If you have one c-section do you always have to have them?

If you have a C section with your first pregnancy, does that mean that all pregnancies after have to be C sections too?


you can always do/try VBAC
(Vaginal Birth After Csection)

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Not necessarily. Most doctors are fine with you trying VBAC (vaginal birth after c section) I think a lot of it depends on the reason for c section in the first place. I for one am not a candidate for vbac

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no but you can choose it if you decide too

No you can talk to your doctor and other doctors about vbac . I suggest getting more than 2 no’s bc some drs just won’t do it just bc.

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Depends on ur dr and hospital. They have to carry special insurance for vbacs and dr has to be at the hospital for the duration of ur labor. I was unlucky and had to have repeat csections.

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No, you can do a vbac but it adds risks. And it depends why you had it. My sister is to small for vaginal delivery, so all hers were c sections

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Depends on why you had a c section for your first. I didn’t get a choice with my second and third

No you can always try for a vbac but you will need to make sure your doctor will allow it. They have to carry extra insurance to be able to perform a vbac because id the risk not all drs will allow it.

Nope. I had a c section for my first but, my doctor let me try having my second vaginally. It didn’t work out for me but, fro some it does. If your doctor doesn’t approve then, find one that does

Nope, it just depends on your body, how far apart your kids are in age, and how well each pregnancy goes.I just had a VBAC about a week ago and have had no complications

Depends and also almost no doctor will do a VBAC if you had a classical csection

most drs will let you try if its been 5 yrs

I’ve had 3. My Dr said you can try to do a vaginal for your second. But, if you end up having a 2nd csection- ever birth after will have to be a csection.

It’s really going to depend on what caused you to have the csection in the first place.

Then it will depend on your doctor and hospital and It will depend on that particular pregnancy.

It depends on how they cut you on the inside for your first c-section. If it was an emergency situation you most likely are not a candidate for a VBAC and no doctor will do it.

NOPE! I’ve had 2 vbacs!!

No, some Drs will allow you to attempt a vaginal. Some won’t allow the use of Pitocin after a c section so if you don’t labor on your own, you may have a repeat. Just talk to your provider and see their opinion on it.

All 4 of mine were c section, my last one I wanted to try a vaginal birth or a vbac. My last one was 8 years apart and my doctor still wouldnt let me.

I had two C-section, and followed them with a vbac.

No but you do after 2 or more

Remember YOU are in charge, not your doctor. Do your own research and educate yourself and I highly recommend working with a midwife instead of a doctor!

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My doctor insisted that I had all my baby c-section

Not at all. I know plenty that have 1 and do natural the rest.

No it does not… my sister in law had c-sections an still gave birth vaginally an is about to have her 6th baby via c-section so she can have her tubes cut tied an burnt all at once

Not necessarily. Depends on your doctor. And how you are closed back up. Some doctors allow vbacs. Most wont bc of the risks. I tried for a vbac with my daughter. My dr knew how bad I wanted to do a natural birth and we talked about it. He made sure he closed me back up in a way that I could try with my next bc it was important to me. It’s about making sure your csection area can withhold contractions and birth. It still can be dangerous. Something you would want to talk to your doctor about. If you haven’t had a csection yet I would discuss ahead of time. Also depends on the reason for your first csection and if you qualify. If you do a vbac my doctor said I had to do it all on my own. No induction and stuff

I had a c section with first in 2014 and a successful vbac with my 2nd in 2015. And now preg with 3rd and hoping for another vbac so talk to your doc about your options.

Lots of factors How they did your incision on the uterus the hospital the doctor and the reason for the first section. Ive had friends who have had multiple Vbac after their first csection ALSO how long since the prior VBac

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Drs try to say you do but no you do not. Vbacs is safe as well for most mamas.

I had a c-section with both of mine. It was explained to me that a vaginal birth after a c-section can have complications and advised against it unless the hospital you are birthing in has a stat labor OR that is ready to go in a moments notice.

I had twins via c section. VBAC 4 years later

I had a nutural then 2 sections and natural again

No I had an emergency c section with my first and I am currently pregnant again and the Dr did ask if I wanted to try again for a vbac and I declined lol…

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I had a C-section with my first in 2012 and Vbac with my second in 2019. My ob was against a Vbac, said that the likelihood of a successful Vbac for me was slim. My doc was not on call when I delivered

No, it all depends on reason why you had a c section in first place. I had an emergency c section for my first. 3 yes later I was able to have a natural birth. Then with my third my ob doc said I could have another one because my kids are a yr half apart. But due to my baby being breached I had another c section. So with my last baby I had a c secrion.

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My mom had a C-section and then natural births and I know a lot of other people who have as well. Some doctors encourage C-section as they make more money from surgeries.

You can always go for a second or third opinion

It has to do with why you had a c section, how long ago it was and if there are any medical issues that would make vbac unsafe. Speak with your dr. If you don’t love what they say, get a second opinion and see what that tells you.

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You need to consult your doctor. VBACs carry a higher over all risk, and many doctors and hospitals won’t allow them. Much of it depends on your reasoning for the initial csection and the way they performed it and area/amount of scar tissue associated with it. If you’ve had 2 csections, your options for VBACs are pretty much gone though. Iv has 4 csections as VBACs and there risks didn’t weigh out after my first. Your specific Doctors can tell you your personal risks as well, if it’s even allowed.

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It is possible to have a vbac

But it would be something to talk to ur doctor about

I had an emergency c-section with my first. Currently pregnant with my second and my doctor told me I could try vaginally but would more then likely end up with another c-section because of what happened with my first. I decided in the end I’d rather just have a planned c-section then take the chance of ending up in another emergency one

It all depends on the pregnancy. Each one is different

No. The more C-sections you have, the liklier you are to have one the next time. My first was a section, the other 2 were unmedicated VBACs. A supportive OBGYN is necessary. Not one that will let you “try”.

It depends on how your uterus was cut…if it was cut transverse (or left to right), you can have a successful VBAC. I had a C-section with my 8 year old and then a successful VBAC with my 10 month old born last August. So it’s all according to certain factors…

No not really but it depends on your dr so if it’s what you want look for a Dr that does natural after C-section I got pregnant about 2 weeks after my son’s 2nd birthday and Dr wants me to try natural I really don’t know why he was my Dr for my first and my first was C-section because he didn’t fit through the birth canal even though I was at 10 dilated so idk what the difference with this one is my Dr has made successful vbacs after just 10 months after getting a C-section of course the more C-sections you have the lower your chances my sisters in law’s doctors told them after the first C-section they are all C-section even though they waited way longer then me

It depends on the reason you had to have the first csection. I had an emergency csection with my daughter because she was stuck and they could not get her out even with vacuum. So after that I had to have one with my son and I’m having another csection in August. If your baby is breech and you have to have one you could definitely try for a vaginal birth after that.

It really depends on the reason that you had one in the first place. And how you were cut. And finding a doctor that’s willing to take the risk of a vbac.

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Depends on the doctor

It depends where you live. My first was an emergency c section so 7 years later my second had to be. No hospitals in my area would allow v-back deliveries. They wouldn’t even let me try. The closest I found was 5 1/2 hours away. So if you have a hospital in your area that does v-back deliveries then you can attempt a vaginal delivery. All the hospitals I spoke with said it’s just too dangerous in their opinion because once you’ve been cut there it can rupture from pushing during labor and you can bleed to death. Unfortunately for me I decided 2 kids was enough because I didn’t want any more c sections.

It all depends on how the uterus is cut. If cut horizontally then you can have a VBAC. If cut vertically, you will have to have c-sections for any later pregnancies.

I thought it all depends on if there is a problem . That’s why u get a C section .

