I need some advice on how to explain santa without lying. Thoughts?

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Tell the story of St Nicholas. Explaining Santa Clause literally is lying :rofl:


Explain the origins of St Nicholas!! He was a real person. Santa Clause morphed out of all that stuff. Look him up and check it out. It might help

Santa is a lie so there’s no way going about it. Lol. Let them enjoy Santa because that innocence is precious and doesn’t last forever. But talk about the true meaning of Christmas.


Santa is the spirit of giving and lives in everyone.


I read a story about how a little boy figured out who Santa was abd mom explained it like how it made him feel and how it’s not about knowing he’s real/ fake but about giving and the feelings it made him feel knowing he got something he wanted but also how it made Santa feel to give. Then the little boy seen a neighbor with holes in sleepers when got mail so boy bought slippers and out them on the porch from Santa

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Tell them Santa is an imaginary figure who’s magic lives only as long as they believe in him.


Describe your self and instead of saying me say Santa :woman_shrugging:t2::joy: you are Santa anyways

Change your name to santa :thinking:

It’s not a lie, it’s a beautiful fantasy for your children. There’s no reason to make it ugly, let them enjoy their childhood with visions of love.


Don’t lie Santa is not real parents have hot to stop lying to their kids Christmas is a celebration with family and being with family its not about the gifts and crap stop lying period just be honest with your children


If you teach your kids religion it’s the same
Principal :man_shrugging:t2:


Perfect idea the book of St Nicholas!!

The worst thing you can do, is make out that Santa brings all the gifts to your children. By all means have the “magic” and excitement of Santa bringing a stocking or a gift, but let your children learn to appreciate the love and effort put into the gifts from their families and friends. Teach them to say thank you, not take it as a “right”. Don’t let them feel that they weren’t “good enough” for Santa to bring massive gifts, as he does for other richer children.
Why not have a “green Santa” - who brings preloved gifts - and in turn you can send him unwanted/ broken toys to fix and take to others who will appreciate them. Saves money and the environment.

We’re going to say this.
Santa is the Spirit of Christmas. It’s the joy of the lights and family and friends. The warm fuzzy feeling. The Santa’s we see as big jolly men are how people feel the spirit of Santa, by putting him into a physical body.


I have a 15 year old, 11 year old and a 4 year old.

My 4 year old believes but the other 2 obviously don’t.
We make it magical for my 4 year old.

No conversations really took place, they just get to a certain age and they realise, from friends, school etc.

My son is 15 and he has always thanked me for allowing him to have that magic as a kid.
As he knows kids his age who never.

Once my kids realised they got what they wanted regardless, they werent bothered if it’s from me or Santa! Haha

My mom told us as long as you believe in santa he will always be there

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Well Santa was real his name was st Nicholas look him up and tell him we just keep his tradition going


Really ??? It’s Santa Claus… Been around forever… You have to pussyfoot around it?:roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes::weary:

It’s a legend just like Robin Hood. He used to creep into sleeping kids rooms and reward them for good behaviour, define good behaviour and it’s ok for a stranger to be in your room as long as he has a beard…

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Put it this way…

How would you want it explained to you when you were little?

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My mom said “look it up” & handed me an encyclopedia. I thrive on truth. 40-something years & counting.

The same way you tell them about “God”! :woman_shrugging:t2:


I told mine that santa was a real person who lived a long time ago and made toys for children. He didn’t have magic reindeer, or elves and when he passed the spirit of his giving lives on in all of us.


To explain without lying tell them u buy presents but tradition says they from santa…

Teach them how racist it is, and how the start of Santa was Santa and black Peter, white Santa gave gifts if you was good, or black Peter would kid nap you and beat you.


Wait for your kids friends to tell em the truth like we all did geez lol


I’ve told my children and now grandchildren that ‘Santa’ is ANYONE who loves you enough to give you a gift. They are all in their late 20’s now and still believe in ‘Santa’ and being a Santa as well

Alright. That is it. These ignortant posts and questions today have me DONE with this site. Watch all your people leave. This is NOT where I come for medical or parenting advice. It is where I USED to come to laugh and consort with other people in or just leaving a bad relationship.


Let them watch them movie Santa’s Slay with Bill Goldberg

That’s just the truth then… go on now.:grin:

I’ve always told my kids that Santa is real as long as you believe he is and when you stop believing then you stop getting presents from Santa

I tell my oldest Santa is a real person named Saint Nick. We celebrate his memory with Santa it’s an ideology

I told my youngest Santa doesn’t give u all your gifts and as u get older he gives 1 and friends and family gives u the rest

First of all, christmas is not about receiving gifts. It’s about the birth of Jesus. I taught my children very young that there was not a santa. I do not want my children growing up thinking that a jolly man in a red suit comes down the chimney leaving gifts. I would rather my children learn and appreciate the value of a gift they receive and to be a blessing to others, not just at Christmas time.

Let your kids be kids and enjoy their childhood!!! The excitement of Santa leaving me presents for Christmas was a wonderful feeling that I still remember.


Let them believe they will figure it out soon enough!


