I need baby shower advice!🦕

-I NEED ADVICE!!! Thank you in advance :weary::green_heart:

So my boyfriends mom called me today & told me she wanted to be in charge of decorations for my baby shower. I’m not really sure on what to do or what to tell her because we aren’t that close at all & I feel like decorating is something I want to do because I want it a certain way vs someone doing it how they like. I wouldn’t have a problem with her helping with decorations but I know I would literally have no say in what she’s doing & I want say… is it rude to ask her to be in charge of something different? I really am I trying to figure out what to say or do I really don’t want to sound rude I told her I will get back to her tomorrow​:t_rex::sauropod:

All you are supposed to do is show up for your baby shower… :rofl::rofl: