I wanted to know how many mama's have had a VBAC with no complications?

I had a c-section almost 14 months ago and now almost due to have twins and I'm in a new state with a new Dr. And he recommended having a vaginal birth. I'm nervous bc at first he said he would need to get my medical records to see if I was cut the right way in order to have a VBAC. My uterus being cut horizontal would of been the safe way. I had an emergency c-section so it could of been likely they did the vertical way. I'm 2 weeks out and my Dr. Hasn't gotten the info he needs and when I mention it he says he will every visit. Last visit he said I'd be a good candidate whether or not he finds out which makes no sense and worries me bc when I first went to him he said it was important to know. I'm having so much anxiety trying to decide bc c-section recovery sucks so much more and I've signed the paperwork for the VBAC but I can change my mind. I don't want to change it at the last possible moment and something happen. I've had 3 vaginal births& the last one was a c-section. Im terrified of what could happen either way bc having had a c-section already and not that long ago makes the risk so much more. I don't know anyone that has had a VBAC and need help deciding if I should still go through with it.

I had an emergency c-section too and the scar on the outside is the same as the inside. Horizontal.

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I’ve heard some women had done it with no issue and others had only c sections after :no_mouth:

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My 5th was a vbac and no issues

1st was a c section 2nd was a normal birth and so was the 3rd :grin:

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My 1st was an emergency c section, 2nd was vback with 3rd degree tear, 3rd was another vback no problems xx

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My 1st was an emergency c section (vertical cut) and 2nd was a vaginal birth. No issues.

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I would be concerned. They have come a long way medically but my husband’s cousin had a c with one of her kids and with the second one they were going to let her have it vaginally. She felt something was wrong and the dr and nurses did not listen to her. Her incision from her c section had ruptured and the baby died and she almost lost her life too


My only concern is the length of time from the c section to be fully healed to carry twins and doing a vbac. Stay in tune with your body and talk to your doctor for any and all concerns. Not sure why the Dr can’t tell which way the cut is…it is the same inside as it is out. Maybe a second opinion is needed.


I had a c-section in 2012 aug and normal delivery jan 2014 with no complications at all. I actually prefer normal birth. My kids are a year and 5months apart.

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My mom had me as a emergency C-section, then had 2 successful vaginal births, then 2 more emergency C-section.

My sister had a C-section then a successful vaginal birth

I had an emergency C and two VBAC’s no complications.

I had twins vaginally. But I didn’t have a C sections before.

I had one almost 30 years ago with no problems at all.

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I got pregnant with my 3rd 9 months after my C section. Successful VBAC with absolutely no issues at all. It was honestly my easiest birth. And afterwards I felt this immense sense of proudness too lol

I’ve never had a csection, but I have had twins. I know how much everything stretches carrying 2 babies. I say, if you don’t get that paperwork go for another csection. Just seems the safer option.

I wouldnt risk it, it’s only been 14 months, and your having twins. This is deadly for both you and the babies if anything goes wrong


I had an emergency C-section-horizontal cut (twins-baby A was breach) then a successful vbac 3 years later with no complications. Such an easy natural delivery! My vbac baby was over 9lbs with a giant head so I did have an episiotomy and a couple of tears, but the recovery was still far better than a C-section.
I however in your situation would be highly concerned with your Doctor. He seems wishy washy for one and also the fact that he needs medical records to know if you had a vertical or horizontal cut is kind of scary. Anybody can look at the scar and know. Honestly you should remember…:were you cut hip to hip? (That would be horizontal) or belly button to pelvic area? (That would be vertical)
He also doesn’t seem like he cares too much, otherwise he would’ve already got the records in my opinion. Definitely not someone I would trust to do a vbac considering soo much could potentially go wrong.

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2 vaginally 2 c sections 1 vbac in that order. It went well.

Emergency c-section and then 1 amazing VBAC.

I would suggest another c section… especially with twins. I wouldn’t take the risk of something happening while you are in the middle of delivery. Hoping for a safe and healthy delivery for your babies and you. :heart::heart:

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I had my youngest 2 18 months apart. My youngest was vaginal an the middle one was c section never had any problems

I had 4 vaginal births and even then, the Dr said I would have to give birth in an OR with my twins. It never got to that point. Id be very concerned.

