I have covid...what can I do?

We have already seen and spoke with a doctor. Just looking for similar stories and advice. I have a 3yr old , 16 month old , and a two month old. Myself my partner and my 3yo are all Covid positive. Everyone in the home has been exposed for days now or about a week. I was the first positive on the 22nd with symptoms starting the 20/21st. The older boys share a room and play together a lot while the baby is with us in our room. The two month old has not yet had his 2 month shots and was supposed to Aug 30th but cannot now just incase he gets sick. My 16mo was also supposed to get his 15mo shots aswell but can’t due to the same reasoning. My question is what do I do now? None of us have masks. I have been Lysol spraying everything and wiping things down. I’m terrified of my 16mo and my 2mo getting it but it’s almost inevitable. My three year old has asthma and had bad double pneumonia in July so I’m also extremely worried about him. I don’t think I can go to the hospital with him if I’m Covid positive aswell if he needs to go in. 16mo also has asthma and wheezing when they get sick. This whole thing has me so shook up I don’t know what to do. I just wanna cuddle my babies because they will mostly get it anyways but then I feel guilty like I have it to them and it’s my fault. I just keep looking at their sweet little faces and they don’t deserve to be sick. What do I do


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. I have covid...what can I do?

Kids tend to have less symptoms than adults do…hopefully that will be the case for your kids :crossed_fingers:t2: Order masks from Amazon or a local store that can deliver to your house. Keep hydrated, give pedialyte to the ones who are old enough to drink it. Good luck Mama

It has a 98% survival rate. Yall will be fine. Im asthmatic also. As long as you have a nebulizer/inhalers, some vicks, some cough syrup and Tylenol/ibuprofen… just got to wait it out like any other cold. At our drs office they prescribe nothing for it anyway.


We are fully vaccinated and when my son got food poisoning he got covid (our immune system isnt smart enough to fight more than one thing at a time)
That being said thats the scary thing about covid, what they can contract while fighting the virus
Be smart keep em safe and get em vaccinated as soon as they are able to :ok_hand::v::love_you_gesture:


I don’t have any babies, but my kids and I all had it last November. Neither of them are vaccinated and both were asymptomatic. I only tested them because I had symptoms. Otherwise, we wouldn’t have known.

Shana Evraire the covid vaccine probably weekend your immune system. And our immune system can fight more than one!


How about calm down? Nothing you can do about it. We have had Covid 3 times. I almost had to go to hospital with the Omicron variant. Regular Covid we just lost taste and smell for 4 days and had a stuffy nose and felt drained. All times we got it…my 8 year old that is a heart patient never had symptoms. Ran circles around us while sick. My 4 year old was bad off the first time…fever and slept alot with refusing to eat. I gave her ibuprofen,put movies on for her,and gave her milk with baby cereal,oatmeal, in it since she refused to eat. After 4 days she was back to normal. Second two times ,both kids had no symtpoms…not even a runny nose. It is way less worse on kids than adults.Just make sure have some of the cooling relief cough syrup with alcohol on hand and ibuprofen or tylenol on hand for everyone. Benadryl helps too. My essential oil diffuser and using eucalyptus oil in it was just like a humidifier with vapor rub. Opened up sinuses so could sleep. Besides having that stuff…nothing else can do but ride it out for a week. Stay at home for a week and let it get through your systems.

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My 9 year old who has hydrocephalus just got over it and the dr told me to quarantine her and the household for 5 days that’s it, also she was exposed at a wedding we all went to and she’s the only one who got it, her symptoms were just tired and headache and after the 5th day of exposure she tested negative!

Me and my boyfriend had it at the same time. We kept distance with our 2 children, had them play more in there rooms, no hugs or kisses was the hard part for me. Neither of them caught it.

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Honestly not much you can do just wait it out. Our whole family had it & my youngest who was 2 at the time was up & running around the whole time he had it. Our kids handled it way better than I thought. Just make sure you have all the stuff on stand by for any asthma attacks. Also Ibuprofen seemed to work the best for symptoms when we had it. Another thing I did was open a window to let some fresh air in. I used Lysol spray & wipes as needed.

Don’t go out, if you do not need to go out. You can order online and have food delivered.

Call your childrens’ pediatrician and ask what you should be doing, particularly as to the asthmatic child. The pediatrician should know the blood test results as well as different blood and eosinophil levels. The worry comes when someone produces too many B cells which causes issues with Covid. Your pediatrician can give you advise on this. I do not know your asthmatic child’s pulmonary function test results or how that child responds to viral infections. If the child gets bronchitis or pneumonia, the pediatrician may prescribe a nebulizer or other medications so ask that doctor what you should be looking for.

