I have a late period but negative pregnancy test: Advice?

so, I stopped taking my birth control in November, then I had a normal period December 14th. durring my ovulation we tried to get pregnant. now January 18th it’s been 34 days since my last period my normal cycle is 24 days. I’ve taken multiple tests and they have all been negative. if it doesn’t start I will be having a blood test done next week. I should also add my mother had all negative test while being 7 months pregnant with me. has anyone had this?! what was the turn out

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I know everyone is different, but I believe for most ladies it takes months after you stop taking birth control to get pregnant. You may just have to keep trying. And don’t get upset or worried over it because that can make it take longer. Just keep trying and it will happen.


Once I stopped taking my birth control all my levels went haywire and screwed up my cycle. It took about 2 years for me to get pregnant but again everyone is different.

It took me 2 months to get pregnant after stopping the pill. Everyone’s body is different.

It took me a year to get pregnant after I was on the depo I just got my birthcontrol out in October and my period has been every we’re since so we will see how long it will take this time

Try not to stress also I suggest the ovia fertility app it has some great articles about ovulation and helps track cycles.

its not the same but i had one dose of the depo shot then decided we wanted another baby it was 3 years before we became pregnant again

I had mirena for 3 yrs got it out then was on bc pills for 2 months and was pregnant

Both times i stopped birth control i got pregnant within the first month. Dont give up hope. I had negative tests with me second baby til i was like 6-7 weeks pregnant

I had negative tests (even a blood test) until I was 20+ weeks pregnant. I had a beautiful healthy baby boy who is 5 now. My situation has made be jump to premature conclusions since and I have ended up heart broken. BC can cause your periods to be irregular when you come off also.