I just found out I was pregnant with baby number 4: Advice?

I was shocked when I found out was having a 4th I also had a one year old at the time a boy the 4th was also a boy they have been best friends for 37 years year apart in school have a lot of the same friends they have to older sisters we called them by their names we called the boys the boys raised them as a unit did everything together it was fun and awesome

MY boys are 13 months apart,it was challenging at times but of course we made it work.
When it came to getting into things they were a tag team .Now they are 19 and 20 and I couldn’t ask for such wonderful young men

I had all four of mine 11 months between each and they are best friends, they have there moments but it worked out find

My daughter has 7!!! The last 3 are pretty close in age. You’re going to be fine!!

I had 6 in 9 years! I would do it all over again!! They always were and still are very close!!

Maybe you should have tried birth control. Just saying. You don’t say it’s by accident. So I’m just assuming you weren’t on it.

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My mom had 5 kids in 9 years, then me 6 years later! Maybe that’s why I had my 2, 15 years apart!

This is the year 2020 we all know where babies come from at this rate especially if you’re on number four. Better to think about it before number 4 then after the fact.

I had my youngest 2, 11 1/2 months apart its not bad just take 1 day at a time!

Don’t worry my girls are 18 Months apart, They both are adults now. They are each other friends

My sister and I are 1 year and 8 days apart we had a older sis and brother …my little sis and I are very close and are families are too …it will be ok …just give each there own time with you as much as a group not show partiality to any of them

My kids are 12 months and 2 weeks apart. They grew up so close and are now in their 30s. They have families of their own. Now they are just as close and their kids too.

I’m only 14 months older than my brother. We were followed by 4 more brothers and 2 sisters over the span of 16 years. We were a military family, packing up and moving every 1 to 3 years for Dad’s 20 plus years in military service. There was no family to help. I had my first two years apart and a surprise sixteen years later. My suggestion is to try to get the older one in a Preschool and younger ones in a Mother’s Day Out once a week. You can catch up on meal planning, grocery shopping, and maybe squeeze into lunch with another friend. Some churches offer a Mother’s Day Out program too or a Babysitting Co-op which saved my life! Good luck and even though you can’t see it now, these days go so fast and then you have the teenage years where you want to know where they are and when they will be back home! Consider forming a co-op or using a church MDO program! They are usually from 10am to 2:00pm.

My first two were 1 year and 6 days apart. Best thing that ever happened. They were very close. Enjoy those babies!

You got this momma, one day at a time or one hour if needed. Remember to breathe.

Right now I have 2 14 year olds, until my son turns 15 in a few weeks. I liked having them this close!

My brother was 14 months older than me we played together all the time.

They grow up fast!! Enjoy every minute with them.

I had 4 in 7 years. Would not trade any of them. It may be scary right now, but just how hit it. You will be fine. Oh any the answer to the question of “Don’t you know what causes that” from ill mannered busybody’s is a big smile, a pat on their arm and a “why yes, ain’t it fun”. At least it shut them down 30 years ago :wink:

Holding a nickel with your knees works great

Its fun and challenging.But they will be close friends forever.

Mine were only 13 months apart. It was fine.

Twins some will guess…find other Moms to have a play group

They will be playmates. Your hands are going to be Full but as time goes by it will work out.

I only have 2 and they are grown. It will be hard for a while but I think years down the road you might be glad. Family can be everything

My last 2 were 17 months apart. Just get on a schedule it will be okay

Just like twins and triplets, it will work out

Chin up and one day at a time with prayers will get you through!

Mine were 14 months apart had to have C section with both.

From personal experience I have 3 kids. My oldest and middle are just over 3 years apart and my middle and youngest are exactly 1 year apart to the day. (They share a birthday). Now I was a little afraid at first my middle wouldn’t adjust well but honestly when we finally got to bring our youngest home after 34 days in the NICU my middle welcomed her with open arms. My middle was a jealous butt not gonna lie but she loves her baby sister especially when sissy was sleep and she could run off with her pacifier. I just took it day by day and embraced it all. Now they are inseperable

If babies were “planned” most of us wouldn’t be here

Lol sounds terrifying having them so close… Lol it all works out. Not bad at all…except for cost… 2 sizes diapers…ect.

It is rough for a minute and then you get use to the chaos.

Birth control…although a bit late!

It’s a little late to think about that now.You’ll manage.A day at a time.

They will play well! You guys will do just fine!

You will do fine. Mine were one year apart and 6 years apart. The one year was the easy one.

