I just found out I have placenta previa: Advice?

I have an anonymous question. I am 20 weeks and just found out I have placenta previa with a partial abruption. Has anyone else had this and made it full term??


Yes! I has with my last child… and I randomly juat started bleeding throughout my pregnancy and ended up on lite bed rest for the last two months

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My sister did and she was put on bed rest

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Statically, you’ll likely be fine bc you’ll likely outgrow it. If it persists, you’ll need to delivery via c-section. Either way, as long as you’re under a doctors care, you and baby will be just fine.

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I’ve never had it but my mom did when pregnant with me. I’m 34. She made it the full 9 months. Good luck!

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Yes I had it in the beginning of my pregnancy and it worked its self out. But I was told if it didn’t by 20 weeks then I’d have bed rest… it was pretty scary good luck.

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I did with my second kiddo and made it to a week before her due date. Just was out on bed rest

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My first born came 6 was early c-sec

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I had it with all 3. The first 2 completely detatched at 16 weeks resulting in miscarriages. My 3rd it moved and he was perfectly fine.

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I’m going through this and they have me terrified. I’ve had to get my 2 yr old sons dads family to help me with him because I can’t pick him up. I bleed all the time and cramp a lot. I go see my specialist Monday.

I did. It resolved itself as my uterus grew

I had it. Along with a slew of other problems. By the time I was 30 weeks my placenta had moved again and was no longer blocking my cervix. However at 33 weeks I had to have an emergency c section because my preeclampsia went from not bad to severe and I developed a liver malfunction called cholestasis.

I wish you the best of luck!


Bed rest! Lots of bed rest! I made it to 32 weeks with it. Baby was in the NICU for two months, but now is a healthy and amazing 10-year-old. Hang in there!

My sister did spent the last two trimesters to n hospital .
She had a C section and delivered a wonderful boy . Just make shore you rest tas much as you can

That’s so weird, I had it and no one ever told me no sex… but it ended up moving so I could deliver naturally. Had a c-section anyway!

I had that too! No sex and had to do a couple more ultrasounds to see if it moved. Placenta finally moved at 36-37 weeks and my daughter was born the day before our due date perfectly healthy.

My son came at 35 weeks with plancenta abruption. Absolutely, no sex, stairs, lifting or strenuous activity.

I had it with my youngest was put on pelvic rest and by 26 weeks it had moved and all was good again.

Experienced this myself and spent two weeks in the hospital on bed rest. (Went in at 28 weeks)My body fought every med they gave me to resist labor and I ended up having my baby girl. She was in NICU for 55 days

I had it, had to be a little more cautious with what I did and got a few extra ultrasounds to keep an eye on it but it ended up moving enough by the time I was due that I had a normal delivery.

I did but was a repeat c-section so it didn’t affect the pregnancy. Only difference is that I spotted occasionally with that pregnancy. Not sure if coincidence or not

I did and it moved out of the way by birth so really it was just an excuse for me not to have sex


I had it. Had my daughter emergency c section at 35 weeks. I was bleeding bad. She was perfectly fine and almost 5 pounds. We got to go home 3 days later.

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I had it at 20w but I grew out of it before delivery.

I got it at 13 weeks. I was put on bedrest for 3 months. Wasn’t allowed to lift anything heavier than 10 pounds. Gave birth naturally 4 weeks early. She was healthy & went home when I did


I had a complete placenta previa, had to be abstinent for my entire pregnancy. Three weeks before my due date it had moved enough to deliver naturally, make sure you listen to your doctors and just take it easy

Was told i had it at 9 weeks. So im to be on complete pelvic rest :woman_facepalming::woman_facepalming::woman_facepalming: and to just be taking it easy. They want to check at see if its moved at my 20 week scan. I was told this is common after a csection :woman_shrugging:

My daughter had placenta previa. I strongly suggest you speak with your doctor because everybody else’s story will probably just terrify you if it was a bad experience for them.

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Ugh mine was a bad story. So probably not helpful. I hemorrhaged, lost 3 pints of blood on my moms bathroom floor. I was put on bed rest at the hospital for about 2 months had an emergency c-section at 28 weeks. My daughter had a stage four brain bleed and was in the NICU for 2 months. She’s alive by the grace of God. Fr. Take it easy and listen to your doctors.

