I have been feeling very overwhelmed lately: Advice?

I go see a mental doctor soon but wondering if anyone else feels this way. I have my good days/bad. When I get overwhelmed, I cry; it’s hard to go places due to social anxiety/thinking too much. I’m manic sometimes for hours bc of my episodes. I feel I am being defeated by life. I’m scared of everything and have such bad anxiety, and my thoughts and mind will constantly think about random bs things that put me in a bad mood, or I feel I am completely drained. I’m not on any medicine yet; I want to talk to a counselor mental health doctor something before I do so, but I can’t seem to calm myself down once the episodes start its hard to stop them. It’s like every three weeks Idk why I do it Idk why I have the thoughts, Idk why it’s hard to do certain things and be normal. I’m the only one having a freak out while everyone else is chilling. How do I not overthink myself into crying episodes etc…


Believe or not I have said those same words lots of times!! I have been dealing with it for well over 10 years and just recently i have started something new that has helped. I have tried to divert my attention and my mind. Although very difficult, but i have found the worst times of this is when i was not getting my ME time. It made it so much worse.

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Just know you are not by an any means alone in those thoughts.


Take the Meyers-Brigg personality test. Google it. It takes about 20 min to complete. It may sound trivial but honestly, learning about myself, how I perceive and relate to the world has been the biggest help for me in tackling some of these same issues.

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This was me for a long time and got worse and worse. My Husband always there for me but it got to the point he said i needed help. I had previously been and seen people about my anxiety but felt that wasnt helping me. Im now on tablets and iv noticed a huge change. I dont cry like i used to (was everyday) dont get me wrong its not a miracle cure i still have bad days but my goodness its helped so much for me x

Go to your primary physician if you can’t get into mental health right away. Your dr can prescribe meds and give you a referral to mental health.Counseling and meds will help .It may take a bit but is well worth it.I am hoping the very best for you.You are not alone and it will get better I promise you

I’m in the same situation I’m going to see someone in a few days I’ve been dealing with this for years I just needed some support from one person before I realized I needed help

Know you aren’t alone. Ask for a full blood panel including thyroid levels from your primary care physician.

It’s an over whelming feeling for sure! I am sorry we have to deal with it! Its called rhuminating thoughts and they are exhausting! I do know from experience with the right counselor these can be helped with coping skills I have learned crocheting and or coloring helps me but not everyone with a family has time to sit and do that. There are a lot of coping skills that can help defuse that feeling so hang in there! There is also something knew called EMDR which is awesome if you have the correct therapist doing it. Hope this gives you all some hope! I’m 61 it helps me, never to late to teach a old dog a new trick lol best wishes and prayers for you all!

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You are definitely not alone. I started getting help about 7 months ago, it’s slow going but in the right direction. The hardest part is asking for help and understanding of my family.

I feel you 100% on this I actually had an episode today last all day, asking for help is the first step in recovery. Just remember your not alone, I know it sounds weird but walks help me sometimes, I just get my daughter dressed and we go for a walk. Showing her the beauty in nature helps to clear my brain, and helps me find those positive thoughts that I need. Hope it helps if not I’m always here to listen, no judgements from me cause I’m no better off, just a listening ear. Prayers and positive vibs sent your way. Happy New Year.

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I have this. I’m on medication and counseling. The meds help control but doesn’t take it all away. Years of counseling I have learned tools to help. Neither is a fix all and both take time and patience. Positive self talk and deep breaths are important

Medicine can really make a difference if you find the right ones/ combination. I can’t function off of my meds. I still have a hard time even on all the meds but it’s better than nothing. I guess I don’t really have any advice I’m just letting you know you’re not alone. alot of people suffer like this

It took me 10 years to get an accurate diagnosis. Don’t give up on your mental health. Its so very important!! Best of luck to you :heart:

So I have bpd (border line personality disorder) and I have alot of anxiety issues like that and when I would be having an episode I would play a game called 5 things … name 5 things I can hear 5 things I can smell 5 things I can see 5 of my favorite foods five sports etc just till I calmed down …also make a schedule for your day it helps make small achievable goals you know like a load of laundry a recipe something you can actually finish and try going for walks i found going in calming nature without people and my problems was helpful

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Google: 5 senses grounding.

