I tested positive for COVID and am afraid I am going to pass it to my kids: Advice?

Everyone i have known thats had it if they only lost sense of smell and taste, and body hurt and head ache there case was mild and there family didn’t get it

I had it and passed it on to my two children, bur they were both fine with no under laying health condition. I hope you feel better soon, try and rest as much as you can loads of vitiman c

Kids have done fairly well with the virus, thankfully. My kids have done well, very minor symptoms here and there. Well wishes your way.

NO NEED TO PANIC. Covid19 is curable because if not those millions of infected have died already if it is not curable. Be healthy that’s the only key to fight the virus. :slight_smile:

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I had it. No one else in my house caught it. I was asymptomatic and didnt know I was positive til almost a week after my weekly covid test for work. Therefore I didn’t isolate from them being as I had already been in total contact with them for a week. My husband and 3 kids were all tested and all were negative.

Me and my partner had it in Oct our children were 4mths and nearly 3yrs at the time. We were both unwell I lost my taste, smell and had cough along with headache. My partner had the fever. I got tested on the Friday because I’d lost my taste but the results didn’t come back until Monday on the Sunday night both children had fevers so I managed to bring that down with paracetamol, both were also coughing. Results came back positive on the Monday but we decided not to get the children tested as we had a feeling they had it anyway and they’d been with us so would isolate with us too. Both had coughs for couple of days but no fever or any other symptoms both seemed fine. I drank plenty of hot water, cold seemed to make my chest feel worse. X

My daughter is 10 she has a severe form of epilepsy which causes cluster seizures. When she caught chicken pox she was having seizures none stop for 3 weeks (40+ a day).
She brought covid home from school but she was completely asymptomatic. I just wanted to sleep none stop and she was wanting to go out.
Just be careful, sanitise everything. Keep your mask on, lots of open windows if possible.
Being honest here your more contagious rhe few days before you get symptoms.
I have everything crossed things settle soon and your babies are safe

I had covid and I have a 7 month old I just wore my mask for 14 days and they was all fine

Me, 2 of my adult sons and my son in law all had it at the same time. We were all around my daughter and grandbabies and none of them got sick.

I had it over NY. Very mild symptoms. My husband tested negative and my 11 month old son and 3 year old daughter didn’t get it, they were all fine. I’m sure you’ll be fine too. Best wishes :blush:

My husband had it he ended up in hospital but he has asthma my 6 year old caught it but he was only poorly a few days kids are resilient take care of you water water water and paracetamol I swear this is the way to beat it ! My husband didn’t drink and he went bad but keep them fluids up wash ya hands constant too xx speedy recovery xx

We well pray for yours

I had Covid, no cough or fever no one else in my household got it, my daughter sleeps in my bed and she’s was fine x

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We both husband wife are positive and have a two year old with us whose doing just fine. Don’t stress yourself unnecessarily

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Me and my husband had it a couple weeks ago we were poorly flu type but our 3yr old and 1yr old are fine dont worry x

I work in childcare and even the kids who have tested positive have extremely mild symptoms. They will be fine. Wear a mask around them and wash your hands to help keep it from spreading. What you’re feeling is fortunately not how it presents in kids.

My son has recently had it and was absolutely fine. We only got him tested coz everyone else was showing symptoms. Xx

Keep on mask on at all times. Disinfect everything.

My husband had it … me or our 7 kids never got it.

My husband and I both got it during the holidays and my three girls never did. I sanitized and disinfected every 30 minutes (not exaggerating). Keep your mask on, wash your hands and sanitize often. Don’t be scared, just be cautious. Sending you good vibes!


Use your mask & clean everything . Where it @ all times . I just had it , I to have a four month old & he didn’t get it . I even slept in my mask , if you got someone who can get the kids & can help use them! Bc your gonnna be weak for days!

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Most likely your kids have already been exposed. Keep calm and watch for symptoms. My whole family had it last month I have a 4 year old and 16 year old. My little one never showed any symptoms. My teenager had fever for one day. But he did lose smell and taste. Our Dr told us that with kids all you can do is treat the sympt0ms as they come. I offer you and your family prayers that ya’ll get through this.

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Just recovering, day 8 Covid. I agree that you need to wipe down high touched surfaces, and wear a mask when you are out of your room. Also, crack your window and air your room/house out daily. I also sprayed Lysol. I would make sure you get a pulsometer and check your oxygen levels often, and a thermometer. We took vitamin D, C, & zinc. Mucinex or robitussin dm, ibuprofen. Use a humidifier and sleep on your stomach, walk around often. Drink a lot of water, Gatorade, hot tea helped. I would reach out to your doctor for guidance. Prayers for a quick recovery and know you can get through this.


Everyone in
My house caught Covid but thank God my sons 14 and 4 and my little sister who is 4 as well never got sick, no symptoms nothing and they were all around me a week before I got admitted to the hospital… Just cover them in
Prayers… God is awesome and I’m forever grateful that my kids are Healthy,.

Mask up around them and wash hands! So sorry…i had a friend go through this recently

My husband and I both had it but our daughter who is immunocompromised tested negative. We wore masks and washed our hands frequently. We made sure not to give kisses and even hugs, which would be hard with little ones. Whenever possible we sat as far away from her as possible. Sanitize often!

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I am currently sick with it as well as my 3 year old. We are 14 days in and doing fine. You got this! Your kids will be fine. God please place your hands over this family and protect them through this time. Please allow fast healing in Jesus name Amen.

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It won’t affect them at all. We have 3 kids and have been dealing with Covid for 2 weeks. Has not bothered them at all.

Wash hands, use mask and clean surfaces and you have a good chance they won’t get it. My entire family had it and we took no precautions (because I thought I had it, I had all the symptoms) and I never got it…tested negative two times. It is contagious but affects people so differently so there is a good chance they won’t get it. Good luck!

I just got over Covid. I was 9 weeks pregnant when I caught it. My 5 year old and 16 year old were in the house with me. So was my fiancé. I tried to quarantine myself as best as I could, wore a mask if I left my room, and disinfected my bathroom everytime I used it. That was the door handle, light switch, sink/faucet handles, and the toilet seat/handle. I drank a lot of liquids, especially water. Used a vaporizer and tried to take hot showers to help my head/sinuses. Lots of rest but you must get up and move around so you don’t catch pneumonia.

None of my family caught it from me. I was working in a school at the time (where I believe I caught it) and from what I saw kids are carriers. Most children are not effected like adults. They don’t get it as intense. I live in a very small home, we shared the same air when I was most contagious. No one in my household caught it. Thankfully. Honestly, do not be afraid. I think the littles seriously do not get it like adults most of the time. I know a few other children that caught it. Mild fevers and coughs. Over in like 2 or 3 days. Just make sure you quarantine yourself from them.

Also, to get taste back, chai tea and dentyne ice gum helped!!! Chai tea was the first thing I could taste or smell faintly in 14 days.

Don’t worry! I know it’s easy say than done. But It will be fine. I tested positive as well back in November, and my baby was just 1 month old. And I have 5 more kids ages from 5-10. So I was really worried. All I did was wear a mask for the time they were here they all were able to go with family members after a week of us being sick. And thankfully nobody got sick, I was so afraid for the baby, because he was next to me 24/7. But nothing I talk to his doctor and he adviced me that it’s very rare that babies will get it and if they get it they might get running nose and sometimes fever but that’s about it. And they actually recommend that if you do get it to quarantined with your baby. I used mask most of the time just to be on the safe side.


I apologize but the people saying it wont affect them are not 100% correct. It is affecting children differently everywhere. Kids are more resilient but they are not completely shielded. The children were already exposed but if you can help it, spend as much time away from them as possible to isolate yourself


I am recovering from it. I was in hospital 2 weeks. My other half has not gotten it. You can do this. Just be mindful of what your doing. I wear two mask, I have hand sanitizer every where. You can do this…take garlic. Get you some Vicks, put in crock pot with water and vicks salve. Put it on your feet with socks. It will help…praying for you.

Sorry just went thru that with 3 positive and 1 negative in the household. We just kept 6 ft apart as much as possible,sprayed lysol every hour thruout the house. If you start to get weaker might want to see if any family members can watch the kids for a week.

So sad :disappointed:. Get well … hot tea … ginger . Tumeric bay leaf and lemon :lemon: at least 3 time … keep the mask … and wash :soap: your hands … clean areas Ect

Love and prayers!! I have a disabled son and it scares me to death, that I could get it from my work environment. Love and prayers

My husband has it but me and my 2 kids don’t. Make sure you change your Toothbrush everyday and wear your mask

My niece’s household got it but not there daughter who is 5

Get your toothbrush away from everyone else’s. No one ever thinks about toothbrushes. I know I didn’t until my doctor mentioned it.

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Wear a mask in the house and wipe down surfaces with bleach

My daughter and son in law caught it. Their young kids did not

Get them tested immediately…THEY SHOULD NOT BE IN THE SAME HOUSE AS YOU ARE!..clean everything!

I’m 46 with 2 adult children 25 & 23 two others that are 17,12 and 3 grandkids 8,4,2 we all got it and yes me and my daughter had it worst the kids got high fevers up to 102 BUT they seem to have recovered quicker they bounced right back. Hope this helps everyone has different symptoms. My husband and my dad never got it

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I also tested Positive on Dec 7th i had all the symptoms but no fever or cough i lost my taste and smell till the 3rd day i have a 6 year old and a 11 year old and neither of them got or my husband i stayed in my room the whole time i was sick my kids and husband slept on the other part of the house my husband did all the cleaning and cooking and helped some what with homework my relies date was Dec 17th. My symptoms were body aches, head ache, ear ache, and the loss of taste and smell didnt have an appetite at all i would just sleep and sleep. Hope you feel better

Me and my mom tested Positive and was worried about my kids and grandkid just like you. The doctor told me just to watch them because they had already been exposed. So far they haven’t showed no symptoms. Only thing we can do is hope and pray they don’t get it. Praying for you.

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My husband and I had it (hubby got it on my day 10 so about a month of it in our home) and none of my 5 kids got it. Quarantine as much as you can and wear masks @ disinfect everything you touch - you got this!


As long as you keep a mask on and change it every 8 hours, and make sure you keep everything you touch clean, it will be ok. Stay positive and eat lots and lots of fruits and veggies and lots of water! Hope you recover fast!


If at all possible I’d have a friend or relative stay with the kids while you hole up in your room a couple days. I wish you the speediest of recoveries!


I have covid. My son didn’t get it. As soon as we found out we put on mask every time my son was around.

Children have a 99.99% chance of coming through the covid 19 virus. Take care of yourself; get your rest, lots of fluids and Vit. D. Fruits and veggies! Prayers for quick recovery :heart:

My friends had it. kids 2 and a half and 5… and they sailed through! they were over it in 2 days. parents a bit worse but all fine and healthy now.

i know a few people who have gotten it and their kids didnt

I had it the worst and I was pregnant at the time. Awful combination. I had to just suffer through it and still take care of my 4 other kids. This was way back in the beginning of all of this, when nobody knew much about it. Hubby was still working 2 jobs at the time. My kids and hubby had it to varying degrees, but nothing too severe. No need to mask up at home, they’ve already been exposed to you. Stay hydrated, you and your family. That’s a key thing with it. So easy to get dehydrated. Try to get as much rest as you possibly can. Difficult with kids, but hopefully you can.

Hey honey. My husband and I both had it twice. And since we had already been around the kids, we didn’t wear our mask. We just made sure to keep everything clean the best we could and we stopped pretty much all cuddles. Our kiddos never got sick.

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My son is 3 and caught it from nursery just after Christmas. He just seemed like he had a cold and was fine in couple of days. He passed it onto me, im breastfeeding his 6 month old sister so wore a mask when feeding her. We also steamed and scrubbed house daily. I wasn’t too bad just felt like had flu, lost my sense of smell completely and I have asthma but didnt have any breathing issues at all. My partner then caught it and was quite poorly and still getting over it now 16 days on. Our 6 month old daughter caught it aswell but she was more unsettled than unwell. The worst thing is the fatigue as so tired but also have little ones to look after so hard to rest. Try not to stress yourself out about it just concentrate on getting better and rest when you can. Children are not really badly affected. Worst part for my son was being stuck indoors for 2 weels

My good friend and her husband both had Covid. They have two little ones with the smallest being under one. Neither kiddo got sick at all.

It’s very rare for it to really effect children very badly. If anything they’ll get cold symptoms.
Nothing you can do now tho mama as they’ve already been exposed. Just breathe. And know that’s what we have doctors and a hospital for:)
Or your kids could get it and show no symptoms or they might not get it at all:)
Take it day by day or hour by hour if you have to. :hugs:


Wear your mask. Wash your hands. Sleep on your side or stomach. Eat fresh fruits and vegetables. My friend’s husband got it and she and her daughter never got it. They wore masks, avoided close contact and cleaned constantly.


Please talk to a couple drs. Not Facebook because everyone and every case is different. I know for a fact kids that have gotten COVID. And anyone that you have been around has been exposed and you should all quarantine. You shouldn’t have anyone else come into your home to help with your kids because you will expose them too. Ask a dr please don’t take just Facebook advice. I had it, it sucks and I pray you feel better


My husband had it first and we kept him in the master bedroom and bath…serve all food and drinks right outside his door. Washed and sanitized everything like crazy. 13 days after he tested positive, I tested positive. Our son was in the house with us the whole time and I gave up staying away bc I am mom. He tested twice and were negative both times. He was fine.
Same for sister and BIL…had it, but 3 kids didn’t.
Clean, rest, eat healthy, stay hydrated and take vitamins.

Unfortunately you are most contagious in the 48 hrs prior to showing your first symptom and so your young children are presumably positive. I was jn this same position and quarantined myself and my 7 week old twins off in a separate area of the house while I wore a mask and gloves 24/7 along with hand sanitizer. Unfortunately a week later my babies spiked a fever and tested positive. On a high note they handled it extremely well and are perfectly fine. It’ll be ok. Also i was told those who lose taste and smell have a milder version of the virus, I didn’t. Babies are resilient :purple_heart:

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Kids are much more resilient to this virus. You know what to look for, momma. If they start showing symptoms, get them tested. I had it in October and was scared my children, 4 and a 5 year old (that is immune compromised). She never got it then. Had covid again in December and my 5 year old immune compromised child did get it that time. I stayed on top of the fever and controlled it and she did ok with it. Hugs and prayers Momma.

I had it in November, quarantined with my 3 under 5. Everyone stayed healthy. I wore a mask in my home and carried around disinfectant spray everywhere I went lol

CDC says to assume that everyone is positive since your already assumed to be in close proximity. Just monitor for symptoms and keep yourself hydrated.

I had covid back in July. I have a 13 and 8 year old. Super worried. NP told me that new studies coming out show that adults USUALLY don’t pass it to kids (not all cases but usually) and kids don’t usually pass it to adults. Now I’m not saying it’s not gonna happen but neither of my girls got it. My BIL and SIL both had it too and their girls didn’t catch it. Same way when my bro and SIL had it. Their girls didn’t get it either. Don’t know how much truth is in what my NP said, but this is an example of 3 different families and it was true for us

My kid was the one who gave me covid. He showed 0 symptoms besides a runny nose for two days. Kids don’t get hit as hard, thankfully!

I would keep a mask on around them. Try to see if you can leave them with a relative or family friend for 10 days while you fight this. Hang in there mama :muscle::heart: You got this

I tested positive with symptoms and no one in my household got it. Not even my 87 year old grandmother. I did not mask in my home either. I wear one all day everyday at work so when I come home I want nothing to do with them. I work in a nursing home as a Director. Once I found out I had Covid which I thought was just a cold everyone had already been exposed to it for 3 days, over the weekend, my residents were not exposed to me sick.

I tested positive too and have a 2 year old and 10 month old, they never had any symptoms so I never got them tested, but I just tried to keep highly touched areas wiped down with clorox wipes and tried not to breath on them as much as I could. My husband didnt get it either and we slept in the same bed and everything. I wasnt able to stay away from everyone but they all were fine. Hopefully you get lucky and have a mild case, just stay hydrated as much as you can. You got this mamma itll all work out!

My husband had it and my daughter and I never got it from him or At least we never got any symptoms but if all possible maybe you can stay in the bedroom or something until you don’t have to quarantine anymore. Maybe wear a mask and keep sanitized. Clean everything you touch.

I just got over it and I nursed my 14 month old the whole time. She never got it. Neither did my 7 year old.

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My sister in law got it and has a 7 yr old i dont believe my niece cought it. . I qould wear a mask around them wash your hands as much as possible and try your best to keep away. Im sorry you gota go through this.

It’s nerve wracking as a parent my fiance she worked at a nursing home an contracted the virus my 18 month old son an her was sick for about a solid week but myself an her 10 year old daughter never has signs nor did we test positive so by the grace of God hopefully they want catch it along with you. Be strong an do your best to stay as positive as one can be. Sanitizing an washing hand an keeping as much as possible cleaned vitamin C&D Emergency drink mixers an the gummies both adult an children. An a bit of prayer.

My dr told me young kids don’t seem to be getting it much, and if they do it’s very minor with sniffles. My fiancé and I both had it and was around our son the whole time and he never got it.

Send to other family house wear a mask around them keep them in there rooms away from you have people help with the feeding process of your baby’s lots of vitamin c and Lysol and wash the hands and wear a mask around your baby’s when taking them a bath

I tested positive in the delivery room and have a 16 month old. Drs wernt too concerned about my newborn & 16month old catching it. Took all the precautions I was told too and we are just coming out of quarantine. Neither one of them have been sick. So glad because of course like you I was worried.

