I read they may make kids wear masks to school: What are your thoughts?

I read somewhere that in some states they’re making children wear mask to school. Do they honestly think children will keep a mask on all day? What about children swapping mask?


I mean do that or keep them home :upside_down_face:


Ontario Canada
Kids are wearing mask.
It was already released

Michigan- kids are wearing a mask. Parents do have an option to do virtual learning (via video lecture), a combination of both, or entirely face to face. Children won’t be able to swap masks because they aren’t able to be within 6 feet of their classmates.


My kids school district is requiring them to wear masks while in school. I have no problem with it my kids learn much better in the classroom so I would rather them be safe.


In Louisiana and Mississippi kids are and will be wearing masks… I’m homeschooling mine


My child will not be wearing a mask to school all day, nor will he be in a prison setting. I’ll be doing the distance learning until than.


Start practicing now. My 5 year old understands that there is a sickness and in order for everyone to stay safe we need to wear masks. He fixes his mask if it falls below his nose.

Get cute fun prints.


Vermont schools are requiring masks, but we have the option to do completely remote learning or they can go 2 days a week and have 3 days remote learning. I’m choosing to homeschool regardless.

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My daughter has been wearing one all day at daycare. It doesnt bother her.


My daughters schools are requiring them to wear masks(west central Alabama).


I give my kids more credit than most. I got them masks specifically for school and they put the days of the week on them. The littles adjust if it slips and don’t complain about wearing it when we go out. We are going to practice longer periods so they will be used to them by the time school starts.


Mine have been wearing them before made mandatory even us after we found them for us and my mom found for kids took us a minute to find my kids were wearing bandanas before got asks for them

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No mask mandate here.
They’re optional.
We’re not making our kid wear one. And if it becomes mandatory I’ll pull him from school.


Yes. they are making them, in most places.
Do i personally think it is going to truly work? no. Most adults “cant handle” wearing them for a trip to the store, never mind a bunch of children having to wear them all day.


My 5 year old wears his mask with way less complaining than many adults


We’re doing distance learning here. All schools are to remain closed until further notice. Schools are having parents pick up the books and supplies and all classes are done through zoom

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My son goes to a private preschool year round (last year of preschool) and he children 5 and over have to mask. All parents must mask while in the building. No reheat lunches, no more dining style lunches all picnic style, we have to wash our hands once we enter, we also need to spray our shoes with lysol spray.

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Here in Michigan grades 6 and up (I believe) must wear masks all day. BK-5th must wear them on the bus and in common areas. My daughter will be going into first grade and she understands why we she needs to wear a mask and understands that there is a virus we all should protect ourselves against. If your child is medically unable to wear a mask our school district is requiring a doctor’s note. It’s all about how you parent and what you’ve been teaching them about this pandemic.


Our school district is only making them wear them when social distancing can’t be used, such as changing classrooms or doing an activity they will be close to each other. When they are at their desks or on an area where they can’t be distanced, and during lunch they will not have to wear them.


My 5 year old wears one everyday at daycare. He has no problem wearing it.


K-12 here in MN. We ordered masks that have a clear patch over the mouth so that at least the kids can see others facial expressions. I think especially for younger children this is very important. My daughter hates masks because she is timid and without seeing others expressions she is very hesitant to approach them.


What is the point seriously? They’ll be swapping them like pokemon cards…

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I’m in Michigan where face masks are being required for school and even in daycares for children 2+. So, we’ve been given the option for online school. But, we don’t get lessons online, from what I’m understanding, only a curriculum and no guidance. They say they don’t have enough teachers to have one that helps with online learning so we’ll have to figure it out on our own. I’m so nervous that my kids aren’t going to get what they need online. I have a kindergartner and 4th grader.

I live in Florida and kids have to wear mask. But only in the halls and stuff. When they are sitting at their desk they do not have to wear their mask. So I bought these mask lanyards that will hang their mask around their necks when they are at their desk

They were going to do that here in my county but there was a special meeting and now school is going to be virtual till fall break. After that they will decide if the kids can go back or not.

