to focus on the facts that I know. They have blood on hand and they’ll be ready knowing you’re anemic should they need it. Your body will he so full of fluids that your blood pressure will be great. The surgery is quick. You’ll be in and out, aware and ready to see baby in no time at all. Stay positive and know everyone in that room is trained to keep you stable. I labored to 10, and was rushed into c section bc my son wasn’t doing well. I got sick after I delivered my first born vaginally and I was more scared then than I was for the c section. It’s not unreasonable as mom’s we want all the time with our kids. Just stay positive.

I have had two c sections. It’s normal to be scared it is major surgery, however that said doctors do them every day and know what they are doing. You will also be awake and alert. Schedule c sections are different from emergency. They are less traumatic. If you have any questions you can message me, but you should be fine. Before I went it helped me to watch c sections there used to be a show on that showed you them my boys are 15 and 12 so I am sorry I don’t remember the name.