I’m pregnant, we have a child already he wants me to get a abortion

I found out I’m pregnant. I have a 7 year old. My daughters dad would be the father of this baby, he doesn’t think he is the dad. He’s also saying that if I don’t have a abortion he will not continue a relationship with my 7 year old and the new baby.

Me and him don’t have a good relationship, there’s really no relationship. in the 9 years I’ve been dealing with him he’s cheated who knows how many times, even had another child with someone (kid is about 3 years old). What hurts more is how I don’t feel like he acted this way towards her when she told him that she was pregnant. I know I need to leave him behind I’ve tried so hard and it’s not easy but at this moment I can’t continue to even deal with this craziness…

Advice ??? What would you do in this situation?

Whether you keep the baby or not, make sure it’s your decision. The fact that he said he wouldn’t continue a relationship with the child you have together if you kept it it’s absolutely crazy and heartbreaking. Either way, please cut him off. I know it’s a lot easier said then done but girl, you don’t deserve that. & whether you keep this baby is your choice, just make sure you’re doing it based off what you want. If your emotionally and financially ready for that. Best of luck xx

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