I think my husband secretly gifted my sister a necklace...help!

Mamas…I need positive thoughts, vibes and prayers…whatever you do…I need them…before Christmas I found a necklace tucked away in my husbands truck with a bow on it…I thought I stumbled across my Christmas present from him so I didn’t say anything and ruin the surprise…it was beautiful and I was over the moon…Christmas comes around and nothing…I was let down and thought maybe he forgot about it…evening rolls around and we head to my moms house for Christmas dinner and I notice the same necklace on my sisters neck and the box is no longer in his car…I have been stewing on this for days maybe thinking she just had the same necklace…but they do kind of flirt and joke around a lot so at the same time I am now thinking they are seeing each other behind my back and I cannot shake the feeling…how do I go about approaching this? If I am wrong and accuse then I ruin relationships…idk what to do… please help…I am heartbroken


I would say it’s pretty and ask where she got it because you have exactly the same one in a gifted box in your husbands truck , I’m petty like that and see their reactions which would give it away.


Confront them at the same time, dont do it separately bc that gives time to come up with excuses. Ask her where she got it and that u saw the same one in his truck and now its gone. Just be honest.


Maybe your husband was keeping for his brother in law till Christmas.


If you wanna know whether her husband got it, if she has one, compliment it in front of all three of them. Say “that’s a beautiful necklace. How thoughtful of (insert her husbands name)” If he says he didn’t get it, then I’d follow up with, “Well that’s funny. I found the same necklace in my husband’s truck, but it’s nowhere to be found now.”


Talk to them together
About it u saw he had it
Now she has it
With out starting anything
U will know by them
Then wish them the best of luck and walk away from them altogether


Tel her it’s pretty and ask her where she got it.


It happens!! Don’t think cuz she’s your sister she won’t. My husbands ex did it. I’m so sorry if it’s true! Praying it’s not.


If she is in a relationship I would ask the significant other where he got it cause you think it’s pretty. Look for his reaction. If he didn’t buy it then go to the sister and husband. If he bought it then you don’t look like a crazy person.


I’m so sorry that this happened and has ruined your Christmas, you deserve so much better.
Whatever your gut is telling you is most likely true. As hard as it is to confront you need to know either way if it is the same necklace.
If you and your sister are close, you could ask her about it straight out, even just straight out something like, ‘ I know all about you and my husband, I never thought you would do that to me’
Maybe nothing has happened yet and the necklace is part of this flirting that has been going on.
You are the completely innocent person in all of this who stands to be hurt the most.
Don’t drag it out and torture yourself. You need and deserve the whole truth, or there can be no trust going forward.
Take care xx


Like everyone says confront them both at the same time. Also, trust your intuition. There’s a reason you “stumbled” upon it in your husbands truck. Your gut never lies.


Unfortunately something similar happened to me. And I did confront them but of course they both denied it. I finally found out the truth when they were expecting. But my gut had always told me something isn’t right here.


Outright ask! You don’t need to make a scene if there are others about, When they’re stood together so you can gauge their reactions. Gush at how beautiful it is, ask if she’s seeing someone as that’s a stunning gift you’d only get given by someone who really must care for you. Then say that you found the exact same one in YOUR HUSBANDS truck which has oddly now disappeared and clearly not on my neck??!! Because if it’s the same necklace then there needs to be some serious conversations to be had , looking at him, and distancing, looking at her, then tell him you’re both going home to sort this. You’ll know by reactions, laughing it off, making you out to be daft and imagining it, over the top offended, as red flags your suspicions are right.


I would ask sisters husband if he got it for her first, maybe your husband was just hiding it for him so she wouldn’t find it.


Trust your gut. I’d get rid of both of them personally. I know it’s easier said than done but… fuck them!

If she is in a relationship ask in front of her partner to see if maybe they got it for her and your husband just held onto it for him. If that isn’t the case you will know by their facial reactions and then I would just be blunt and turn to my husband and say “I saw that exact necklace in your truck which I assumed was my Christmas present hence why I never said anything!” And then go from there lol


Maybe he was holding on to it for her man? If she has a man? Or someone else… how about you just ask her where she got it… or just simply ask him where the he’ll it went?


I’m so sorry mama. Watch the movie - love actually- same scenario but w/secretary. The marriage survives in the movie. I think you need to plan your escape. This is your wake up call


You are a better woman than I. I would have called him out on it when I saw it. Complimenting my sister on it and fessing up that I accidentally found the same one in (insert husband’s name) but never received the present.


Check his bank statements to see if he bought it, and confront them both together, if she has a husband/partner make sure he is there aswell


I would ask her where she got the necklace in frontcof both of them. Something like that’s a pretty necklace who where did you get it because I saw one just like it in his truck.


Ask where she got it.

Personally , I help out my sisters husband. I ordered shirts for her and wrapped them and everything for him to give her.

Was your husband just holding it for her husband ?


I’d invite her over hoping she’s wearing the necklace. Then in front of both of them I’d ask where she got it from. I’m sure she wouldn’t say your husband, THEN I would say that’s funny because I saw the same necklace in your husband’s truck and I certainly didn’t get a necklace from him. THEN I’d tell them both to get the f**k out of my house!! I hate jumping to conclusions BUT something about this story is fishy to me! Sorry!!

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Are your husband and her husband friends? Could he have been holding it for him so she wouldn’t find it?

Try not to jump to conclusions. Trust is so important in a marriage!


I’m so sorry you are feeling this way dear! You are better than me! I would of called him out on the shit already! If your husband did not give you a gift for Christmas and you find out he gave your sister that gift! There’s your answer your suspicions and your gut we’re right on point! The flirting and the fooling around that shit wouldn’t fly with me! I’ll be praying for you! Keep us posted!

Is she married? If so, could he have been hiding it for the husband? Because my sister and I are alike and we snoop for presents​:joy::joy:

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What did he get you for Christmas? If it were me, I would probably spy on them. Is your sister married?

I would get them in a room together and have the talk no other way then to call them both out unexpectedly


Nope. Hellll No…
Do not let that slide.
Confront them both together, Infront of family (preferably mom and dad) be like —> “such a beautiful necklace! (Get up close, touch it) who gave it to you? You got a new man? Slept together yet? (Get all the details with a smile on ur face) Make sure ur husband is there the whole time and turn to him and be like I saw the exact same one in ur truck ……
If ur at this level of suspicion, trust ur gut.


I swear I saw a post within the last year with this exact scenario. You’re not alone, and like others are saying… TRUST. YOUR. GUT. Try to stay optimistic but don’t be stupid either. If it is what it sounds like, know your worth and get the f out of there. :purple_heart: good luck :four_leaf_clover::purple_heart:

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Maybe your husband was keeping the necklace for yours sisters husband until Christmas so she wouldn’t find it in the house.

I would say o that’s a very pretty necklace. Where did u get it from? N when she said whatever I’d make it where he n she both r there n say well my husband had the exact gift in his truck n now it’s gone. Look for reaction if it’s true I’d leave him n her

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I would compliment her on it in front of him and say how it looks like the one you accidentally found in his truck… whatever happened to that, bc you never got it.


Is it possible that your husband was holding it for your sisters significant other?

Nothing is better than honesty for you, for him and for her. If you feel this way, sit them both down and be straight up and ask, “what’s going on?” Don’t be afraid of respecting who you are and what you deserve. You deserve honesty and respect. You deserve these people to give you some dignity but in order to do this, you must give yourself that respect and dignity first. So be honest, sit them in the room and be straight up. If you suspect he’s lying and cheating, show him the door. If you have children together, show him the door and send him the child support bill as well as alimony bill. Walk away with pride and dignity because you put your down and won’t accept anyone treating you like that ever again. Sisters, real sister dont take husband’s from their sister. Thats gross!

Who do you trust more? Talk to that person first. Good luck. I hate these situations.

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Did you have any suspicions prior? Gut feelings are unfortunately there for a reason. Ask them together and ideally with someone as your witness so if you are gaslighted they can be your voice of reason.

I would catch them together. You will have evidence of infidelity. You already know about the necklace. Obviously they are intimate.


Ask sis where she got "her beautiful " necklace. If she has a boyfriend that is friends with your husband, you can hope that it was a conspiracy to keep a nosy girlfriend from finding her gift. I think that it’s a stretch, but find out before burning any bridges. Chances are pretty high that the two people that you love and trust have betrayed that love and trust.:broken_heart:

I feel like it would pretty damn bold of them ,sister wearing it and box laying around, but than again some ppl are down right trifling…
Being you are still in a calm state do your investigation, if she has a husband or bf ask them if they bought it for her,if answer is no welp go wild

Okay I need to know the outcome of this. I’m very curious what they are going to say. Please update us!!!


Just ask in front of husband, sister, and sisters partner where she got it because its pretty. Then go from there. There’s only so many places it would be appropriate for her to get a necklace.

Maybe the gift was hidden from your sister by her husband and your husband was keeping it hidden? Gosh I hope that’s the case hugs to you !!!

Bring it up with them together. Body language mama. Don’t let you kid yourself. Family isn’t everything but be hopeful.

I’m guessing sister could be single. As everyone said ask them together see the reaction. Did they disappear together enough time for him to give it to her, also has he received a present you don’t know where it come from
Trust you gut

First of all does she have a partner/husband? could your husband possibly have been holding it for said partner?if not id definitely say hes bought if for her x

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Well I would say oh what a lovely necklace I saw the same one in your truck and I thought it was for me

Don’t do anything right now. Wait. Watch. Deal with your feelings. Calm down a bit. If they have been intimate there should be other signs. Pray. Ask God to help you. If they are innocent, then they should understand how it looks and also not hold it against you.

