I Just Found Out My Dad Is Not My Real Dad: What Do I Do?

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"I just found out that me and my sister are not my dads kids…we did the ancestry DNA thing and both of my parents knew we were doing it and never said anything…which makes me think that my dad is not aware that we are not technically his kids…it doesnt matter to me because hes my dad and has always been amazing but i am struggling with saying something…and wanting to find out who my real dad is…but it makes me wonder if my mom stepped out of their marriage or not and im conflicted. how should i handle this? i really wish i never found this informaiton out"

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"Talk to your mom first and ask."

"Speak to your mom. Could be you were from a sperm donor on purpose. If not she will have a chance to come clean."

"Wow…I’m sorry you had to find out that way. Maybe bring it Up to your mom in private and ask her if there is a possible way that you girls are not his kids and then let her know that you are going to talk to him about it and maybe you guys can get a better dna test done"

"But he is your real dad he raised u and I love you as his own"

"Talk to mom, perhaps theres a story where yall existed prior to ur daddy comin along?"

"Did it confirm she’s your mom? Maybe adopted?"

"Maybe they used ivf or something I would start with mom but it might not be as bad you think"

"Just confront her. All you can do, otherwise it will eat you up."

"Could you possibly be adopted? Maybe born via a surrogate using donor sperm?"

"Go to your mom and have a one on one first."

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