I really want to know how others would feel because I'm at a loss here

Me and my fiance have been together 7 plus years this has been a thing for 5 years now he has cheated on me 4 times because of this well here is what I want to know how would you feel if your fiance says that having sex only 3 times a week isn’t enough and him telling you that he feels like you dont care or actually want to have a relationship because you wont have sex more than 3 times a week or give him blowjobs and hand jobs

You guys have different sex drives and there’s nothing wrong with that. You said fiancée and I would definitely leave before it turns to husband… there’s no reason he’s cheated on you multiple times because you aren’t “giving him enough” He needs to grow up and learn to control himself.

His words when we talked about it was ( if some girl comes up showing that she wants me dont go getting mad at me if I take it) and ( I’m gonna cheat again I know it cause i dont feel like you want me its depressing that my own fiance dont want to suck my dick or fuck when I want to fuck