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. I wanted to know how many mama's have had a VBAC with no complications?

My sister had twins by csection cos she’d heard sometimes after the first baby comes out there’s few issues with the second one and you end up with a csection anyway…So she went with csection

I’ve had 4 successful vbacs. No issues at all. My neice recently had one, I think around 14 months after she had a csection.

I think there is a lot to consider. Like why did you need an emergency c-section? How long exactly has it been between each pregnancy? Did you have issues dilating or having contractions? Will your anatomy support a vaginal birth? Did you have preeclampsia? Etc. I had a c-section with my first after a failed induction. I had dilated to 9 and then regressed to 6 due to cervix so swelling. I also became mildly preeclamptic in delivery so my pressures were sky high. And after 24 hours of my water being broke they took me for a non-emergency c-section. I opted for a VBAC with my second. I was induced again with pitocin but my water wasn’t broken yet and I successfully had a vaginal delivery vacuum assisted birth with no complications. Second time around I took magnesium for blood pressure support and did some other supportive things like yoga to help baby stay in proper position, ate dates consistently throughout pregnancy for efficient dilation and effacement (look up science behind it) and revisited some of the trauma I experienced in my first delivery so that I could move past it.


I also had 3 vaginal births and my 4th was an emergency c-section to. I was cut horizontal. I dont know anything about VBACS but You got this :slightly_smiling_face: Everything will be fine. I’ve heard from other women that you can experience soreness in the area of your c section and that you will likely need another c section because it hasnt been that long. I metioned it’s recommended that you should wait 12-18 mnths to get pregnant again.

My sister had a VBAC 13months after an emergency c section. She had no complications, she did tear a little bit (though she blames that on using epidural and not feeling anything) so had a few stitches but said it was much better, she’s had another child since and again opted for vaginal delivery.

I had 2 c sections then a vbac no complications no stitches or nothing ! Going for my 2nd vbac n March

I had one. My boys are 22 months apart. Absolutely no issues with my second, being vbac

I read that as “virginal birth after cesarean” :rofl::rofl::rofl: good God I need more coffee. Good luck OP, I can’t help more than a laugh at my dumbass-edness.

Took me about 10 minutes to decode VBAC. LOL SMH


I’ve had two c-sections and am scheduled to have another this may. My first was an emergency c-section. With my second, they gave me the option to try for vaginal birth or schedule a c-section. I chose to schedule a c-section due to the possibility of my uterus bursting during vaginal delivery due to the fact that I’ve already have a c-section.this is in CA

If your uncomfortable with it than tell him you want a C-section. Tell him it’s no a chose.

I had an elective c section and my recovery wasn’t bad at all. I’ve also had friends that had emergency c sections and then elective and they said the elective c section was much better to recover from. The worst part of recovery was the after birth pains tbh, which you get either way.

I would also take in to account all of the extra risks with having twins and why you needed a c section in the first place.

If you have any doubt then you need to speak to your doctor and tell him what you want.

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All I know about c sections is don’t get more than three Because the the scar won’t heal right

Yes, had no problems 2x… natural, c-section, natural, c-section…

I’ve had two c sections with the first being emergency and second being planned. Both I was cut same place and horizontal. My first was easier to recover from, but my second I knew what to expect. I am 8months pp and still feel numb at the incision site or pain from my jeans which is from nerve damage. I would consider this as well when making your decision. I was also not given enough meds or felt like I had no time to essentially recover with my husband having to travel shortly after having my baby.

I told my doctor I didn’t want to have a VBAC, and they were on board. I feel like you should be able to tell them what you’re more comfortable with.

trust your instinct yes csection sucks but you are obviously worried go cessarean again

My first was a c section she got stuck. My second doc said I could do either. I wanted to keep my vagina in tact​:blush::joy: c section it was :joy::joy:

Sounds too risky. Twins last pregnancy 14 months ago? I personally wouldn’t want to risk it

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VBAC with twins?!:grimacing: I’ve had two c-sections and both were good experiences (planned for medical reasons). I think I would stick with the cesareans if I were in your situation. Maybe get a second opinion. Some ob/gyn’s are more comfortable with c-sections than others. My kids were 14-15 months apart and my OB did not recommend a VBAC, I can’t imagine why yours would with twins. This is just my opinion from my experience, I’m not a medical professional.