I think my husband and I splitting is affecting my daughter: Advice?

I have an 11-year-old daughter who stays with me. Her father stays on his own we having issues, so we decided to stay apart. I think it’s affecting my daughter because her father has no time for her. I understand what she’s going through, but I don’t know what to do. She’s becoming rude and arrogant even with her school she’s neglecting her homework, and it’s a constant battle to get her to do it please, I need some advice to get her to be that sweet girl she used to be

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It may just be hormones kicking in ?

What do you mean he has no time for her?

He needs to MAKE time for her. I do think she needs therapy. Reach out to her school and talk to her counselor about it as well


Have her talk 2 a counselor, that’s what thery r there for, 2 listen and give advice/ helpful exercises 2 cope with things or different ways 2 express how she feels

She’s wounded, and this will scar her for life. Get your daughter into a therapist for kids going through this ASAP. This is her pain making her act out. Always let her know her feelings are justified, but you want to help her learn to process her pain differently. Let her vent. Let her cry. Be gentle and loving. This is a traumatic experience for her. :heart:

Therapy. We just got my daughter in( she is 12), she starts going Monday. Different reasoning, but shes been going through alot and can’t explain why she’s been feeling and acting the way she has been. We were on a waiting list at many different places for her though, it took about 4 weeks to get a call back.


It took a solid 2years for my kiddos to kind of level out after their dad and I separated

Therapy and let her know she can come to you judgement free

Me and my ex split when my child was 11 and my daughter struggled hard so it’s really rough in them u have to just let them get through thier feelings and let them deal with it mine went to therapy and her dad was like your ex no time but my daughter didn’t wanna go niether … I always told him to give her time she will come around so my daughter will be 16 this year so she has came around almost this last year with her dad so it gets better I promise

Sorry to hear that for you bbn all. I keep telling mine that they need to realize its a flaw of his. That way, hopefully, it can redirect their thinking its about them. Also, she needs to know this happens so often. Many guys just dont meet their obligations.

I think the parents need therapy because kids will adapt most any situation when the parents actually act like a parent.

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be present with her. let her talk, let her cry, and really care about what she is going thru

Talk to her. And her father needs to make time for her. He made a commitment to have her with you. Also kids always feel like it’s their fault when the parents go through a divorce.

First thing you do is both you and your husband put those issues aside whenever the conversation is about the child. You were once a team before, use that unity to help your child, don’t mix child talk with relationship talk. Do what’s best for your child. She may be carrying the burden as she might think there’s something wrong with her that her daddy is no longer in her life and may be the reason for the changed attitude.

Pretty average attitude for tween teen, Mine are 12 and 13. But if there is any big changes , therapy would be beneficial.