I lost the sensation to pee after giving birth in 2019: Has this happened to anyone else?

Yes. I had a 9lb6 baby. Ruined me… :heart: I know I need to go if I press in my bladder, otherwise I just go when I think about it… X

Urinary I continuance is actually more common than you think. Are you of Asia ethnicity? It’s super common for Asian ethnicitys 40 percent of women of Asian decent become eother tenp or permanently incontinence

I hope you are under Dr. care about this! Sounds awful hope something can be done?

I have been having a similar problem since my second c section! I sit and can’t go!

This happened to me for about a week or so after I had my first. Weirdest thing.

I lost all sensation and control I blew my back out in 2017 when my son was born I herniated my L5 amount other things and now need surgery to fix

I most definitely have some kind of nerve damage, after my 3rd child which was c section I have no feeling from under my belly button down to where my girl is… if I cough I have to hold my legs together, I don’t really know I have to pee till I’m doing a wobbly potty dance to the bathroom again trying to hold my legs together. I hate this, going on 14 years of this

It happened to me but it was after a section… sorry not much help

I had all that with my first and never had that problem I’d definitely speak to your doctor about nerve damage

That sounds a lot like nerve damage I would really go talk to your doctor about it

I cant always control my bladder either sometimes I don’t even feel I need to go. I would talk to your doctor and see what they could do for you. Nothing to be ashamed of it happens a lot to women

My youngest is almost 23 and until a few years ago I only went about twice a day. They measured how much I went and told me a bladder is not large enough to hold that amount. Now I have to go as soon as I feel anything or I won’t make it.

Go to a urogynocologist. Ask about nerve damage and other conditions.

Only lost sensation for a few days after two c sections

I have birth almost 6 months ago forceps were used and im the same way

Yes! It eventually came back after several weeks.

I had to wear a catheter for a week to Train my bladder again

Set your phone alarm for every 2 hours. It will retrain your bladder.

I had that and it lasted well over a year but back to normal now

See a urologist. Why were forceps used? Was baby stuck? C section wasn’t an option?

You need to go to the dr ASAP


Yes. Go see a urologist before your body is full of toxic waste.


it was like that for me for about 3 weeks after giving birth

Go to your obgyn this not normal. The longer you wait the worse it will be

Call YOUR dr. Don’t mess around on FB with your health. Good luck with a quick recovery!

Nerve damage. Get it checked out ASAP.

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Pelvic floor training will help with these issues.


I wish that was my problem. After my kids I pee all the time I hate it. I’m in the bathroom every 20 to 30 min.

I’ve actually never heard of that. Personally after (3) kids my problem is holding it :joy: But I would definitely talk to your doctor.

Or they possibly tore your urethra. It happened to my roommate.

Speak to your doctor about vaginal rejuvenation.

Go to the doctor ASAP!! Should’ve already been but now that it’s addressed go to the doctors!

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This happened to me after my second c section in May!

This was me after my hysterectomy for a few months. My uterus was 3 times the size it should’ve been and they told me I essentially gave birth to my uterus and I need pelvic floor therapy now.

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i lost it but it came back about a month post delivery

i would def get checked out !

Talk to your doctor or medical professional.

No you need to see someone about that

I did and my bladder was enlarged Bc all my pee was building up. Never found out why they put a catheter in and drained A LOT of urine

Make an appointment with a urologist.

Not good you must get it checked

Pelvic floor therapist

Yes! 3 kids in 4 years.

This is a question for your doctor

Happened to me too. Now I have effect where I try to pee and difficult to come out sometimes. The signal stops once pee is reached

Not to really go off on the health care system but, the whole peeing on yourself after childbirth thing isn’t normal and if you talk to a doctor they will tell you that. This whole it being normalized that it’s just supposed to happen isn’t true. I get not everyone has access to medical care so before anyone gets mad and says I’m not being sensitive about that fact, well I get it but it still doesn’t make it normal.

Have your gallbladder checked

I’d still get the urge but not like I used to. In other words, I won’t feel anything until my bladder is ridiculously full. They told me a slight prolapse/weak pelvic floor. Definitely see a doctor.

You need to see your doctor

See a urologist to make sure you have no major damage, if you lose any function in your bladder you can’t get it back. But they probably will find out what’s wrong and help you get normal functions back.

Have you told your dr about this. What are they saying, that’s not normal…?

Oh man I wish, I have high BP and my meds make me go like crazy… I wish once or twice a day

Plz go to Dr now. Did you have post follow up appt.
So not normal

For the last two years you’ve gone without talking to a doctor about this?.. I’d have panicked after the first week.