No it is possible to have a vaginal after a c-section but if you have already had more then one c-section then yes you’ll need to have another c-section because a vaginal would be too risky

No. Its called a vbac. For a vbac there is some criteria to meet so that there’s a reduction of uterine rupture. But one csection doesn’t mean all births are csections after. Even my children’s doctor who is also an ob but I couldn’t use him this time because he doesn’t do csections or vbacs and after my second csection he said if by chance a future pregnancy I go into my own labor theres still a small possibility I could do vaginal. But its a very small chance because personally my cervix usually doesn’t like to dilate. I usually go overdue if left to my body. Out of 7 births I have only went into labor by myself with one of them. The rest I have either had to be induced or csection.

No i had my first c-section and thank god my other 4 kids normal delivery’s you just need to find a doctor who will fight to make it possible to at least get a chance

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I had VBAC ten years after an emergency c-section. My doctor never tried to influence me, she just kept me informed of potential risks, and had backup plans in place just in case. Aside from being in labor for 30 hours, it wasn’t too bad lol

No I had a C section then natural.

No you do not necessarily have to have cesareans for all pregnancies if the first is a cesarean. A lot of factors play into this decision.

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No, I have had 5 more children natural after my 1st one one. Talk to your Dr. You have to be confident in your body from the healing. 3 years from my oldest to the second one

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I had an emergency c section with my first six years ago , and I just gave birth 8 months ago vaginally … I had a c section planned with my dr for my second , but she ended up coming two weeks early vaginally.

No. Women have VBACs all the time.

No girl no. Unless there are special circumstances. I had my first 2 babies c section and went on to have 2 more vaginally last one was a homebirth

It depends on WHY you had a csection, WHEN you had it, and WHERE you were cut

It depends on the person I had my first child c section and had the option for my second but choose c section I’m currently pregnant and they said I require a c section for this baby :woman_shrugging:t3: talk to your doc

It is possible for women to have a vaginal birth after c section… It really just depends on your body …some drs don’t like to try and some are all for it … But it can be dangerous because the muscles that they cut are some of the same muscles you are using to push so if your baby doesn’t just slip out you run the risk of doing alot of damage inside and having emergency surgery to fix that … It’s really just a case by case kinda thing tho

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My friend had a c section 2017 and in 2019 had vaginal. She’s a champ and her doctor was amazing

My first was normal, middle was C and my last was VBAC…

It depends on your doctor too. My doctor didnt give me the option. Since i had a csection with my first it was automatically a repeat with my other two

You can try a vbac but if there is complications or other issue you would need another section. My first was an emergency and my second was breech with extra fluid so I couldn’t try vaginal. Nothing wrong with trying unless your doctor thinks otherwise. For me my second csection was a lot smoother then the first

It does not mean you necessarily have to have another c section, it all depends on your hospital and your situation.

Like for me, I have placenta previa and gestational hypertension and my hospital is a smaller one so I had to have a c section and they said if I were to have another child 90% would have to be another c section

I opted for a second after I got an infection from the first c section. I also requested a wound vac

You do not, it’s all dependent on the healing of the previous scar as well as how your body reacts to natural birth the next time through

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VBAC. Means vaginally birth after cesarean. Because they had to cut through your uterus to get the baby out theres a chance that where they cut could open during pushing but I know if many several successful VBACs.

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Kristen Jones you were wondering the same thing… thought you may like these comments.

No. I had a vaginal birth 13m after my csection

In my case it depends on the type of C Section

No I have 3 Vbacs after a csection

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It really depends on why you had it the first time. I had to have c sections with all 4 of my kids because my pelvic bones didnt move out of the way like they are supposed to.

Nope. I had a c section with my first born and 9 years later I had a vaginal deliver. My dr allowed me to try because of the time that had passed. 5 years after that I had my second vaginal delivery.

No def not! V-Bac’s are very common! I had a C-sec, then the next normal, then another normal, and then a c-sec! :slight_smile:

My sister 1st was emergency c section and her 2nd had a vaginal 🤷

My first was an emergency and my doctor for my 2nd child wouldn’t let me vbac so I’ve had to have 4 csections

My first was a c-section. I refused to have another one. Dr said as long as I go on my own they would let me VBac. I kept pushing to let my pregnancy ride out. Last dr appt they said don’t ask your c-section is scheduled. My daughter came a day before my c-section.

