I need some advice on how to explain santa without lying. Thoughts?

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We told our daughter that “everyone’s Santa is different” and kinda explained things that way :woman_shrugging:t3:


I tell my kids that Santa is the magic of Christmas. And faith isn’t always easy to have. But if you have faith you’re rewarded with magic. I tell them that as long as they believe in Santa they will get presents from Santa. If they do not believe their presents will come from us and won’t be magical anymore. My daughter is 13 with two younger brothers and she still has faith in Christmas. She knows Santa isn’t real but she wants to enjoy the spirit of Christmas because to her it’s about giving to others and faith is something she can give to her brothers.


I told my son that Santa couldn’t afford to make or give all the gifts bc there were so many kids and bc of electronics, everything was too advanced SO we had to have his list approved and that we paid for half or bought some of the presents ourselves. That way he would know we gave him presents too…my son discovered that none of his gift tags said “From: Mom & Dad” so this was out explanation.

Santa is the spirit of giving anonymously.


Santa is a figurement of man’s imagination. No one can circle the earth in one night

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Tell them the true story of Saint Nicholas of Turkey and how we commemorate him every year as part of the Christmas festival.


St. Nicholos was a real man. His real legacy is the Inspiration for Santa today. Look him up. & them Tell them the truth.


I try to tell my kids that Santa can’t just make things free any more like he use to and give all the kids good stuff. I tell them he has bills to pay too, so we have to give Santa a percentage of the gifts. So that’s why they don’t always get expensive items.

If you don’t believe you don’t receive. Just always believe in Santa… No lies to explain.


Tell them the true story of St. Nicholas and the pagan traditions that our modern celebrations are based on. Tell them the truth.


I told my kids that I am Santa’s helper and explain there really was a man a long time ago that used to bring gifts to kids, now that my kids are older they know now that I buy them their gifts

Tell your children the true meaning of every holiday we celebrate. 95% of the are from Pagan traditions. Christmas, Easter, Halloween…


All I’ve ever said was “if you don’t believe,you won’t receive “. It may not be technically an answer, but they’ll stop asking,lol. I never could actually say the words. I like to leave the possibility of hope, I think it adds to the magic of Christmas time. They’ll inevitably figure it out. But it won’t be from me.

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Research different cultures versions and stories (including your own). Sometimes you can find ‘christmas around the world for kids” stuff — but I would use that to show that everyone celebrates and even though Santa is different for everyone and not ‘real’ that the real spirit of the holiday is giving rather than receiving and cherishing those around you.


When I told my daughter about Santa she believed in him. I told her that Santa is all the great things you feel at Christmas. It is a physical representation of the joy, laughter, love and all that great stuff. Her knowing this has made her actually feel better about Christmas because every year she would question why some random man comes in out house to give us gifts lol

He exists with the magic in our hearts.


Totally unfollowed this page lol. It used to post super awesome nail designs but now it’s just random questions that go from Santa to sex to death. Super weird 🥸


It’s only May…:laughing: tell them to drop it

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Let them believe in Santa and be children as long as they can! But do explain the Birth of our Lord Jesus Christ.


It’s just a character like spiderman or batman…

That shit ain’t real. Mommy and daddy work hard to do what parents do just to give credit to an imaginary man? I think not!

Santa is real, but he is not a person. Santa is the spirit of the holiday. He is the spirit of giving out of love. Kris Klaus was a real person who created the spirit of Santa. At least this is how I will explain it to my children. Also they already know the reason for the season, but I understand not everyone believes in that.

Yep, this is the last straw

Just tell the truth the party is over

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In my family Santa is the idea of gift giving without a name. Everyone has the chance to be Santa and give the gift of joy to others because the gift is more important then who gave it… so we are all Santa… making someone happy is the gift we receive in return… that is why Santa is all races and ages and can be everywhere at once…


Well letting them believe in the first place was a lie. I never forced my kids to believe in santa, they were taught about Christmas in relation to jesus. They knew the idea of Santa, but i never went full on lying about him. Depending on the childrens ages just present him like oart of Christmas spirit.

Since when has this page become an advice column???

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Explain Its more of a feeling than a person

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Well you been lying all these years tell them Santa is coming to night now just them he ain’t coming no more

Not even close to christmas. Why bother now

For us personally, santa is a feeling. Its the spirit of Christmas. We never really told them santa was real or fake. They get their stocking filled with Santa items. And the rest is mom and dad.

I thought this page was for fingernails/toenails. Didn’t realize it was just a sounding board for questions about relationships.

Santa is real!! Maybe not in today’s world but he was.

Yes Santa is real- they don’t have to know he works through you. :heart:

Santa actually existed back n the 1800s I do believe his name was Chris cringle n he used to bring presents to orphans that really didn’t have anything

The kids movie Klaus. Love it

Santa is the lie so……

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My kids love it…they cant figure out how mom n dad would b able to get n wrap all the gifts…I mean I used special paper n all AND gifts from mom m dad would already b under the tree

We told our kids, who in turn passed it on down to their kids:

Santa is a special person in our hearts, that once a year on Christmas, brings toys and gifts to kids and others to make them happy and feel loved. Yes, Santa even brings gifts to grown ups too! We always added that Santa is never so far away that they cannot see and know of our behavior. We left he/she out because so many moms have to be Santa too.

Very few details, he’s magical.

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Tell them you’re santa no lying then

What are you talking about?!?:slightly_smiling_face:. I still believe in the “spirit of Christmas “. It is the most magical time of the year​:evergreen_tree: