I'm having relationship issues and need advice on warning signs of a toxic relationship?

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The Group Avoiding ToXic Relationships …that should be a start.

Join a trauma bond page.

The fact u recognized it and had to ask for signs is you are in a toxic relationship get out


Warning sign is already there when you know it’s toxic relationship.:+1:

Listen to your gut feeling its telling you something for a reason. Runnnnnnnnnn as fast as you can and dont look back. My motto is when in doubt get out!!!

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U already Kno wat they are, look within… U will never fail u

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Meet me for coffee girl

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If you have doubts. It’s time to get out of the relationship


Trust your gut instinct! Some say your discernment … it won’t mislead you.

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Control,lack of trust,cheating, lying,manipulation,violence including threats. Drugs & alcohol usually reek havoc on even solid relationships.


Intuitiveness is key, it never lies. Trust your intuition.

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Toxic is anything that makes you feel bad about yourself or doesn’t bring you peace.

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If you are questioning then you are in a bad situation.

Go with your gut feeling

If you have to ask that question than you know your in one

The question alone should give you your answer.

I was going to write a list because I’ve been down that road but I truly believe if you are questioning it, you either already know you need out or are trying to excuse behaviors that are toxic. Get out.