I think my daughter has anxiety: Advice?

Hello, I would just like to get some other opinions on whether I should be concerned about my daughter or if I’m just overreacting. So My daughter is six years old, in kindergarten, and lately, something has been off about her, and I didn’t know what until I started doing some research. So I have a strong feeling that she has anxiety. Mostly every day she will come to me and say her tummy hurts, which I just recently found out that’s what kids say when they have anxiety, she’s also been overly sensitive. She will cry if someone sits next to her sometimes, or even if you change your tone of voice with her. She also says she’s scared of her room, even though she has multiple night lights and hanging lights, and I check for the monster under the bed every night, and she’s still scared. She has more symptoms, but am I being paranoid?


Does she bite her nails ?

Something is up. Ask her to tell you about her day at school…a good thing, a bad thing, a funny thing, a sad thing,etc. Help her tell you what she’s feeling


I hate to say this, but that is a reaction that some kids have when they are being bullied. I hope that I am wrong, but I would definitely reach out to someone…


I say you’re defiantly not being paranoid I feel as.if my 4.year old is exactly the same.
Go with your gut mamma.
Go see the gp. Much love xox

Make sure she is not being bullied at school or at her babysitters etc and is she isn’t maybe it’s time to get her some counseling to teach her how to cope with her anxiety.


No, it definitely sounds like anxiety and something is definitely triggering it. I would talk to her pediatrician to be seen by a counselor and address the issue before it gets worse.


It’s time to get her counseling and take her to a doctor.

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I agree it may be bullying. My brother was bullied by his teacher and my daughter was bullied by a boy. Those symptoms sounds familiar. I would go sit in on her class. Observe. Then in I would also consult her doctor too

You might want to volunteer to see what’s going on in her classroom or playground something or someone gives her that anxiety either at home or at school. Or maybe she saw something online. I have a 9 year old boy and he was being bullied from kinder through second grade but he’s ok now. You might want to make a little room in your bed for her or you sleep with her until she feels safe. When my daughter goes off to college for the week my son walks in To my room with his pillows and 2 small dogs to sleep with me. We pray together and he falls sleep talking about his day and adventures. My husband works grave yard so it works out fine. Both my daughters did the same thing when they were small and they are perfectly fine. It doesn’t matter how may night lights you put up the night is scary

My six year old granddaughter has similar symptoms. She has anxiety. It is a lot of change to go to Kindergarten so that may be part of it. Kids with anxiety don’t do well with change either. She had it a bit before going to Kindergarten but has been worse since starting. Someone said that she may be bullied. Maybe but my granddaughter is very popular and loves other kids so that’s not necessarily the issue. Her mom had anxiety so we are familiar with this. She outgrew it. I would take her to a child counselor they can give you tips on how to deal with it.

Take her to your Dr and health shop

Speak to her teachers at kindy

I had anxiety as a kid. Pretty badly. But in the 80’s I guess they didn’t realize
I peed my bed till about 8yrs
Anxiety shows itself in different ways
My father argued with my mom a lot so I know where it derived from.

Is she around arguing at home? That will make a child very anxious, I had this with my son many years ago

I feel like I write this on every post but they reading the 5 love languages for children and see if implementing any of those strategies help! Good luck

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I agree and am gonna say the same thing I would look into school and bus rides, babysitters, other family, etc. make sure no bullying is going on , cause I am dealing with that sort of thing my self, that way u can help in the correct way, if its bullying and as long as the bullying continues, those things might not just go away. Talk to her and try to get it out of her why she is doing it , maybe even try a surprise visit to places shes at or school, but definitely be sure and dont assume.

My kid bites her nails and is overly sensitive and was diagnosed with anxiety at 2 n a half and a learning disorder but she has no problems with the dark I say talk to her physician and school

It’s heartbreaking. My daughter attended counselling last year for anxiety. This made an incredible difference to her confidence and self esteem. She/we were given fantastic support along with tools to help her identify triggers and understand and manage situations as they arose. Good luck.

Sounds like anxiety to me, I would take a look at her diet and make sure she isn’t Vitamin D or B deficient. Def have doctor check her vitamin levels before taking the therapy approach unless she had some type of PTSD. My nephew always got sick to his stomach (anxiety) being around police officers because his bonehead of a father got arrested in front of him but I think it’s getting better. Good luck, hope you get it figured out.

No you are not paranoid.
Anxiety is a big deal right now…
I am a special ed advocate.
Please pm me and I will get back to you tomorrow
No one knows your kid like you…
Do NOT disregard your instincts
However be wary of they want to start drugging your child… there is a reason. Your child is displaying symptoms …
Public school may not be best fir them… not if it’s making them sick.

Take her to a trained professional.

I am going through the same thing with my youngest daughter but she is 7 & in 1st grade.Basically the same signs & symptons as your daughter & when I looked everything up,it all pointed to anxiety.I talked to a close friend & she said yes cause her daughter has the same problems & that is what her doctor diagnosed it as.Your not over reacting about it.We are working with her & she seems to have alot of good days/nights than bad so which is good.Hang in their momma,your not alone.Stay strong

I would absolutely be seeking professional help. Those are all signs of anxiety and being bullied but they are also signs of sexual abuse in a child. Lord I pray that isn’t the case for her.

