If you SO is defensive, does that mean something

If he’s helping her move (out) I doubt there is a problem. Wait and see…

I think your intuition is talking to you here. xo

I don’t understand the angry face.

Of course, sometimes if your man has the moral fortitude
Not all men or women! If they were friends before, maybe however I would try to trust til you get a reason not too. Ex: getting caught in a lie!!

He’s with you and helping your roommate move why aren’t you allowed to help her move go and watch them that way they. Any do anything you leave them alone and they are likely to

Trust your gut. He is nailing her. Chuck him in the f* it bucket and move on

I mean, if questioning things makes you guilty, I’ve committed some HEINOUS crimes

They can but that situation may be suspect lol

Yes they can totally be just friends BUT if you know your roommate is sketchy and isn’t even technically “your friend”, I wouldn’t trust HER and he should respect that boundary. Tell him that he can be friends with any other female but you know how SHE personally is and you are not comfortable with that.

Yes they can be just friends. Look at how they interact with each other. You can tell. More importantly, if he’s so off and on, why is he living with you and your young daughter? That’s not a stable environment for her.