I think I might be depressed: Advice?

I think I’ve become depressed, or perhaps I’m just in a depressive episode and I think it’s affecting my marriage. I feel empty, hollow, I don’t enjoy anything anymore. I’m just so tired of feeling this way. I want to enjoy my husband, my family, my friends. My life. I want to spice up my relationship. Make it fun again. Fall in love with him again. What are some things I can do? TIA for any advice and reading what I had to say.


Counseling is not always the awnser come up with some ativitys you would like to do with him

You must first be happy with yourself in order to enjoy other things. If you are unable to find happiness on your own there is no shame in seeking counseling

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I have struggled a lot with depression, and the biggest thing that helped me was exercise. I know it’s hard to be motivated when you feel like that, but if you can find a way to get started and stick with it, the change is tremendous. Once my mind got right, everything else in my life started to fall back in place.


Depression medicine helped me a lot. Going to the gym can also be really helpful. Once you get into the routine, your gonna love it. Good luck sweetie

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Talk with your doctor. Have blood work done. Could be a vitamin deficiency. A deficit of certain vitamins can cause severe depression anc suicidal thoughts. Always start with blood work. If vitamin levels are fine you may need an antidepressant. Some people can’t overcome depressive states on their own and regardless of the negativity associated with depressants, if it helps use it. Our mental health matters more than someone else’s opinion of us.

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Counceling they will help you with everything and stuff

I went through this myself and it was damn hard! I cried everyday for months and was just so empty. I thought I was out of love with my husband and never gave attention to my 3 boys because I was in bed crying and physically hurting at the thought of leaving my family and thought I had no choice other than to leave and let them be happy without me. I finally opened up to my husband got help from a psychiatrist who just threw pills at me (which I never ended up taking). I pulled myself out of it eventually! I told myself that it was up to me to make myself happy not my husband not my kids but me. So after multiple pamper nights, cuddling with my hubby, playing with my boys and getting out of bed everyday choosing to be happy even though I didn’t want to things took a turn for the better! This was back in 2018 and still till this day I think about how I felt and some days I feel myself going back to the way I was but I just tell myself every will be okay! I love my life I love my husband and kids I am okay and it does wonders. I also prayed a ton! I know now you may feel like there’s no light at the end of the tunnel or that it will like this forever but this to shall pass! You’re going through a season. You’re gonna be okay!

Honestly just knowing it’s not a permanent feeling has always helped me. Life has really boring ups if there are no downs. The next time you feel happy reward yourself. Really play it up talk about it to whoever will listen. Seek a therapist as well they’ll better be able to teach you coping mechanisms and help you get through feelings you may not understand well by yourself

I am a believer in Christ so :pray:. Ask God for guidance, encouragement, strength and hope. Get into his word and practice kind gestures in all areas you want to see change. And yes also counseling :heart:

You are now being healed from that disease in Jesus name Amene

Definitely talk to your doctor and husband. Many people suffer from depression caused by different diagnosis. Could be chemical…could be a vitamin deficiency…could be post partum. Key is to identify what is causing you to feel this way. Speaking with a therapist may also help. There are plenty of support groups out there as well. NAMI is a good resource. Depression is more common than you think. You are not alone even if you think you are. Good luck hope you find peace.:purple_heart::pray:

Talk to doctor get vitamins and hormones checked. Set a date night with your husband even if it’s 1 time a month that helps a lot with stress of mom life. Always remember you time is important too know that’s hard to do as mom but no one can be happy around you if you’re not happy good luck.

I deal with sever depression on top of other things. There are days I struggle to get out of bed or bathe or eat. I take antidepressants, talk about what’s going on.make myself get outside even in my own back yard because sun does help. Self care is extremely important. On days I am feeling good, I go for a walk or something. Yesterday and today, I’m cleaning my house because I couldn’t for like a week. When I do something productive I feel better. As far as spicing up your relationship, have a date night. It really helps. Maybe get a hotel room and just do something different

Try an uplifting essential oil bath like geranium just three drops and 10ml sweet almond oil. Gerenium is also relaxing to help relax before sleep. I love aromatherapy. Well worth a try.

Doctor. Even if it’s just an episode, meds will help. They are not happy pills. The just balance out your body chemicals. In the mean time, find one thing to be happy for each day. It could be as simple as, " I got out of bed without falling on my face. " Then throughout the day when you feel the funk, repeat it to yourself outloud. It sounds stupid but it helps. Husbabd ignoring you, but you got out of bed without falling on your face. Kids made a mess, say it again. The next day, find a different thing to be happy about. Like hey, my jeans fit. Repeat that through the day . Happy starts with a positive thought. Meds are a tremendous help, but you need to work with them.

Try some vitamin d…if you dont start to feel better see a doctor…it may be an imbalance of your hormones…

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  1. Talk to your doctor
  2. Possibly seek a counselor
  3. So something relaxing just for you. Massage, bath, an hour of quiet, etc.

Talk to Dr. I felt like that and now on depression pills Life is great again.

You need a professional love. This isn’t something you should ever ignore or try to holistically heal on your own. It all needs to be under the care of a doctor.
And PLEASEE disregard any and all fanatics and naysayers. Their “thoughts and prayers” will not heal you, all faiths require diligence, outside help, and meeting halfway.
Some will people preach messages from religions they don’t bother to fully understand.
Don’t let them hurt you.

Depression is a very hard thing to live with i suggest you see a dr


See a doctor they test you for depression. The same thing happened to me. Been on meds ever since

Maybe the Emptiness is just Draining from Life. I honestly don’t Believe in Depression. In the Bible it’s Describe as a Spirit to Take away your Happiness. And if you look around it does Take Away Happiness. I put on my Armor of God Ephesians 6:8. And let me Tell you it’s Help Tremendously, even with Anxiety. But Everyone is Different. Bur Medication just ruins your System.


Doctor and meds if necessary and more exercise, and lots of sunlight!!! Even if u don’t feel like moving —-move and exercise (at least walk) and lots of sunlight!!

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I think with the current climate we have all had these feelings.
I would suggest 3 things b4 going to the doctors for any some of medication.
Get plenty of exercise
Eat plenty of fresh fruit and veg.
Drink in moderation and don’t put anything into your body that have toxins.
Talk to your husband about how you are feeling and ask he helps you find the spark again. It works both ways xx


Talk to your husband and Dr. X

Ask a professional not facebook

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Well the hard part is done which is recognizing it. I am a believer of counseling, nature and healing from the inside out. Try to get in with a counselor. Get outside more even if it’s just sitting in the sun, get ur labs done to make sure u arent deficient in any key minerals ur body needs. Talk with ur husband too let him know how u feel and that u might need a little support. U got this :orange_heart: (hugs)


I’m going through the same feelings at the moment. I’ve contacted my dr to increase my anti depressants and I’m trying to plan a weekend away with my S/O so we can get back what we had. It’s a daily struggle, I don’t enjoy really anything at the moment but you have to keep trying. Try to continue on a normal routine, it helps

First things first talk to your dr about the depression feelings. If it’s a true depression it rarely will be fixed without help.

Secondly do exactly that spice things up, do things you did when you first fell for him, do crazy new things. Jump in head first and just go for it


Following as well bc I need to know😭

Tell him to get up off of his ass and help. That man probably has her doing all of the parenting and house cleaning on top of a full time job. Tell him to take over one day a week and let you do whatever you want. Then tell him that he needs to spoil you like he used to.