Many children merely experience cold-like symptoms or have headaches as a result of Covid as was the case with my 5 yo granddaughter. We kept her well hydrated and had her play in her room, sanitizing everything she touched. The 9 yo got Covid during the first few months of the pandemic. She ate apart from the family as she was the only one who got Covid, she used a separate bathroom until she tested negative and she did not go outside until she tested negative. She had a sore throat and almost no other symptoms. No one else in the family got Covid during that episode.

If you are not coughing on or directly around the kiddos, sneezing on or around the kiddos or using hands that were not washed after coughing or sneezing, chances are, the kids may not get sick. If you are breathing directly on them or sneezing or coughing on them or in the same room they are in while coughing or sneezing, chances of them getting Covid seem to be higher. I rode in the car unmasked, right next to my granddaughter at the time she had her initial symptoms and I did not get sick. We also hugged and kissed and I did not get sick but there was no coughing or sneezing. In any case, don’t beat yourself up over this.

If your asthmatic child has an asthma attack, you will need to get that child to the hospital. The hospital entrance should have free masks near that entrance. Amazon sells masks as well. You might ask a friend or family to pick up a few N95 masks for you and leave them on by your front door.

When you get to the hospital, sign in, disclosure you have Covid and your child has asthma, if you are still testing positive, and ask where you should sit while you wait. You can call the information desk at your nearest hospital and ask how they would like you to arrive if you need to bring a sick child in.

Free Covid test kits are available online through the post office. Get some, if you don’t already have them. Start testing yourself and the children’s dad, etc., 10 days after the first symptoms.

Omicron is highly contagious but does not have the hospitalization rate as the other mutations.

Once you get out in the world again, invest in some hand sanitizer and use it often on yourself and the kiddos after everything you/they touch. Invest in a few N95 masks for use during high density crowd situations or when you are around folks with coughs or other situations where you suspect viruses are at issue.

Best wishes for a speedy recovery to you and your family.

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Our whole family is getting over Covid. We have a 2 month old, 4 year old & 7 year old. No one had anything more than a fever and headache.

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Mask up and take care of your Littles. Chances are they have already been exposed but masking may help when you are doing one on one things with them. Keep disinfecting the house like you have, encourage your older kids to wash hands frequently. Lots of immune boosters for those that can take them like vitamin C and D. Even the babies can do D drops, lots of evidence to show good D levels help fight covid. Rest as much as you can so you can get better. Try to remind yourself that most people get a bad cold/flu with Covid and kids generally don’t get very sick at all…that may help you stay a little calmer while dealing with it. Statistically you will all be fine in a week or two so don’t panic to much about worse case scenario and just take care of yourselves.

I’m the only one in my household that’s vaccinated for covid & I had the worst symptoms. My husband didn’t even get sick & my kids just ran a fever for a few days.

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Cuddle your babies girl if it happened it happens. You can’t stop it


Keep calm and don’t overthink, that will make it 1000 times worse.

My daughter recently had it (11) years old. She was due for her 11 year check up and vaccines, called the doctors office to see if it was still okay to bring her in and it was… they just have a slightly different protocol with positive patients :woman_shrugging:t2:

No one else in the house caught it (Husband, 12/4 yo sons as well as our 9 month old son and myself)

Wear a mask around the two littles, wash your hands, ect.

Relax, it’ll all be okay!

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You and your family will be fine! The CDC just said, masks do nothing. 6ft apart does nothing. There are anti viral drugs you can take as long as it’s in the first few days of symptoms. It’s a virus. It’s not deadly. You have a 96 percent survival rate. Get rest. Get better. Covid is a bad cold.


Just keep on living your day to day. Rest, hydration, vitamin C, sit outside to soak in vitamin D, epsom salt baths, eat healthy nutritious meals.
You all can still be around each other. Just stay home till better.


Don’t go to hospital

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Everyone had been exposed. Just cuddle your babies. Masks, unless N95 wouldn’t stopped Covid spread, anyway. Children have an average 0-0.2% risk with Covid so it’s almost nil when they get it. They’re the lowest risk group with deaths and hospitalizations being very rare. It’s even rare for adults. Children generally have mild or asymptomatic cases. You’re far enough in the game that all of you should be showing symptoms if you’re going to(since you were positive the 22nd and most appear by 5 days). The main thing to do is stay somewhat active, wash your hands, watcg for a downfall change in condition, and drink fluids like we should with with any illness.

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My youngest had it back in December of last year he was 1 and he was absolutely miserable my daughter was literally almost 4 years old her birthday is December 26th and my 6 year about to be 7 September the 19th was 5 him and my daughter weren’t absolutely miserable when they had it then I got Covid Pneumonia and we all pulled through

I was covid positive, tested my 3 kids and my boyfriend and my brother who was living with me at the time, everyonr tested negative. i just stayed in the room, and if i went out of my room i sanitized first and put a mask on. i even hung out with my kids, gave them hugs etc and no one ended up getting it. me and my boyfriend still slept in the same bed and never never got it.
Just keep sanitizing and spraying your lysol, go get masks! im sure your other kids will be fine!

Don’t hinder their breathing by plastering a mask on them.

Even if you’re still believing and living in what’s being told…. The CDC says children shouldn’t be masked.


Cuddle your babies NOW is when they need you more than not! It’s best if they are exposed as it will build up their NATURAL IMMUNE SYSTEM! Regardless it has to run it’s course. I guess people don’t realize that even if you isolate in a room in your house that the duct system still Carrie’s germs all throughout the house?! So… it’s safe to say that everyone will probably get sick no matter what. Just treat the symptoms!

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So, we all had covid too. I have asthma, none of our kids are vaccinated at all (for anything) and we basically stayed home and took vitamins. My kids who sleep in the bed with us, never got it. I gave them vitamins anyways. We were both better in 3 weeks. Masks… save ur money

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This protocol. Order the vitamins ASAP. I studied medical journals on these. Each vitamin interacts with the immune system differently to prevent serious illness from covid especially organ damage

Don’t overreact.

Treat it like a regular cold or flu.

Rest as much as possible.

Use lots of disinfectant wipes, sanitize everything anybody touches.

Wash hands frequently.

Aspirin and cold medicines that address symptoms, fever, coughs, body aches, headaches.

Drink plenty of fluids

Eat lightly

Stay away from each other and everybody else.

And everyone will be fine

I had covid badly for about 3 weeks. My 7 year old daughter didn’t get it at all. I was vaxed and she wasn’t.
No vax needed for kids.

Just follow the rules and doctors advice. Don’t follow Dr. Google

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All you can do is rest when you can and stay inside. My daughter husband and I all had it and she was only a little over a year old at the time. Very nerve wracking but she was okay.

Everyone in my house caught covid 2 months after my last baby was born. My two toddlers ages 3 and 2 as well as my oldest daughter and she’s 12. The baby was pretty congested and a mild cough and ran a fever for about 2 nights as well as the toddlers. But no serious complications or anything. It just really sucked. I hope you all get better soon! It is the absolute worst!

I don’t vaccinate my kids, never masked or anything & we have never had Covid. There dad had it & we just went on with our daily lives as normal, didn’t do anything special or extra. Everyone was fine.


If you’re breastfeeding, 2mo is getting antibodies from you. Better yet even if you’re breastfeeding and you pump, give some of your milk to the 16 mo.

Otherwise the best thing you can do while caring for them is to wash your hands frequently and wear a mask when you have to be in close contact with them.

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Go about your daily life. This is a cold. :roll_eyes:

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Vitamin C 2000 mg in divided dosages,
COQ 10 200 mg daily for 3 weeks,zinc 50 mg daily if you have smell and taste issues Vitamin D for adults for the kids under 3 leave them alone let their bodies fight it off. Maybe lemon and honey in warm water or lime to get more vitamin C. I made onion syrup for coughing that is cooked onion with honey or sugar. Google recipe!.sorry no honey for the babes under 2 yr old

So a cold/flu. If you look at the data, children are rarely effected. Seems to be a loooooot of vaxed getting sick. None of my family is vaxed and we’ve never even so much as has a headcold during the last 3-4 years and I never stopped going out during lockdowns lol :woman_shrugging:t3:

Sorry for your family though, that sucks.

You cant do anything…my daughters baby had it and was coughing for a few days and that was it…a friends husband has had and other family friends came to stay and got it but she didnt…its the luck of the draw…some get it dome dont and theydont k ow why…hope you and the kids are ok… can a friend get u some masks and leave them at your door…gooduck

We had it as well and it sucked but it was almost like a cold except our throats hurt so freaking bad! Me and my husband lost our sense of taste and smell for about a month and took a a few months for things to taste right again. We just rested, drank water and took otc meds if needed. We were sick for almost a week.