Find out what causes babies and stop lol

My mother would say , Get your TV fixed

Why do you need encouraging? If your having unprotected sex not on any type of contraceptive your bound to get pregnant. Not sure what there is to be nervous about?? I have boys one year and three weeks apart and it was a breeze.

U r how old n still dont know what causes this??? U probably shouldn’t have had any of them!!

My oldest two were born a year a part, they have been best friends all their lives!

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It’ll be OK the 1 yr old will be close to two by the time you have it.

Advice, yeah! Keep yer knees on a first name basis before baby number 5 is on its way.

How cool! Maybe when baby comes you can have someone help you a little bit. This is a blessing

Advice? Sleep, sleep, self care…belief in yourself! You can do this!! You can! One day at a time…you’re beautiful and you’re a momma -which means you’re Wonder Woman!!! You’ve got this but stop and breathe and sleep!! :heart:

Love the baby like the rest of them

My three g irls are 14months apart and then 17 1/2 months. They are best friends. Good luck and congratulations.

If your happy and your family is happy enjoy it

Congrats. I’m the mom of 5!!! Wouldn’t trade in a one of them. I’m now the nanny of 10 so far

Plenty of birth control out there, no excuse to get pregnant if you don’t want to.

:raising_hand_woman: 3 in 3 years to same week. I survived, and so did they and so will you.

U will be fine, they will grow up to be best friends

We have 5. 14,13,11,11 & 5. Everything will be fine! You just kind of adapt and keep moving on lol

By the fourth, I can’t imagine you need any advice!

It just will be natural you’ll be fine

You can do it. Its ok to be scared but you got this.:heart:

You can do it just breath n one day at a time

OMG— do people NOT KNOW about birth control!!! Be responsible, and stop posting about this. Take control of your uterus, women! Stop acting like it’s a big surprise! For the love of god— use birth control and plan your kids!!! What’s wrong with you? It has NOTHING to do about God- it has everything to do about having unprotected sex when you were not ready for another baby! Wake up!

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All I can say is suck it up nancy!

Have an abortion. It helps out a lot.

You will be fine don’t worry ,just enjoy the children

Get your tubs fixed

Keep those legs closed and get on birth control. Good luck you can do this and please no abortion.


Use a damn condom on that damn vibrator.

Start using protection after this one: simple and cheap

After having 3 , you need advise?? Ok… dont have sex w/o protection?? Hows that lol

God will protect you and keep you in his grace! I pray for you!:pray::pray::pray:

Lovem all the same!!!

You sound like me. My kids are 5, 4, 3 & 1 :woozy_face: The thing is because they are all so close you have been prepared with each kid. So it’s going to be a shit show sometimes but most times it won’t be. You can do it and when you need to scream…grab a pillow and scream. Get something just for you for 1 hour a week cause that’s literally the only amount of time you’ll have to yourself but it will keep you going. I go to therapy where I complain about 4 little and a hubby but I’m also reassured that because I’m taking care of myself that makes me a better caretaker for them. It’s a fast, busy, sweet, blessed, maddening life but if you were blessed with it you have all the tools to handle it. Message or find me on IG to vent, question, view or just feel like you aren’t alone. @leequadsquadmom :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::heart:

God is blessing you and your family with another angel :innocent:

God Bless and start praying. Often.

Have your Baby & enjoy!!! They’ll be
like twins!!! God make this Baby a special part of your life!!

U can do it. U r gonn b great. Take a deep breathe n just keep on going

My youngest are 13 months apart and I’m not going to lie, it’s hard. It’s hard a fuck, HOWEVER they are now 2 and 3 and best friends and entertain each other and are so good with each other. It’s hard but it becomes a blessing!!

God blessed me with 4 and I love it!

The more the merrier

Don’t get pregnant again!!

They will be best friends

U got it , keep it ‘

Gods blessing he will help u through

Drs say having them close is a good thing

Then get fixed problem solved!!!

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I have 2 kids 23 and 10. I am raising all my grandkids. Ages 6,4,3 and 9 months. I get overwhelmed at times but love every minute.

All the best to the both of you

You are blessed. Some people are unable to have children.
You will be taking a lot of deep breaths for the next 5-6 years. But it will all work out n the rewards are numerous.
Also be grateful your husband loves you to be blessed with you.
God must think you two are special and deserving.
Just smile and say YES they are all mine and we love all of them.
All this “advice” is from a mom of 6!! Best times of my life. Youngest is 26. Good times I tell ya.

They will be the closest of siblings, it will work out.

God’s EXTRA blessing !!! Enjoy and love!!!