I had it my first pregnancy in the beginning, usually as you get bigger, in some cases, and the placenta gets bigger, it will move out the way on its own if it hasn’t fully attached and surrounded itself around the opening of your cervix. As I got bigger with my son, shortly after being told I had it. By my next dr appt it had resolved itself and I had no issues with that.

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I had it during my third pregnancy. At 11 weeks I thought I was having miscarriage and started bleeding really bad but the baby was fine. I was on bed rest for a bit and had to take it easy during pregnancy. And After birth I bled way more then I did with my other two.

I also had a complete placenta previa and had to have a c section. I was put on bed rest at 30 weeks and had my c section at 35 weeks. I did bleed a lot during the procedure but they were able to control it with medication. At the end of the day baby and I are doing great.

Lots of bed rest it eventually moved.

Mine moved. As baby grows, the placenta can move away from the cervix. Don’t stress :blush:


Same for me as Catherine :point_up:

I had it with my second and it was anterior. She was also a twin but we lost one early on. So she was a planned c section due to high risk. The placenta had moved enough where it wasn’t covering the cervix and it moved enough to do the section. Thankfully I had a great team. Everything went smoothly. Just listen to your dr. ask questions to feel comfortable. Take it easy and slow. Rest and stay hydrated.

I had my baby in July and had placenta previa. Literally the scariest thing I had ever went though. I was seeing a nurse practitioner for the first part of the pregnancy until I kept bleeding and they didn’t know why. Then I was pulled by the delivery doctor and told I could no longer go with the practitioner. The first time I bled was 9 weeks then was good until 22 weeks after that it happened 5 days that week then about once a week for the next month. Then it was just random. Crazy thing was it only happened while using the bathroom. Once I stood up it stopped. I was told that I would be having a c-section this was going to be my first one (3rd pregnancy) I was so scared after having a few heavy bleeds I was told that I would deliver at 36 weeks cause of the danger of going past or going into full blown labor. Then one day I went to the bathroom I literally just sat down and blood started pouring out I stood up thinking it would stop but it didn’t. I had my husband rush me to the hospital where I was for 12 from walking in to the baby being born. I had lost a lot of blood but thankfully both my baby and I were ok. My advice would be pelvic rest most definitely but also take it super easy I was told I needed to walk short distances but that was just about it. I have bad anxiety so listen to my worship music kept me calm most of the the time. Prayers for you and baby.

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I had it and no issues- no bleeding, pelvic rest and scheduled c section and one healthy baby :heartpulse:

I had it. Spotted on off throughout pregnancy. At 34 weeks had preterm labor, few days in hospital, labor stopped. Was told at 35 weeks she would do amnio the nest week. A day before my appointment I stood up and had a rush of blood. By the time I cleaned up to head to hospital I was only spotting. Doctor said I had started dilating which caused the bleeding. C section that evening at 36 weeks. 2 days in hospital and baby and I went home(6lb3oz)

I was one of the unlucky ones with it. I almost bled to death and almost lost my baby girl as well. Not to scare you. She was born at 32 weeks. I think every case varies but definitely bed rest and just communicate with Dr about anything and everything. :heart: Btw my baby girl is completely healthy and beautiful. She is a tiny little pixie fairy Angel but totally adorable and healthy!

I have it but I literally didn’t find out I was pregnant till I was about 28 weeks. I’m now 34 almost 35 weeks and I’m still working but my doctor said I’m gonna have to stop working to try to keep baby in longer. I have an ultrasound the 8th to see if it’s moved

Mine moved at 8 months I was able to deliver vaginally. Also do not have sex it can irritate it and cause you to have a miscarriage

I had it and just had to take it easy. I still did pretty much everything just had more doctors appointments then normal

I had this with my son and basically was in for more checkups and ultrasounds than normal. They warned me that I might have a premie on my hands due to not being able to get enough nutrients. Well, I had my son vaginally at full term and he was 8 lbs. They will monitor you closely and give you updates as you go but you should not Google it and let your doctors tell you what to expect. Every case is different! Don’t stress yourself over it because the status and risk will change each appointment

I had it with my first pregnancy. No issues, normal vaginal delivery.

I had it with my 3rd child. I have 5 kids all csections. They told me that it wasn’t a big deal for me since I was going to be having a c section with my 3rd. They said I believe it was 24 weeks if I remember right I went in to have an ultrasound and they found it resolved itself. So depending on how far along you are it might go away on its own before your due date. Good luck!!!

