I’m pregnant but don’t want to be with the dad

Me and my boyfriend have one son together that is 1 1/2 & now I’m pregnant… we do not get along at all. We argue about everything & sometimes escalate to abusiveness. I tried to break up with him several times and went back. Moved into a different apartment but sometimes I let him come over. So as of now we are not together but we still are intimate with each other and neither of us are with anyone else… I know that we do not get along and I cannot be with somebody that I argue with also he is 17 years older than me and we don’t have that much in common but we try to stay together because he does love me but I question how he loves me if all we do is argue and it’s mainly because of him… now about six months ago I was pregnant and our son was not even one and at the time I had just started working again and I couldn’t do it… since then I regretted it and I’m severely sad because I was always against it and I told myself I would never do it but now I found myself pregnant again and I don’t know what to do because either way I know I’m not going to be with him long term and I know that we don’t get along and I don’t want him to move into my apartment but I’m confused and conflicted on what to do does anybody have any advice for me? :frowning: