I’m 23 he’s about to be 48

So I am not a momma … but I’m conflicted … I’m 23 and my man is 47… yes I know bigggg age difference but he treats me so good, and guys my age have done nothing but dog me , anyways . He has 4 kids and I have 0 he got fixed so he’s not longer able to give me children — unless of course he gets it reversed… which we’ve talked about and it’s super expensive but not out of the question… I don’t even know if it’s worth it though… I feel as if he’s kinda controlling … I can’t even look at another man without it be I’m checking them out … or like if I go somewhere and don’t tell him I’m being sneaky … or like earlier today I was getting out the car to go to work and the security guard said he watched him as he was backing out just starring / grinning and it’s all because the security guard said Goodmorning … I’m not sure what I’ve gotten myself into or if I should even want him to get the vasectomy reversed because I feel like this is toxic… we been together almost a year now … he hasn’t physically cheated on me but I’ve been in his phone a couple times and he sent a d*** picture to a female and was having multiple other friendly conversations… confronted it and he apologized and said how embarrassed he was and it would never happen again, it’s happened 2 times more with the over friendly messages… They’re all older - his age - black woman… I’m a young 23 year old white woman… I feel like I’m not even his type… but why waste his and my time idk… do I leave ? Do I have children with him because he treats me right for the MOST part … ugh