I work in the public. Kids are NOT the issue. They don’t even touch their masks. It’s the adults that throw fits.

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My kids went back to school this week and all of them are wearing masks. They don’t mind it they said and nobody really pitched a fit

Mandatory here. I make mine wear one anyway. 4,5, 6, 10, and 15 and they all keep it on with no issues. Give them credit though because I hate it and cant keep it on without hyperventilating

They should not even be in school mask or not

My kids started school this week and they are to wear masks in the hallways/bathrooms/cafeteria line/school bus and places where social distancing isn’t available! The kids haven’t had any issues with wearing them. They were so excited to finally be back in school with their friends and teachers.

I think its more of a parents mind thinking that their kids won’t wear them…when all reality they will and not think anything else about it.

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They shouldn’t be sending them to school at all! they had to shut down a few schools after a week because teachers got covid

I had 20 kids today at a daycare center. Every 5 minutes I was yelling at someone to pull theirs up
If school ever starts again I wish the teachers luck!

Here in Illinois at the school my daughter attends they only have to wear them on the bus and in the hallway. When they get into the classroom they can take them off

In my town the children have to wear masks to school but in a town 25 minutes away the children have a choice to wear one or not.

Well my state is all online for this fall. So no need for masks.

Some school are, some arnt. It depends on your district. Ours is only doing mask for kids 10+

In Ontario, Canada it’s only for kids grade 4 and up.

Im 100% pro on site school learning. *with protocols * the new norm so to speak, which has always been wash hands, sneeze in your elbow. The kids are not the ones getting sick,if anyone follows the actual numbers. The plus about immunity is the stronger it is, the healthier the kids are. Let’s these kids have their youth, and the availability to grow,make Friends, get an education, think for themselves. Kids don’t question :mask: unless their parentsdo… Don’t make them a big deal if that is the requirement

I will not send my kids to school until their is a vaccination… i can’t risk their lives…

My son, 5yrs old, went to summer camp for 8 weeks and wore a mask. They never had a issue all summer and he’s ok with wearing it because he understands why he needs to wear it. He is scheduled to start in person school for the fall.

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Our kids, whose parents chose to send them back to face to face learning in school instead of virtual learning, will have to wear masks in the more public areas of school, (front office, lobby, library etc) and where it’s not possible to keep a 6ft distance or barriers between them. Theyre going to do their bst to not make them wear them in the classroom if they can maintain keeping them 6ft away from each other at their desks.

My kids are back to school.
My 11th grader wears his all day except to eat lunch.
My 6th grader wears hers where she can’t social distance. She is in a cubicle with clear sides.

For my kids school, apparently the kids get a mask break. They haven’t started yet so who knows how well it’ll work

Our school is starting out full time distance learning. I am hoping parents are helping their children adjust to masks by playing school with a mask on at home talking about why it is important. If you take the stance your mask is part of your clothes you don’t share it just like you dont switch shoes could help. Parents need to take responsibility to help their children with the changes we are all having to adjust to and for heavens sake don’t add it to the teachers responsibility.

I don’t speak for all parents or kids. But my 4 year old keeps his on and doesn’t touch it for hours at a time we needed. He has learned when to wear them and knows that it is important. Yes we had our moment when it first started but he does great now.

Our school is, for anyone in 3rd grade and higher. That’s why my kids aren’t going. This dramatic virus it’s getting out of hand.

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I think this will work if speaking to your children seriously and telling them the importance of wearing the mask during school. Knowing that they could become infected and then bring it home and infect others can possibly help them see the seriousness of it. But of course they are kids so its up to them i guess

I have a 2nd, 4th and 6th grader. They started school yesterday and wear masks all day. Luckily their desks are spread far enough apart that they are allowed to take their masks off if they are sitting so they get a mask break.
All 3 of them are really good at keeping them on, but will occasionally touch them or put them on their chin as you would expect from a kid :woman_shrugging:

My son who is in 8th grade said he has to wear his all day besides lunch and that’s it. He also said he has like 15 kids in his science class as well

I work at a daycare in Pennsylvania. We have been open since June. Im the lead teacher in the 2 year old class. They wear them all day and dont bother with them.