I had it with my oldest, was told not to lift anything heavier than a glass. He ended up being 4 weeks early but he was very healthy and a normal vaginal birth.

I had it with my first son. For the first trimester I was on bed rest. It did go away and I delivered him vaginally. I was scared and definitely spoke with my doctor. It also had a great support system.

I had it with both of my pregnancies it went away both times on its own as the babies grew :blush:

It’s common for it to resolve itself but seeing as you’ve already had a cesarean and probably will again I wouldn’t expect it to change anything. Good luck mama and congratulations!

This happened to me at the beginning of my pregnancy. My dr told me no sex and to take it easy. By month 4 of my pregnancy, the placenta shifted into it’s rightful place and everything was fine.

I had this with my first, when I went to schedule c-section to deliver her they did an ultrasound and it had shifted. I had her naturally just fine. But it was a lot of bed rest with her. So that sucked.

I had it with my first. It resolved itself. No issues to speak of for myself or my son.

I had this. It normally will resolve itself

Mine didn’t resolve. So we scheduled a c section.

I had this with my second and whenever she grew more it moved up and was fine. It usually resolves itself.

I had it with my last pregnancy last year. Listen to your dr. No heavy lifting no sex no orgasms. Any bleeding get to the hospital immediately. I bleed every day from 4 weeks to 34 weeks when I was delivered by emergency csection cause I started hemorrhaging and then during delivery I coded (they still can’t tell me why). My son was born 34 weeks and was absolutely healthy he didn’t require any assistance at all. In most cases depending on past uterine issues and pregnancy previa will resolve on its own.

I had it with my twin pregnancy. It depends on how much of the placenta is covering your cervix to indicate severity. As the pregnancy progressed the placenta previa actually corrected itself. No issues and I delivered both twins without a csection. No matter the severity I think pelvic rest is the basic advice.

I had it with my first. Luckily, it did move and take care of itself as the pregnancy progressed.

I had with my first, but placenta moved with the weight of baba. My mum had it with her first too and she had a c section 7 weeks early. Then went on to have 4 more of us naturally xxx

Mines moved by the time I went back my dr just said to not stress about it and to walk

Had it, diagnosed at the anatomy scan, never had any bleeding and by my 28 week scan to check it,it had moved enough past the cervical os (needs to be >2cm away), that I didn’t need a section, though I still chose to have one :woman_shrugging:

Mine actually corrected itself at about 24 weeks i think it was. Still had to have a c section for other reasons but I didn’t have any issues on account of it.

I had it with my second. I remember being scared to. I didn’t have any actual issues, It did resolve itself. Hang in there momma!

Please trust your obstetrition as your first source of info-he or she is privy to experience and lots of stats that will combine to give you the best answers!

I had it as well, with my first, and it resolved on it’s own, no issues and normal vaginal delivery.

If there’s no bleeding you just need to take it easy and likely it’ll work itself out. Youll want to steer clear of sexual acts as that CAN cause further concerns/complications. If there’s bleeding without damage or other symptoms non life threatening you’ll likely be put on bed rest and still possible to work itself out, if not your doc will discuss what your options are like c section. With that you pretty much take it very easy so no bigger issue arises and always keep in contact with your doc with any questions or concerns. I did not for sure have this (was not actually imaged when there was no further bleeding from the mishap, was treated as if I did have it). My doc said if I bled at all anymore I’d be sent in for imaging to see if I had it. There were a couple other pesky symptoms, I ended up with the take it easy order and bed rest. My little ended up way to comfortable in there lol, way over due, born naturally, 100% healthy. Good luck :blue_heart:

I was borderline this… within cm until about month 4-5 and my body fixed itself as baby grew. My dr told me nothing different than what I was doing to take care of myself. You may ask to clarify that it won’t correct as baby gets bigger. My dr said that was very common

I had complete placenta previa with my last pregnancy. It resolved on it’s own and I was able to deliver vaginally… I hemorrhaged a couple weeks after having the baby though because my last ultrasound appointment they were unsure if the end of the placenta was still there or not so they just told me it was clear. I believe the reason I hemorrhaged though was because they were wrong. My advice to you if they sound unsure before you deliver at all I’d demand a second opinion or c-section! Never again will I put myself through that.