My husband, kids and I all got it. 2,4,8 and their only symptoms were a runny nose for about 2 days.

I had it my son didn’t get it and he had to stay home with me until I got over it so they sure be fine hope you feel better soon

I have 3 lids and they never got it but we wore masks 24/7 and kept everything Santized also kept the older kids busy in their rooms to avoid being close to them

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Call a relative and call your doctor. You don’t need to pass out with your babies alone. Even a neighbor if possible incase you get worse


As far as I have seen and heard, it does not affect children like it does adults. A lot of children are asymptomatic.


I gave it to both of my daughters and they recovered very quickly.

I test positive and my 7yr boy was with me and sleeping with me. He actually test negative

Chances are you’ve already passed it to them. Kids don’t get it like we do

Do you have someone to help you?? Where are you???

My husband tested positive and literally no one else in my household caught covid

Vitamin c and d worked for me when my son had it

State immediately heavily supplementing you immune system multiple doses of vit c-500-1000 mg at a time, zinc - 4 times a day, D3 3-4 times a day. Lots of water. Go outside multiple times a day-- breath as deep as you can fresh air. Keep those lungs working. Lift your chin and arms back a bit and in thru nose and out thru mouth. No mask!!! That keeps contaminated air circulating thru your lungs.

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I’m pretty sure I had it. Never got tested but had a nasty flu that resulted in a lingering loss of smell- but my kid was fine. Just be smart about it.

I tested positive in October,I have a 1 year old son and 10 year old daughter. My daughter never got it but son tested positive right after me. He wouldn’t really eat and had diarrhea bad so I kept him hydrated the best I could. No fever but was almost constantly soaked with sweat and had no interest in playing, just wanted to lay around. But made it through and he’s back to his playful self.

I’m a single mother of 4 boys. 10, 6, 4, and my 1 year old. I caught covid and was so sick and I thank God that my sons didn’t catch it. If you get the really crappy symptoms it’s gonna be hard to do anything. Keep up on your tylenol, it will help. Make sure you keep drinking fluids and eating even if it’s a little. Wash your hands often and wear a mask around your little ones. I hope you recover quickly and I hope your kiddos don’t get it. :heart:

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I tested positive… 3 days later my husband, my 2 year old and my 9 month old tested positive. I had it the worst but srsly the kids seemed as if they had nothing!! A low grade fever for my 9month old but he’s also Teething so :woman_shrugging: but look up FlavCity immunity tea, get zinc and vitamin c and walk around the house!!! Hope you feel better! You got this! :heart:

I’m going through it just tested positive as well I wear my mask constantly and constantly wash your hands I can’t smell or taste either it sucks so bad i hope you get to feeling better soon you can pm me if you would like

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Scariest part about covid-19 is the unknown. You don’t know how covid-19 will affect you. Of course we hate to see our kids sick with common cold. Don’t allow anyone in the house to share their food or drinks. Make sure to wear mask around them and don’t kiss them. Keep the house clean and constant hand washing.You don’t want the kids going with someone before getting them tested, since they seem fine now. As people stated someone in their household got the virus but other members in the house didn’t. I personally know someone who husband got it, but her and her son didn’t, and she or her son didn’t separate themselves. She continued to sleep in bed etc. Just extra cleaning, wear mask and no physical contact no kissing cuddling. On the other hand I know family who all tested positive including 3 out of 4 kids ages 6,9,12. The kids are feeling better now but mom and dad are still feeling it. Covid-19 is deadly and it will attack. I had Co worker lose his life Sunday from covid-19. Healthy no underlined health issues worked out young man only 27. He just became first time dad two weeks ago and never got to hold his baby. I know people who had all the underlined health conditions heart problems, diabetes, and made it through.

Myself & my entire family had COVID in October including my 3 year old son. He only had minor symptoms. He acted less sick than us adults. To be safe though I would wear a mask around them & wash hands often.

Lock your self in your bedroom and don’t go near your kids. That’s what we do in Australia. Have meals dropped at your bedroom door also wear masks and gloves when you go to the toilet and wipe everything down you touch. Do this for 14 days and till you get a negative result

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My husband and I had it at the same time and our 3 and 4 year old never got sick

My husband got it while I nor my 2 kids got it. We kiss everyday so I should have gotten it if it were so contageous.

My husband and I both had it in June. I have a five and six-year-old and neither one of them got it. Thank God