It was the first thing my therapist taught me.

Same. Your not at all alone. I dont sleep bc of it. I take my anxiety meds at night to calm down, or melatonin. I’ve already dont antidepressants but can’t function on them. I have 4 kids, 2 dogs, 30+ chickens, my husband, his business, and I started college again at 35. Nights are the worst for me and when my brain spirals out of control. Im sorry your going through this. It’s great your asking for help to get out under control. Your not alone. Reach out anytime. :heart:

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I feel this with all my heart and I’m so sorry you’re going through this. I can empathize because I remember feeling exactly how you feel now. I was diagnosed Bipolar Disorder/Major Depression and its rough. Talking to a psychiatrist is the first step in the right direction along with talk therapy. Whenever I feel manic, I make myself take a steaming shower and sit and observe all my impulsive thoughts and do breathing techniques with it. Don’t be so rough on yourself, you’re only human with an imbalance that meds will fix. Dark days feel like scary places, but there is hope! Trust me. Reach out to a supportive person in your circle, heck, even me if you need to. hugs and keep pushing forward. It’ll be worth it! Also, its okay to cry. Remember you’re only human and have compassion for yourself. :heart:


Counseling and anxiety meds helped me a lot.

No one can understand each of our feelings but we know how we feel!! I sometimes need to reach out to people who think " what did I do to deserve this" keep rolling on as best I can!! Love peace & keep thinking the best is yet to come!!:pray::heart::pray::heart:

Anti-depressants do work. Unfortunately, you normally have to take them for a couple of weeks till you know if they are right for you or the day ones for you. Good luck! You will soon feel so much better.

You are not alone. I go through the anxiety as well. I have recently scheduled a doctors appointment regarding this as well. Just know you are definitely not alone. Take care :heartpulse:

I have been where you are. The best thing you can do is seek professional help -it may be the hardest thing for you to do but it’s the best…you could also see your physician and have him do a complete blood chemistry…I am here if you need me…a friend, Nancy

Dont watch or listen to the news. Shut it off

You are not alone this year is a one off it has hit some people hard and in many different ways. It’s hard,horrible and frightening x I have meds I take and I’m.not ashamed of it they help me to keep myself level x take your time,give yourself space and done be too hard on yourself it’s all new strange and huge. X you can do this you for this and you will get through it. I did x :heart:

U r not alone. Often feel this way. Watching old comforting shows from previous times that give me comfort. Reading more. And praying or I should say I hum “our father “ prayer over and over and this mantra seems to help. So find yr way to escape and feel comfort. Not easy but it will help. Take pleasures in little things as they come and live in the moments

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Right. There, with. You.

Yep a pill for everything .just go outside ,look at natures beauti an let all thoughts go .you will feel 100percent better in a week

Sounds like you need to learn some breathing techniques. Grab a paper bag and start breathing in and out

could be completely off track but have you noticed if feel like this around the time your due on?? for years i was misdiagnosed as depression or just having a bad day,i used to feel awful (like every emotion at once)for about 4 days every month no matter what i did or tried,until some mentioned ‘ PMDD’ i wish i had known about it years ago,it’s hard to get diagnosed but easy to treat x

I am the same, I started seeing a homeopathic therapist and she prescribed Calm Aid and glycine sticks. This has helped so much that my boss has noticed a difference. I also use the Calm app as well. They have an SOS Anxiety session that also works really help. GOOD LUCK! YOU GOT THIS! It’s hard but you are stronger than you know

Check your iron levels and see if it’s the start of perimenopause. Anxiety can rear it’s ugly head in a major way in late 30’s from it. So can low iron.

Your anxiety lies to you. You are ok.

Read the book “The Power of Now” by Eckhart Tollie. Its great.

I have this as well… 1 time a month for about 4-7 days . I am past menopause and I call it the period that hangs on! My “safe” place is my bed with heavy blankets at night… hate night time/ dark. Went through mental health awareness classes and it helped emennsly!! Hang in there … the classes will help… deep breathing techniques are huge! Take it one day at a time…

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Totally understand u r not alone