Only when I was still number from the epidural epidural I was entered pain and they had to use the catheter to empty out 2.5L my bladder could have ruptured I was very painful but it went away I’m sorry your going thru this

Hmm I wonder if THIS is my problem!!! I literally drink 9-10 of the 1L bottles a day filled with water and go maybe twice in a day!

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Not due to child birth but myself and my daughter were both born with very low pelvic muscle control in the 70’s I underwent a surgery that they no longer offer because it is now considered barbaric so my daughter went through pt and gymnastics to help her train her body. After 2 vaginally births I find I have not much sensation or feeling of having to pee until my bladder is so full I start leaking or almost pee my pants I did water aerobics to help me being as my ass is not about gymnastics but I use the yoga ball, balance beam, and straps to help build more vaginally muscle I cannot do kegel as I cannot feel if the muscles are contracting or not!! Panty liners are my bff

Tell your care provider, also try chiropractor, so very little post natal support in these days. This issue should be addressed to avoid pelvic floor problems later. Congrats on the new babe and I hope you get fixed up Mama♡

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I wish I’m the complete opposite i literally can pee and standing upni feel the sensation to pee already. Non stop 247 I hate it so much

Yes! Me too last year! It takes me forever to wee x

I have the same problem but was actually born that way

I’m the same after my last pregnancy in July 2018 normally delivery though.

Tbh yes. Nerve damage.

See a urogynecologist

Please go see a urologist.

Probably best to visit a Dr.

Me!!! Since 2012.

I hope you tell a doctor!!!

I deal with this right now

It happened to me… but resolved within a week or so… this seems excessive

Since everyone else wants to be a bunch of jerks and say ask a doctor like you’re an idiot, I want to let you know you’re not alone! I am in the same boat.


Make an appointment please

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I didn’t have that happen from giving birth. I have MS and my nerves mess up and I struggle with the ability to hold it to the ability to know I have to go. I can go months in one with one issue or the other. My suggestion is get a urologist, they did a lot of test on me to confirm it was nerve damage and nothing worse. Also, got me on meds to help with the issues. Good luck

Be careful with this. My daughter had bladder issues and the doctor warned us that your bladder can explode. Set a timer on your phone if you have a hard time remembering to go.


I also had this problem after my csection but the sensation eventually came back, maybe a few months after birth.

After my second i didnt have any stitches or anything but now i cant tell when i need to pee. I just randomly get pains in my stomach where my bladder is and thats how i know🙄

This happened to me after having a csection took a year to get somewhat of the sensation back but it is still not a very strong urge

I lost it as well but it’s been my normal after each csection. It’s just where everything is numb still. It eventually comes back - for me. I just had my 3rd csection and I also lost my hungry feeling too which was new but it’s coming back as well.

I would certainly check with your dr since it’s been 2 years and hasn’t returned.

Ive had 2 c sections kids are 4 and 7 and it takes a while to get the sensation back mines always felt like pressure that’s how I knew I needed to go. But I’d really talk your OB about it

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Its been 2 years, most get sensation back in a few months give or take, so talk to your doctor. Bladders can burst and if you can’t feel when its full you cant feel when its too full.

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I had this after a 15cm cysts (TWICE) in my pancreas, never after or during pregnancy though xxx

I would speak to a urologist… a dr specializing in the bladder… they can help you track monitor and diagnose as well as step in with therapy and medication or wte else they deem necessary

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I would speak to your gp and gynaecology as after I had my son back in 2015 I had a 3rd degree tear and had physio after my op and they asked me all sorts of questions x

My son is two and I had an emergency c section. And in just getting most of my sensation back. But you should definitely see a urologist!

Think it’s time to see the doctor lovely don’t suffer! X

Doctor time. You need to find the cause and get it fixed sweet momma❤

I pee too much after birth, we are Just opposite in this, consult your GP please

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I would absolutely see your doc about this if you haven’t already :two_hearts:


You need to see a urologist.


18 years later and I still have to pee all the time.

I didn’t have it the very first few days but in your case since 2019… that’s a while ago you really need to consult

Could be nerve damage or something their not looking for. I’d definitely get in an have them check ya out.

Pelvic Floor therapy

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This happen to me after my first. I had to force myself on a regular schedule to use the bathroom. Went on for 2 months before everything was normal again.

Yep. I will notice that I do have to go. But then completely forget and lose feeling.
If I don’t stop what I’m doing to go, I won’t. I was NEVER like this. It’s getting better tho.

You need a urologist asap!!!

Urologist and pelvic floor specialist. You have to know it’s not normal.

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Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. I lost the sensation to pee after giving birth in 2019: Has this happened to anyone else?

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Tell your doctor. Can’t be healthy

Definitely no one click this link :grin: