I have a migrane that will not go away since having an epidural?

Yes had to go to er and get a blood patch because had a spinal leak.

my dau had to get the same thing-- she was in alot of pain from it. about 24-48 hrs after having the blood patch, her head ache started to subside.

What is a blood patch? I had spinal headaches when I had a baby that died right after birth. It was 58 years ago. No such thing as a blood patch then. My one leg flew out when they gave me the spinal. Probably went in crooked. Doctors never make mistakes haha. But they decided my headaches were all in my head. Even though they were so intense I was throwing up from them. Eventually the headaches went away by themselves

My daughter did, and she ended up getting a blood patch. It was horrible for her.

You need to see your Dr. My cousin went through the same thing and she had a spinal fluid leak.

Yes I had one after birth of my first. Medication did take care of it.

I also had a head ache from the epidural 63 years ago.

After I had my last one 7 months ago I had headaches and chills I was told to go to er and it turned out that I was having withdrawal from to much of it and I had a uti to I was told to drink caffeine and was given antibiotics and pain killer you might want to go to the er

I had to have a blood patch. Instant relief!

I have it makes your head feel like it weighs a thousand pounds. The blood patch does work. Just gotta rest after.

I had migraines quite often until my new doctor took away birth control pills No
More migraines

My daughter did they told her to drink some Mountain Dew and it work

My adult daughter has spinal taps and has a blood patch 2 days later. Works everytime

Get the blood patch. You will feel much better. I had to have one with my firstborn in 1984

Yes and blood patch fixed it. Simple procedure

My granddaughter had p0st eclampsia after delivery. After she went home. Ended up back in e.r. a d almost died. It does happen. Get checked.

Also, make sure you check your pressure. I ended up with post partum preeclampsia and almost had a stroke.

Yes. Thet told me at the hospital to drink some vodka. It worked.

Husband had a blood patch done. Made all the difference.

I honestly cannot remember what pains I experienced with my first born, but the pains persisted for a year. Than her first birthday came around and shortly thereafter ALL pains went away! Maybe it just takes a while for the body to get over the trauma and heal!

Yes very much so. Blood patch is what worked.

Chiropractor is the only thing that made mine go away

Omg I had one for a month!!! Pains shooting down my legs and arms,no blood patch back than,gave me an alchol ivy did not help and you could taste that in your mouth,it was awful!!

My daughter had that after her last child. Had the patch done. Only thing that helped.

Lay flat in dark room It took me 3 days

You need a blood patch. I had to have one.

Had a migraine from spinal tap that required two blood patches. It did get better after the 2nd

My sister n law had an epidural 20 years ago, and still has MIGRAINS 5/7 days a week due to it…:sleepy:

I had one after c section had to go back to hospital they had to patch the leaking hole in my back

Please go to the hospital, it could be a blood clot!!

Yes many years ago and I have never forgot the pain!

You DEFINITELY need to get this checked out.

The injection site could be leaking air.

Just go to the ER or your doctor right away. DO NOT DEPEND ON FACEBOOK TO TREAT YOU.

Yep. Had for 3 months

Your spinal fluid may be leaking and u need a patch go to dr

Lord a spinal headache is worse than a migrain get to the ER

Have your doctor check you out. Best advice I can give.

Yea the only thing that helped mine was a ice pack on the back of my neck …

I had one, no problems with headaches but lower back pain ever since.

Go back to the ER this happened to my husband

Spinal Balance Health center

Call your doctor, you may need a blood patch

OUCH-Never heard of that but my back still hurts from getting epidural back in the 60s. Pain was so bad they kept me asleep for 3 days and took turns rubbing my back. I never knew a thing about it the whole time.

A friend of mine had this yrs ago…its caused from spinal fluid leaking out of the puncture from.epidural…she had the blood patch and was fine in a day or two

Retired nurse have seen many . Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. You don’t have to lose much spinal fluid to get that headache.

Check for meningitis!

Go to your Dr or ER IMMEDIATELY

I had a spinal headache after having my daughter it was the worst! Instant relief after getting the blood patch! Hopefully you get some relief soon momma!

Yes. Go get the blood patch. Lay flat it and will go away but you need the blood patch

I had one. They made me lay flat on my back for a week. Didnt help much.

My mom had three epidurals, got spinal headaches with one, and the blood patch fixed it and she hasn’t had one since. But I worked with a girl who had a blood patch and still has the headaches. Doesn’t seem common, though, from what I’ve heard.

I had a “spinal headache” after having my son. I had a blood patch and it was like a miracle . This was in the 80s when that procedure was new.

I got mine after a spinal tap, worst headache ever.

I normally get migraines, but the one from the epidural was different. No meds would take it away, it lasted about 3 months and went away on its own.

Yes! Instant relief! I had a migraine like that after my 3rd c section. No matter how I laid what I ate medicine I took nothing at all helped. They did a blood patch and migraine was gone in a second.

I had a spinal headache after my daughter because they messed up my epidural. They tried to fix it several times, just made it worse. It lasted for a month, caffeine was the only thing that even kinda helped. Good luck and I hope they can fix it for you.

The only cure is a blood patch for almost immediate results. If the spinal sheath is punctured by the needle, the draining fluid causes the headache. The blood patch seals the leak. Go to the doctor!! You can’t function at all with one of those headaches!

I’ve had a migraine from a spinal tap. (Not pregnant). We’ll they didn’t have me lay flat long enough. I had a blood patch done. Headache went away immediately.

I had a spinal headache before after getting a spinal tap. Horrible headache any time I would sit up but if I laid down it was more manageable. I had to take muscle relaxers but it went away after a week or so

Spinal headache was the worst pain id ever felt in my life! I skipped the epidural for the next 2 babies! It felt like all the nerves in my brain were on fire and my head was going to explode! I also was basically paralyzed in my upper body for 3 weeks. Pain was finally bearable after 3 blood patches and a ton of pain meds. I couldn’t even hold my newborn baby! It was awful!

I had to have a blood patch omg it felt so good after the did it immediately it felt better

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My daughter had same problem and ended up needing a blood patch. Headache was gone a few hrs after she had it done. Good luck

I had to have a blood patch, and it took the headache away with in an hour.

I did used migraine meds plus ice packs took a week but left

I.had an epidural with my second child and had s spinal headache worst headache ever and nothing elrked
Had 2 alcohol iv and 2 blood patches
After 2 weeks it resolved on its own

Yes it was terrible mine took a week to go away

Yes I did but can’t remember how how it lasted. It was over 30 yrs ago !!

Do you feel better when you lay down? If not then it’s not a low-pressure headache. Something else is going on. Go to ER

Drink some pickle juice

Blood patch is the best.

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