Ideas to keep a toddler entertained in a car?

We are making a huge move at the end of November and having to drive 12+ hours to get to the new city, with that being said what’s some ways to keep a toddler entertained? I don’t know if I’m nervous or scared to make this 12 hour drive with a toddler

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Ideas to keep a toddler entertained in a car?

Music, books, singing /finger games. Frequent stops at playgrounds. Snacks in containers. If you can plan to drive over nap/sleeping time, do that. Play travel games like reading signs or counting cars. Best bet is probably to have an adult or caregiver in the backseat with the child, or else you’ll be pulling over constantly.

DVD player for the back of the head rest

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We did a 28 hour drive with our toddler this spring. It wasn’t nearly as hard as I was expecting. Every few hours get out to stretch your legs, bring a portable DVD player if you have one. Coloring books, a few of their favorite toys, and keep stocked on snacks. Road games like I spy worked well for us too.

If your child is old enough and you don’t have a portable dvd player, use a tablet with appropriate games and Disney+, limit the time on it. Play games, have lots of snacks and take some breaks to get out of the car seat. You would be surprised at how little ones handle long car trips

I took a trip to Colorado from Florida alone with my 2 y/o and honestly she was so good. We stopped and got out every few hrs at parks or rest areas. Plenty of snacks, I left my sun visor down so she could see me in the mirror and we played peek a boo and over all it was a fabulous trip!

Lots of stops to run. We did a 28 in 5 days and it wasn’t bad at all

Portable DVD player, Mess free coloring supplies, toys, books, plenty of snacks. Make sure to stop every few hrs so they can stretch and get some fresh air. :slightly_smiling_face: I’ve traveled cross country 3 times with our toddler well over 24hrs each time from coast to coast. It’s a lot easier than everyone thinks it is. You’ll do fine. Just be patient. If you’re going through any mountain areas make sure to give your little one some Tylenol their ears are really sensitive.

Packing a busy bag fir the children with things to do that will keep them busy in addition to watching the Road and map to see where yhe family is fkr children 7 to 9 and older. My grandson loved that, using a paper map I used yellow highlighter to mark our route… Potty stops about every 2 hours for 15 to 30 minutes helps everyone. My dad would drive straight through to family that were 18 or 25 hour drives and all arrived so tiered we had similar to jet lag thebfirst day. The year one baby sister was being potty trained mom insisted on potty stopps about every 2 hours, took about 4 hours longer to get there but arrived more rested and relaxed. We traveled long trips ever since like that. No more of grandma yelling at him to stop at the next gas station or give me your shoe.

I found a mirror that plays music and has a little light show that you can turn on and control with a little remote. Best thing ever!

Hold out a a few new movies and get them all excited abt watching them in the car .