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Depends on the person and hospital! You can try for a VBAC birth.

I had a cseaction with my kid. My doctor told me that they dont offer vbacs so if i hd another kid and went to him id have to have another one.

I personally know of someone who has done two successful vbacs

I’ve had 2 previous c-sections and just had a successful VBAC!! :blush:

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Depends on the reason behind the C-section and how it is done, as well as whether your doctor is willing to perform a vbac. The only way to know for sure is to speak to your doctor about your wishes and see what they recommend or what is applicable in your specific situation.

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I had a vbac with my second.

I had an emergency c-section my first pregnancy, then I had 3 VBACs. If you can have one depends on your doctor and the hospital you’re delivering at. It also depends on how well you healed and usually how long between births.

It depends on if you went through “labor” and then had a c-section or if you had a scheduled c-section with no labor. If you had a scheduled c-section with no labor, then your body doesn’t recognize that you “gave birth” and you (for medical safety reasons) will most likely have c-sections for every birth after. If you went through labor you “can” have what’s know as a v-bac which is “vaginal birth after cesarean.” But that also depends on the complications from the first time around that led to a c-section in the first place, and if you are a good/bad candidate for one the next time.

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I was told it depends on how you uterus was cut during the c-secrion. I had the choice to have my second natural but chose c-section. The Dr did tell me if I had me second by c-section the would all have to be.

No I had 4 c-sec only because in the emergency first one they did a t -invision as couldn’t get my son out .

It depends on type of csection. And distance between pregnancy.
I had a csection in 2018. Luckily they were able to do the bikini cut instead of vertical.
Vertical cut you ALWAYS have to have one.
Bikini, you can have a vaginal after a year but some doctors wont allow until 2 years.
I would have been able to try a vaginal in 2019 with my rainbow baby, but he was showing no signs of wanting to come out and induction isn’t an option before a year after a csection because of the risk of uterine rupture so csection it was.

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I was told as long as you have the appropriate healing time before getting pregnant again i was told you can but that time is like 2 years to conpletely fully heal to have vaginally

My first was a c-sec the last 3 where all vbac

I had an emergency csection for my 1st. I just had my successful vbac 5 and a half years later. All depends on the situations, the reasoning and the way you were cut and health conditions. Since mine was an emergency and I’m plus size they gave me a 42% success rate for a vbac

I had vaginal, c section, vbac, now c section

I have a question for those that have had more then 1 c section! Was the 2nd c section just as bad as the 1st in pain and healing wise? I had one 12 yrs ago cause i wad not dilating after being induced and im having another on the 15th but the 1st was very traumatic…

I had the chance to try a vbac this pregnancy (this is my second pregnancy) but unfortunately baby is breeched so I have to have another c section

Not really. You should have the opportunity to have a vbac but that also depends on the previous pregnancy and how things went to get to that c section.

My first was an emergency c section as she went into distress when they induced me because of preeclampsia. My second was scheduled electively as soon as I had my first OB appointment for him. He was almost a vbac due to an emergency that happened when I was supposed to be wheeled to the OR. I went into labor with him and he was partially in the birth canal and the surgeon/nurse had to literally climb onto my chest and pull him out during that c section.

I had a c-section with my first child, and had 2 vbacs after that. My doctor said everything appeared to be perfect for a vbac. Although, with my first vbac, I gave birth in an OR just in case complications happened and they needed to so an emergency c-section again.

I had a section with my first boy, then had a natural birth (no pain relief) with my second son… Only 18 months later. Obviously there’s risks due to scar tissue. But you can have natural after a section.x

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Its much safer to have all c sections…your cut can rupture at any time during labor. Sadly this happened to my friends daughter and she lost her perfect baby boy…ive had 3 c sections…