I want to leave my husband and just need to vent

I just need to vent anonymously. I’m so ready to leave my husband. But I have to plan for it. I’m a stepmom. And I’ve loved his children like my own for several years now. But y’all, he is horrible. He’s cheated on me. We went to counseling for it. But things didn’t stay good. He is who he is. He’s said some awful things to me while we argued. He yells, curses, hits things. I don’t trust him at all. And I’m so upset because I do love the children. But I’m young, younger than him by several years, and I’m over the shit. I’m ready to leave. I just have to have things in order first, and it’s so difficult. I just needed to vent about it.


Leave & live your life , omg u wont regret it !


Leave & find your peace! Those kids will always love you and always find a way to reach. They will be 18 soon if not already. You can still have them in your life.


Prayers and love ur way

Please do it ASAP. Life is not meant to be miserable. Sending love & light.


Good for you…you deserve sooooooo much better. Never forget that!

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Get out of it! Good for you for recognizing the red flags

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Leave him. You have nothing to lose but everything to gain. You can find someone else with no children and then have a kid with him.

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Talk with the kids. They know more than you think. God Bless.

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The best thing to do is get prepared. You’re on the right track. He will try to get you back with his stories about the kids. Just leave and perhaps never look back.


Just get out find A good man
That will take good care of you


Congrats to u girl n make moves! You’ll def be happier in the long run


Sending love and support​:heart::heart: life is too short to stay miserable


He sounds narcissistic…therefore will not change. Leave now. You can get things" in order " away from him. You can see the kids on the other side of the fence if they want and he allows them. And keep this in mind…Once a narcissist…Always one. They never change. Look it up and see if you see him in the definition. And women abused by one…and see yourself. Oh! Yes…you are being abused now.


Life is just too short for that. Make the plan and stick to it before it’s harder to “get out”


Don’t stay if your not happy.


Leave and never look back


Do not stay for someone else’s kids been there done that def not worth it when they can be ripped from u anytime anyways. I’ve had a bad experience and would never get that close to someone else’s child again not even a friend. Good luck get out and be happy! Life is too short to live miserably


Get out now before you end up with children by him and are stuck with him forever in that way. Yes the kids would be a blessing but no need to put babies through that.
His kids will be fine. And maybe somehow you can be in their life once all is settled.


:cry: so sorry… stay strong and leave when you can… best of luck! :two_hearts:

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Good luck but make sure you really sit down and do heart to heart with kids let them know you’re not leaving them you’re leaving him and that you want them with you that way maybe he’ll let you have visitation or something


Good for you! Just do it!

You can do this!!! Be strong for YOU! :heart::pray:

Once a cheater…don’t look back take care of yourself!

God bless you been with toxic husband verbally abusive then physical abuse get out go to domestic abuse counselor they do help

Good luck to you, your a really lovely person to care so much for his children. God Bless.

As someone who was in a very similar situation about 20 yrs ago and I worried about never seeing my stepson again I completely understand.
With that being said I have a great relationship with my (step)son today. After leaving his abusive and cheating father I got in touch with his mother and re-established contact that way. I now also have a fantastic friendship with his mother, she understood why I left him and she knew that I very much loved her son so o maybe you could still see the kids that way? Good Luck❤️


Would the bio mom still let you see the kids?

Good luck hope you can get away.

You need to take care of yourself, leave now, good luck x

Has he hit you or the kids???

If not more counseling

Just remember that when you leave your taking away from your children a father…my mom left my dad and I was young…but it wasn’t until I got out of the service to forgive her

Make plans to leave, he’s never going to change and it will probably get worse if you stay. You deserve better than this, once your plans are in place and after your stuff is out of the house then talk to the bio mom or dad and see if you can see the kids. Before you leave write each child a letter and give it to them, don’t bash their dad just say things have changed and you don’t love their dad but you will always love them and hope you will still get to see them


It’s a good decision that you have made. Your happiness comes first n your well being. He will miss you n will want to do right when you no longer there. Please sit the kids down n explain to them. They will understand one day

Make sure your birth control is hidden, if you don’t have an implant or IUD. Lie if you have to about it.

Make a plan. Where will you go? Do you have family he is not aware of that can take you in and hide you should he become physically abusive?

Save, save, save. Hide money in books tape it to the underside of your dresser.

Open a secret bank account. Delete the app between uses.

You are on there right track.

You’ve got this!

Please do leave him for your own safety…emotional abuse is so difficult to come over…make sure you have what you need and have somewhere to go…YOU ALLOWED to leave any story that no longer fits your Spirit
Please do this safely whilest he is not around to abuse you for leaving

I am so glad i got to go home early one day and leave a disgusting man…he was a narcissist so ofcourse he just knew what i was up to because i didnt answer any of his messages , i called my mother up and she came with me to get everything

Do not forget a single piece of importance…identification / passports etc… i was so scared I left things i couldve done with but luckily not those things !
Also inform your local police station of what you are doing…you will thank yourself if anything

Dont be afraid to tell simple lies to save yourself and stash your own money for incase…

Unfortunately the kids will have to either get a letter maybe you can send to their mothers house just to simp,ly say that you are sorry for leaving them and that they will always mean the world to you
Dont give out too much information on your whereabouts

Good luck on ur new life. Ur gonna love it. I promise

Leave him he is just using u for a baby sitter he,ll never change

Unfortunately, people are who they are. People don’t change.

If you want to be happy leave. He sounds abusive. Get out.

Abuse of any kind is wrong , once a cheater always a cheater, you should never allow anyone to be abusive, i know you love the children but you need to love yourself, staying is not safe for anyone

Go…if hes a good father he’ll let the kids stay in touch. Out of spite he may not but by now I’m sure they know you love them… good luck

You can do it, stay strong

Joe D Lux she didn’t say they had any children. He has children she loves like her own.