My oldest had terrible anxiety at this age. Dropping her to school was a nightmare, she didn’t want to go anywhere without me and just wasn’t her bubbly self. Unfortunately she had a terrible teacher that year which was the cause of her anxiety. I took her to one session with a therapist, therapist gave her tools to deal with her bad feelings. It really helped and 6yrs later she is a very confident girl who just finished her first week of highschool with tons of new friends. Goodluck

Sounds like my daughter she has sensory processing disorder she was diagnosed with just before starting school. Please talk to an OT or doctor who can better help as I’m not a not qualified to provide advice.

Its important to know that you can get anxiety from stomach issues themselves like infections and things like hpylori for example as the brain is linked to the gut massively just take her to the drs get some tests run but dont just put it straight down to being anxiety alone… because it usually stems from something also she might not have it she may just be displaying similiar symptoms to it from something else

Something is happening at school… ask her to draw / color pictures of her teacher, class, principal, and recess.

Yes… I went through bullying at school and I experienced very similar symptoms. I now work in Mental Health and I would not advocate taking your child to a mental health child specialist but I would be going more along the lines of bullying and also ruling out any physical causes

And sorry mom but checking for monsters under the bed is just reinforcing her fear try to take thst fear away in othrt ways

Definitely anxiety. My daughter is 9, she started the exact same behaviors your daughter is showing in preschool. I now have in her in counseling and she is doing much better. Good luck.

Ur not being paranoid. That is a hard age for kids. U can try talking to her about her day. It may b something at school could b bothering her. I would also seriously consider taking to her dr about it. Dr may have some other ideas on things that might help as well. I am not saying meds but there r other things that can maybe help

You’re NOT being paranoid. You’re daughter is just now starting school and this can be overwhelming for her. Talk to her about her day. This allows you to rule out causes such as is she being bullied ect. Take her to the doc to rule out any physical issues as well. DON’T just let it go check into what’s causing the change in her.

I would want to rule out sexual abuse.

Try to gently talk with her. You could use 2 of her toys. Let one of them be you and one be her. See how she reacts. If this is not her normal actions I would say there could be anxiety to be concerned about. Drs visit is where to start

No you’re not paranoid. Three things you need to do are bring this up with your daughters pediatrician so she can get a referral for a psychologist and a full checkup. The second thing is reassure her she can trust you and tell you anything that you will never be to mad at her or stop loving her or let anyone hurt her if you Know it. Third thing is put a hidden camera In her room. There are a lot of things that can be learned from that last one. Like if she’s having night terrors. I have had them my whole life. My kids have them and we all hate open closet doors. A female family member was raped at just about 4 years old she also can’t stand open closet doors that’s a whole different story though.

Absolutely have this addressed, start with your family physician who can make the proper referals. You don’t ever want to let it get out of control if thats what it is. If its not, obviously you see something going on and you won’t have peace of mind until you have answers. Best wishes! :slightly_smiling_face:


Both myself and my oldest daughter have anxiety. It’s best if you call her pediatrician and set up a behavioral apt to “test” for anxiety. It’s a bit of a process, but worth it. Best thing you can do for her in the meantime is to get her tools that will help. If it’s noise, try headphones/earplugs. If it’s that she needs help calming her mind, get her activity books. I highly recommend the Usborne books- “the unworry book” and “be brave” they’ve helped my kiddo a lot. I’d also look into finding her fidget toys she likes whether it’s a spinner, a squishy toy, etc.

This is how my behavior was when I realized what the babysitter’s husband was doing was wrong, and not normal. Definitely take her to a psychologist. These are all symptoms of abuse.


It sounds like you are describing my 6 yr old. He is so sensitive and when he strayed PreK he started getting sick almost every morning. I was keeping him home because I thought he had a virus, but noticed the “virus” was miraculously going away when he realized he wasn’t going to school. Anytime something is changed in his schedule he will complain that his tummy hurts.

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Anxiety in children is very real. I suggest to everyone the book There’s a Bully in my Head by Kirsten O’Rourke. I read it with my daughter when she was entering 1st grade. It put it in terms ahe could understand and enabled her to talk about her fears and understand her “bully” thoughts.

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Make sure she feels safe at school. She might need a change of classes.

Carry her to a good sympathetic pediatrician. My son did the same thing when he was starting to kindergarten. Stomach ache, crying. He ended up with stomach ulcers. It was separation anxiety from his Dad and I. The doctor recommended ways of dealing with it and he got over it. Not over night but it helped him. He turned into a wonderful man, husband and father. Bless you and prayers.

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When I start to have a panic attack, the “flutters” start in the stomach and increase by the second. For a child that can’t really describe that feeling, it may feel like a “tummy ache” them.