You do realize you’re setting your child’s heart up to be broken at a certain age if you tell your child Santa is real, right? I’d honestly go ahead and explain that mommy and daddy buy the presents; and for this reason right here: imagine someone tells their child Santa is real. Kid asks for some toys and some electronic stuff, but on Christmas morning the kid only receives toys, and yeah while he’s happy with his toys he’s upset he didn’t get his PS4 or something. Fast forward throughout the day and kid is talking to his friends, friend says “Santa” brought him a new ps4 and a new iPhone yada yada . Now that kid is wondering what he did wrong (as told the normal rules of Santa Claus) to not get all the presents he wanted when in REALITY it’s only because some parents don’t make as much and Santa isn’t real. Just be straight up with your kid, mommy and daddy ARE Santa


These fan questions are getting out of hand… It’s like this page is being trolled by teenagers :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

I remember when my sons friend told him there was no santa…I looked him right in the eye and said your friend is right for him there is no santa. Santa only visits those who believe. My kids are 31 and 15 I still give them santa stockings keeping the tradition alive.

I never told mine… the older they got it just clicked and then the older ones help me b santa now :woman_shrugging:


My daughter came home and said that somebody said that Santa wasn’t real and I said what do you believe cause that’s the only thing that matters. They figured it out when they were older.

I figured it out when I snuck out of my room and saw my momma wrapping the presents and putting them under the tree, and then watched her fill my stocking

Tell them he died from COVID. Teach them about death at the same time LMAO

Tell the original KRIS KRINGAL STORY

Let them believe it’s so much better and more magical for them. They will figure it out when they get older it will be fine :slightly_smiling_face:


I told mine that santa was the spirit of xmas and so therefore he lived in all of the people’s hearts…so in essence parents are santa but sometimes they dont remember until children are older…still made it special but then i didn’t have to explain why i lied about him being real…


What’s up with all the questions lately?:thinking:

Well first of all your lying by saying there is a santa so the answer is easy don’t continue lying and tell them the truth,simple really.


Santa is real, he may not wear a red suit and have reindeers but he is real. Those who help less fortunate is all Santa’s. I also always told my kids I had to pay Santa for all their gifts he brought. Look up the history of the real Santa, Saint Nicholas. A man who did deliver gifts to all the children.

Just tell the truth😐

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I always told my kids “you’re never too old to believe in the magic of Christmas”

Explaining Santa is lying lol. Just save the theatrics and the disappointment later and tell them the truth, but make sure they know not to let other kids down with it. I agree with a post from above about how some kids get better presents than others, and that sets them up to wonder why. Honestly, the whole idea of lying to your kids about a fake entity that magically deliverers them presents if they’re good literally does nothing for the child. It’s a way for parents to manipulate their kids to be good, which doesn’t even work anyway. What’s even the point then? They can still enjoy the spirit of Christmas and the holidays without being blackmailed to. I was spoiled by somebody about it when I was 5, and it changed absolutely nothing about my perception of Christmas, other than knowing the truth. The younger they are, the easier it is too.

I told my child that everybody that does a good turn without expecting anything back is being santa, that santa is our way of giving back

Let them figure it out for themselves

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Santa puts the magic in Christmas because kids are too young to understand the true miracle of Christmas :innocent:

Play it off as looking as possible… NO NATTER WHAT!:rofl:
We couldn’t get a few things this year and did a lot of online ordering. We told the younger kids that covid affected Christmas this year and santa had to use the mail systems.

I would tell the true story of St. Nicholas. Then, I told them that we are Santa’s helpers & Santa calls the grown ups for behavioral updates & Santa tells us what he heard the kids wishes were & the grown ups do all the work FOR Santa & get the presents. :woman_shrugging::slightly_smiling_face:


Santa exists as long as you allow him to exist.

Once you stop believing in Santa, you lose the magic of Christmas.


Its not the saison to talk about Santa

Mine just figured it out lol School kids run their mouth :rofl:

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Impossible. Unless you’re explaining the STORY of santa.

Show them all the same cartoons you saw when you were their age then you ain’t gotta say anything lol

He was a good man who once lived and now we carry on his spirit

Reguardless santa is a lie. My kids dont believe in any of that stuff but kno not to ruin it for others. My parents told us he wmade and bring toys but my parents had to pay him so he could keep the elves paid. I wasnt mad they lied about it but choose not to even lie about it to my kids.

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I told my oldest when he asked at around 9 or 10 , we told him its his turn to keep the spirit of Xmas alive for the younger one, and the younger one believes that when u turn 13 you give up your spot for a new child, when they ask the question the get told the truth… its all about the magic of bringing a family together in our house

He’s the spirit of Christmas

What happened to this page. Ugh.

Santa Claus is not real, but the story of Santa Claus is based on a real person. The myth of Santa Claus probably began with a real man who lived a long time ago. He was a Christian man from Turkey who was called Saint Nicholas of Myra. His parents left him money when they died, and he gave the money away to the poor.

I always told my kids santa is in everyone … If somone gives a gift they are a Santa .because Santa lives in all of us …

St. Nicholas was a real person who brought gifts for children! Now that he has passed on, the magic of Christmas was given to parents of children since he can’t provide it anymore. :heart:


Telling your kid there is no Santa is stealing their Childhood

Tell them the stages of Santa and it will explain to them how he’s real without lying.
Stage 1: You’re a child who believes in Santa whole heartedly.
Stage 2: You’re a teenager who knows it was your parents the whole time.
Stage 3: You’re a parent and thus become Santa.

I always tell my son that we buy all the bigger, expensive present and santa brings the stocking presents.When xmas is near, I take him to pick out and buy Daddys present.He also picks out cousins etc.We are teaching him christmas is about family and giving, not only receiving

Let them be kids…we all survived this “lie”

The only way… tell the truth!!!

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my family has never done the traditional “santa”. we explained to the kids that st nick was a real person and how the story came about. he is basically the spirit of giving and we know that gifts come from friends and family and that jesus is the reason for the season.

You have given a wonderful answer.