I Wore a Sexy Dress Up for My Man and He Rejected Me!

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"My husband keeps banging on about me dressing up etc in the bedroom, leaving snide remarks all the time mid-conversation like if we order food he will say do they send dressed up wives with that! We have 3 children and both work full time and I know that’s no excuse but come on every time he expects me to dress up!! So tonight I thought right sort kids out and do it so got my little sexy stuff out had a nice bath bit of tan so and so and I messaged him some pics and said you ready and in a short story he blew me out!! Said he’s tired!!! Wtf do I do I’m at a loss"

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"Remind him of this next time he whinges."

"That’s awful. Next time he said something about it I’d be like yeah. Last time you asked and I did it you blew me off."

"Ask him what he wants …you’re not a mind reader"

"He’s allowed to reject you. If he wasn’t in the mood he wasn’t in the mood"

"your timing was off try again next time, take your ego out of it."

"Try it another night or on a day he doesn’t work. He may just genuinely be tired. I have trust issues so I kinda get when the disappointment leads directly to cheating suspicions but I wouldn’t fret unless it keeps happening."

"Sometimes is about the timing. Y’all to are way unbalanced. Time to have a talk and make some sort of schedule if y’all have complicated job schedules."

"Just have an open conversation about it. Be honest about how you went out of your comfort zone and how hurt and rejected you felt. Soo many arguments stem from simple miscommunications bc we are all human!"

"I’m ok with him being tired… I’m not ok with the jokes he's been making…"

"If he wants you to dress up then he can make an effort himself. He can find a babysitter, ask you out on a date, and put himself out. Tell him this."

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