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Ok i get the necklace in car on your sister, but backup, but what he say to no present for you???

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Ask out loud in front of everybody! Hey where did you get that necklace it’s beautiful

I would most definitely sit them both down and question them both and tell him u saw the necklace in his truck

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Ask when all 3 are present, then judge reactions. I think we can all pretty much guess the answer.

Are there any updates on this? :eyes:

I’d ask where she got it, in front of him And tell her it’s pretty you found the same one in your husbands truck. Facial reactions will win.


So you unwrapped the gift you.saw in husbands truck and re wrapped otherwise how did you know it was a necklace.
Oh dear!! What rot :rofl::rofl::rofl:

You’ve answered your own question sweetie…he’s not for you :heart::england:

Three adults… say how u feel… who vex lost… can’t bottle ur feelingz to plz ppl… if it bothers ur peace then say something.

Girl you know…but you could always hire a PI and get proof

Ask her about it in front of her husband. That’s the only way to get to the real truth.

Just ask both of them together and judge their reaction. Either way you will have your answer


☆☆☆ :speak_no_evil: I wouldn’t say a word… ☆☆☆ .
I would catch them first so there is No Denying because as most women know… they deny, deny, deny…
( try to make you think your crazy )
you actually ( unfortunately) have to have proof to lay before them to nail them down to the truth !!

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I would go buy a similar necklace and see if there is any reactions. Find interest in things with that same character “

If it was me I’d be doing some investigating for real. Like he leaves follow see where he goes. Either way he’ll deny it if you confront so get yourself some evidence no matter how crazy you look getting it

They flirt? Ummm red flag.i would bring it up when both in same room .just straight up,no beating around bush.

Call him out on his bullshit! Say: I found a necklace in your truck, the same one on my sisters neck. What’s up?

I mean if she was wearing it at the dinner with her husband there wouldn’t her husband want to know where she got it?

Start listening/watching & planning for a future without him, just in case your suspicions are correct.

I’m sorry but I think I would be straightforward with it

Be honest about coming across the necklace and ask about it.

Sus but not definitive. You either need to ask straight up or go through his phone. Set traps.

Sounds more like a scene I saw in a movie

Be honest with them both and confront them

What’s the outcome of this?

Alot of ppl are saying to ask your sister where she got it. But me personally…I would let my husband know I found the gift before Christmas and it threw me off when he didn’t give it to me.


Oh my good God , :joy::joy::joy::joy:

I wldnt approach anything what you think he’ll say yeah I gave her a necklace. I’ll be preparing my exit. I don’t deal with things that disrupt my peace.

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Oh hell no. Leave his ass!! Then id compliment your sister every chance you get on what a pretty necklace…wheres your pretty necklace?? That must have been a really important necklace… Till she flipping caves!! Unbelievable!!

I would have just said to her wow who bought you that beautiful knecklace .and if she does have a husband surely she wouldn’t have been wearing it in front of everyone .play it carefully if she doesn’t have partner then the chances are you husband did buy for her .if she says just a male friend just turn to husband and say I’m still waiting for the one you bought what you have in your truck I assume you bought for me .and say where is then give to me tonite if you bought for me xx

Come straight out with it. Talk to them separately. Ask her where she got the necklace and then ask him where the necklace you found went.


That’s OK. My sister slept with mine then married him after I divorced him. My kids dad became their uncle.

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I’d have them in the same room and say you seen that same necklace in his truck and ask wtf is going on

Ask him about the necklace in his truck. Tell him you saw it and thought it was for you and didn’t say anything to ruin it…

Tell yo momma, she will beat ya sisters ass. Lol that seems very concerning

Ask her where she got her beautiful new necklace in front of him and see how they both react

Hold back and gather more evidence if you can

Is it possible he was holding it for her partner??? Just ask her where she got it


I’d ask them together and when it comes out be like crazy I didn’t even get a gift but you’re gifting my sister?

I would casually bring it up thru out the day.Just to let them be edgy.At the end of the night I’d ask where she got bc you found the same one in your husbands truck and thought it was yours.

More than likely they doing things behind your back…The evidence is there…It’s not a coincidence

First closed your legs and sit back, collecting clues that is.

Oh f…k that and what makes it worse its around your sisters neck…

I’m a very reactive person so I would have already asked both of them about it. And you said they flirt? If that isn’t a red flag love then idk what is.


Is there any chance he could have been hiding it for her partner so that she didn’t find it xx


Why is there always this same post every couple months??

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Go get the same necklace and wear it lol his face will say it all so may ur sisters

Follow your instincts on this one.

You’re not wrong. Go with your gut.

Been there done that he’s cheating

Literally just ask. You’ll be able to tell by body language and facial expressions no doubt.