I also have two children…4 years old and a 9 year old they both wear their masks without any issues.

i am in Ct and my kids are starting Hybrid which i think is the greatest … 2 days in school and 3 days home and its half the school on those two days

My state governor has mandated mask wearing in grades k-12. I have a kindergartner and the teachers are going to let the kids have “mask breaks”. The kids don’t wear one during lunch and gym class.

Trades will happen. Kids will take them off to sneeze and cough every where. Kids are going to know about the virus and share germs as kids do. Alls i know is my kid is going to school qnd i foresee these things.

My child will be distance learning due to mask requirements.


Our school will require masks. I am sending my kids to school. They need the social interaction too otherwise we will end up with a generation of kids with no social skills at all. How do you teach kids social skills without other kids?


well TEACH YOUR KID not to swap masks and educate them on keeping it on and why. Dont be the lazy parent that leaves it up to the school to handle it and makes it difficult on those parents who have kids who actually behave… I’ve seen too many lazy parents with poorly taught kids with zero manners or has issues with listening


My kids wore masks to summer school/camps. The first few days were hard, and they made sure to call and explain to parents that the kid would not be allowed back. After that, my kids kept them on and the teachers had no problem managing the smaller kids in classrooms. No sharing supplies, individual desks and only blacktop playing outside. Also are in the rooms for lunch, 4000 kids present for summer across about 3 high schools and 12 combined site schools including camps with 12 folks not allowed at school when they had any symptoms.

Yeah I quit my job at our local school… I have zero issues with masks and wear mine religiously. But it’s unrealistic to expect this out of children and I’m not willing to risk my immunocompromised child’s life.


Mines distant learning as well but not because of the masks.

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Our school is doing masks during class change but they can take them off during class

We chose to virtual learn this year and mostly bc it doesn’t make sense for them to attend. For one both are special needs and good luck keeping a mask on them especially ones with sensory issues. For two they’re not allowed to eat in the cafeteria, no recess, no field trips, no gym time, no sitting next to each other in class, IEP stuff being taken and reduced. Kids are gonna remove masks. They’re gonna trade. Lazy parents are gonna send sick kids to school so I’m not putting mine at risk. It saves on school supplies, kids were issued chrome books and the classes went well. It allows more flexibility in our day and schedules for dr appointments/specialists, the kids get to see and talk to each other on zoom during class time so they’re not missing out on friends. This year my 2nd grader has 45 kids in her class. I don’t believe had that had they not been a virtual class that there would be a classroom remotely big enough to social distance. This was just a better option for our family. Even the school buses were having issues with it so it saves on all that

I chose distant learning for mine, not just about the mask but for many reasons, under 10 are not required to wear a mask, and there is no way kids are going to be learning well with all of the safety protocols in place. There are several articles already out about schools that have opened and already have 100s quartuntined. As harsh as this sounds I’m going to let others send theirs and see how it really goes before I make the decision to send them back. I would rather be overly cautious.


At my kids school it’s only required during pick up drop off and when there in a hallway

Whear i live kids are weaeing masks at school

I feel like the masks that tie in the back rather than loop around the ears would be better for the smaller kids.

My kids will not go to school as long as they make them wear masks

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My kids are 2, 4, and 6. They have been wearing masks all summer with no problems. If they want to go to the zoo, aquarium, museum, they have to wear masks. They wear them for hours with no complaints at all.


My son has special needs so he home school

They will be 100% homeschooled forever before I make them wear a mask to school


My school isn’t changing anything besides sports. Kiowa county in Colorado has no cases.

I dont care what they make my kids wear my kids r ready 4 school. And there great with the dumb masks

so far, i haven’t heard of schools requiring or enforcing wearing a mask. in my school district for now it’s a non issue as we’re fully virtual now.

having said that - i won’t send my child back to school unless masks are enforced (as well as other precautions). but my son is older, and he understands the importance of wearing a mask and has willingly worn one any time he’s had to go out.

for younger kids - i think expecting them to keep it on correctly and to not touch it and all that is foolish. i can’t see that happening.