Pediatrician. Talk to him/her FIRST. If it’s something that they can refer you to, then pediatrician and possible therapist can follow her care together. Sometimes it’s just a little separation anxiety, sometimes it’s more. I always say to have a doctor involved because there can be documentation if she needs long term care. The first time I ever went to a therapist, I was 15… I should have been much, much sooner. Probably 5 or 6. I’m 44 now and am dealing with a plethora of mental health issues. It’s never too early. Please talk to her doctor. :heart:


Sometimes the school has counselors that come in that you can sign your child up for. They come get them during the day and talk with them. I signed my daughter up after she showed signs of having anxiety in kindergarten. After awhile she was fine. It really helped her.

Not at all! Please take her to a counselor so you can get answers. Dr. Caryn Brown is amazing. dr caryn brown - Google Search

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Maybe something is going on at school that has her worried or upset. Often times it’s due to bullying or pressure at school.


Try to find out if she may be being bullied or abused in some way. You may have to let a Counselor talk with her to draw that out of her.
I hope the answer is less serious than that, but talking with a professional may still be a good option.

Well take her to a doctor and you don’t have to guess what she has

Maybe there’s something going on in school that she’s upset about.

Id seek a pediatric psychologist if I were you. She may need anxiety meds along with counseling or just counseling. Dont let it wait. Poor thing :heart::disappointed:


Make sure nobody is bullying her or messing with her. Don’t let on that you are so concerned, or she will feal her fears are spot on. I used monster spray in my house. It was actualy Indian house blessing spray. They could read at a very young age so it sounded legit to them.


Sounds like she is being bullied

Have her see a Physiologist, make sure it’s nothing serious.
Maybe I’m watching too much SVU.

I would take her to the doctor first, rule out any physical issues. If that doesn’t work, try a counselor or psychologist.


No your not being paranoid. My daughter is nine, always has headaches and her stomach always hurts. 2 of the main symptoms of childhood anxiety. I swear my daughter has it too.

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Not overreacting at all. I deal with anxiety, praise the Lord it’s better now but it is awful to go through it so please take her to a doctor etc for ways to help her.

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My six year old does the exact same thing. I think most girls this age go through a phase where they are extremely sensitive.

ill say this, w/ love n my heart. after reading the post. say the Lords Prayer. teach it to your children.

No. Trust your judgement and gut. Therapy for coping skills early is great.


She sounds like a normal 6-year old to me.

Tummy hurts is 1st sign. Does she twirl hair, bite nails etc?

Mine is doing it too mines 5 years old and complaining she has headaches

Don’t jump to label her. She sounds like a normal child. Be her mother and don’t push it off on someone else.

No you’re not. I’ve had the same issues with my kids when they were around the same age.

Never hurts to see a therapist. :yellow_heart:

Hate to say it your child may be molested question her or take her to the doctor for help before it gets late.

No have your daughter checked out.

My daughter started with stomach problems.school nurse would call, I’d pick her up, she’d be fine. That was the beginning of her anxiety issues. Go to pediatrician to get referral for mental health counselor/Doctor. My daughter ended up having severe anxiety, depression. Never over look problems thinking oh she’ll out grow that. It was a long be battle for us. In college now, doing great.

Like I would always ask my 20 month old daughter anything, even if she babbles, she’s always on track with most things when I ask.She will shake her head yes or no.I always ask her, Can mommy go to work, the answer will always be a big No.If she was unhappy at het dad’s, she won’t hesitate to jump into my arms but if she had a nice time she will refrain from coming to me

To me that doesn’t sound like anxiety.Sounds more like she is being ill-treated where she is at.


Hi same issue i had it with my daugter when she was at kindergarten and we both work hard shes know is 5 grade and sometimes she will come from school with the problem of her anxiety but shes much better than she was we been thought alot but definitely you should take her to a professional that works with her that helped my daughter alot

Definitely not paranoid!! Recently my daughter same age would get so bad she would have panic attacks at school! I bought her and I matching bracelets from amazon to remind her I’m always with her and that she’s safe. Also she had a security stuffed animal she never leaves without. I hope your daughter overcomes her anxiety it’s awful for both daughter and mommy! I would sit at work with my stomach turning from the thought of knowing my daughter was suffering from it.

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Nope your not being paranoid! Well done for picking up on it so soon, could you reach out to her school & support services to help her & yourself understand how to handle it xo


I would first take her to her pediatrician for a physical examination and explain her fears and symptoms. You may be told she needs to see a psychologist or a psychiatrist. There is no shame in this! If she is afraid at night, let her sleep in your room so she can get a full night’s sleep. There could be something else wrong that could raise a red flag to a doctor. My prayers are with you.

No my daughter now 16 was like that still has aniexty teachers would call me saying that she wouldnt answer questions to talk to anyone didnt want to go to school took her to first appointment wanted to put her on meds I rejected did counseling in and out of school finally made it to 6th grade jr high think with the amount of kids too much been in cyber school since barely leaves the house no friends come over says she has one friend she talks to from when she went to school is now on the first medication at an age I feel better about but at home with me her step dad bother and sister if you were looking in and she didnt know you were there you would question her aniexty but one step out the door and it hits