I need advice on claiming benefits when separated but living together, is it legal?

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Technically yes if your speaking of like snap benefits etc

It is house hold income must provide all income for anyone living in the house married or not related or not


Together or not you’re living together so it will be the same.

You just have to prove that you provide the food for only you and the kids. That he provides the food for just him.

Just don’t lie. That’s all. Apply for benefits and answer every question with 100% honest truth. Get them or not you won’t get yourself into trouble

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Most likely there will be questions like 1. Are you married and living together (YES is the truth because you can not be separated and still under the same roof!) 2. How many people are in the household? 3. What is the total household income? Now, let’s assume you are applying for Medicaid and you are caught lying to get those benefits…you might have to pay back the same amount that you received because you were not entitled in the first place and you might be forever denied on future benefits because you now have a federal charge. SUMMARY: Our politicians can lie until the cows come home but you and I can not lie on a federal form for benefits or food or housing assistance.

This depends on your state. I had to show legal documentation of separation because the state didnt recognize separation. Either married or completely divorced, in Michigan. I was granted the separation through DHS because of a judge’s no contact order.

I was separated and live under same roof we had separated bedrooms we did our own cooking and washing shared house cleaning he did his thing I did mine we was living under same roof 10 months

I just want to say I’m so sorry you are in this living situation. I hope that you find a better living arrangement and you find the help that you need.

If you mean like insurances and stuff definitely legal. If you mean like food stamps and stuff I think it’s only legal if you notify them your living together and idk how it would affect you keeping them honestly. Prob depends what each of you makes.

Hmm. In Virginia you could be separated while under the same roof as long as you were sleeping in separate rooms and not having sex. No fun to live together, but it’s so expensive to live in the DC area most folks can’t afford new housing right away,

You can still get benefits. If you’ve filed for legal separation then you tell them and he will have to write a statement saying he provides his own food and doesn’t share meals with you.

If there are mutual children and both parents are in the home, you are both part of the same household for state benefits. Even if you eat food separately.

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You can claim benefits but you have to prove you ain’t together. You must have your own bedroom buy your own food pay half th ed bills and you have to get witnesses to sign papers to say you ain’t together and they can do on the spot inspections