If you have and anterior placenta when did you feel the baby move?

Mamas with an anterior placenta, when did you first feel your baby move? What did it feel like? I’m 18 weeks pregnant and been told I have an anterior placenta but haven’t been given any information about it. I haven’t felt any movements (I don’t think, the first-time mama here). I do have a midwife appointment in a few days, so I will be asking lots of questions. Just wondered any other mamas experiences with this kind of thing? Thank you x


With my first child I did. I didn’t feel movements till 22-23 weeks

I was around 21 weeks with both pregnancies, had anterior placentas with both.

I had an anterior placenta with my last one. They didn’t give me much info either. I started to feel her around 22 weeks. And it never was as much as my first. He would roll and stretch and she just kind of kicked and waved her arms. And no one ever really felt them from the outside.

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With my first, 21 weeks. With my second, 19 weeks.

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With my first I didnt feel movement until 20 weeks and that was after I found out the gender.

I just had my first baby and had an anterior placenta… the only reason i knew it was anterior was because i had copies of my prenatal care for travel purposes. I felt my baby around 22 weeks, but my husband couldn’t feel anything until 24 weeks. Turns out its perfectly normal for kicks to take longer to feel (especially on the outside) with an anterior placenta. Also, since that’s technically extra weight in the front, my back pain was really bad from 26 weeks to the end of the pregnancy.

i do! i didn’t feel her til i was 23 weeks first time mom! try not to worry, you’ll know when you feel it

Around 22 weeks I started feeling butterflies, serious movement around 24

I did with my recent pregnancy (2nd time mom)- I didn’t feel any actual movement until 21-22 weeks. And even then it was really lite and I had to concentrate to feel her.

I was 22 weeks or more when i felt my baby. And it was like a very faint feeling like little worms swimming in your belly thats how i felt it

My third I had an anterior placenta and started feeling her around 22 weeks.

Well i did with my daughter (4th pregnancy) and didn’t know i was pregnant until 17 weeks and didn’t feel her ror a few more weeks. But man when she started moving… right in the ribs! Haha.

This is my 4th pregnancy and felt bby around 14 wks flutter. Not all day but once in a while. I’m 18wks really has changed. I feel the bby move its stronger but not offten.

I had one and I didn’t feel her until way over 20 weeks. At first it just felt like bubbles popping in my Abdomen when I first felt her, and in the whole 40 weeks I think I only felt her kick one time

Yes at 14 weeks he was my 4th

This is my 3rd pregnancy, and I have anterior placenta with this one… I didnt feel her move until about 24 weeks

Around 22 weeks started feeling tiny wiggles & flutters. Should not be a concern at that stage but always check with doc if ultrasound is fine & baby is all good.

Anterior with both. With my first didn’t feel anything until about 25 weeks and even then it was just a flutter. With my second I felt movement a lot sooner

I had an anterior placenta with 2. Felt them both around week 25. Always on my sides though and sometimes I didn’t feel them at all. You will definitely occasionally panic when you don’t feel them, but laying on my side and drinking cold water would typically get them to move and settle my nerves.

If I remember right I had an anterior placenta with my one and only pregnancy, I started feeling my baby move at 14 weeks, but I have always been super sensitive with things going on inside my body. But everybody is different. With first pregnancies it’s normal to not feel your baby moving til much later my dr was surprised I could tell it was my baby moving so soon with her being my first

I didn’t have an anterior placenta but I didn’t feel baby move til 18wreks and even then it jut felt like little bubbles moving around in my belly. I didn’t feel any actual kicks or big movements til around 20’weeks or so

I had an anterior placenta with my first and felt small, infrequent movements between 18-22 weeks.

I’ve had an anterior placenta with both my pregnancies, my first and my current, with my son I felt the first tiny moments at 18-19 weeks, with this one I started feeling them at 15 weeks. I feel them very low down, and like said above, I have to kind of concentrate to actually feel them lol. However I’m 20 weeks now, almost 21, and I’m getting some big movements. My OB told me as I get farther along I’ll continue to feel mostly low down and around the sides of my belly. Until she gets really big of course.

I had it with my first and I slowly started feeling tiny movements around 22 weeks.

It honestly made my anxiety sky rocket because I really had to concentrate on her/my belly in order to feel the movement. I didn’t really start to feel her until around 25/26 weeks.

I was around the later 20 weeks mark and it still was very faint. I felt him more while I was laying down and would have to concentrate. I honestly didn’t know any difference since he was my first, so I based everything off of barely feeling him. :woman_shrugging:t3: Every time I’d go in, he would be just fine! It’s hard mama, but you’ll start to catch on “when” and “after something you eat”, you’ll feel little movements.

I did and I cant remember exactly when I felt him move but I do know its more difficult to feel them move anyway x I was worried at first but it is really nothing to worry about x

Mine is 3rd pregnancy and I felt her kick from around 15weeks. The only thing I’ve found different is that others struggle to feel her on the outside if she kicks to the front

We could here the baby by 16 weeks with an at home doppler long before my daughter felt him move after 20weeks.

Not till after 20 weeks. And it felt like a little flutter muscle twitch, not even a movement

I’m 22 weeks with my 4th baby and have an anterior placenta. It’s only over the last week that I’ve started to feel some movements x

I did. Around 22 weeks

I had it with my first, 21 weeks

I’ve had with three of my four kids. I do know that as a first time mom, regardless of placenta placement you usually won’t feel it until closer to 20 weeks usually. With each of my girls with the anterior placenta for me it’s always been mid to late 20 weeks. Usually it starts off as imagine a fish swimming in your belly giving a little swish of its tail. Some compare it to the feeling of almost literal butterflies, trust me, you’ll know. It just means that your placenta is acting basically as a pillow in front of baby instead of beneath so most movement and stuff will be cushioned by the placenta. Usually it moves to where it should be a little later in pregnancy but they’ll keep tabs on it just in case it doesn’t

I’m 23 weeks with my third and I just started to feel the kicks.

With both my girls it was about 24-26 weeks before I felt movement and 30 weeks both daddy got to feel or see.

Felt him move around 24 weeks.

I felt the first movement around 28 weeks. I only felt mine move maybe 5 or 6 times total and it was always around 9-10pm.

After week 20. It remember it felt really late.

i had this with my first child and i didnt feel her kick till i was 24/25 weeks

I had one and I felt him move very early, like 8 weeks. But later in the pregnancy I never got to see my whole belly move around and feet or hands pushing out.

Mine is for this pregnancy and it’s my third. Early I wasn’t sure if it was baby or gas because of the position but I’m 33 weeks now and can watch my kid roll. I didn’t know it was for sure baby until about the time we did the anatomy scan.

Mine is in front of the baby and ive felt the baby move since 3 months pregnant but im skinny before baby and ive always feel mine move way early everyone is different tho best of luck

i had one my last pregnancy it’s was very strange like my partner never got to feel him kick was always kicking my insides

Around 20 weeks but now I’m 39weeks and she moves constantly

I was between 22 to 24 weeks when I felt my daughter move (3rd pregnancy 1st anterior placenta)

I did! And honestly I’m grateful I had one for the first kid lol. I didn’t feel my daughter till about 18-20 weeks and even then I wasn’t certain it was her. When you do for sure feel your kiddo, you’ll likely recall all the previous sensations that felt the same way. Thats what happened with me. It felt kinda like a tickle personally. Or a mild ‘i might need to fart’ feeling :joy: others describe it as a tummy bubble moving, and thats pretty accurate too, but just lower on your stomach. If you really want to feel her soon, how I did it is lay on my back and really get some silence so you can concentrate, and be patient.

But now, having a placenta in the back, I’m definitely grateful for that cushion I had with an anterior. Babies are strong!! It helps her movements be not so painful later on :heart:

With my last two pregnancies my placenta was anterior. It did take a little longer to feel each of them move. I would say I was around 20-22 weeks with them. My first two babies I felt much earlier. No worries!

I was 20 weeks and it happened at the anatomy scan. I thought I was having some painless cramping due to the pregnancy constipation I had, but it was him! I didn’t feel regular movement until about 24 or so weeks.
I’m a nurse and didn’t realize I had an anterior placenta until my anatomy scan. I was in constant fear of something being wrong because I couldn’t feel him like I had with my daughter!

My 1st pregnancy was anterior placenta. I wasn’t 100% sure if I was feeling movement at 20 because pregnancy was new to me. I was sure at about 22 weeks.

20 weeks I felt movement. It was on and off throughout. I couldn’t even feel contractions at one point lol

Having felt my first very early, this was torture lol but everything was just fine and then he wouldn’t quit moving haha :wink:

i have a heart shaped uterus, my son was born at 7 months. felt him move at 5 months like a butterfly.,:blue_heart::butterfly:

First pregnancy not until 22-24 weeks. Second I have an anterior again and I feel this little one a little bit at 20 weeks

I didn’t have an anterior placenta but with my first i didn’t feel movements until around 22 weeks x

I hardly ever felt the baby move with mine.

About 22 weeks for sure.

Same here. I wasn’t sure I was feeling baby move until I was 21ish weeks.

With my first, 20 weeks. My second, 16 weeks. My third, 13 - almost 14 weeks. All anterior placentas!:yellow_heart:

20 weeks with my first, 18 weeks with my second (both were anterior placentas)